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[ɐdhˈi͡ə], [ɐdhˈi‍ə], [ɐ_d_h_ˈiə]

Synonyms for Adhere:

attach (verb)

abut, affix, annex, attach, bind, bond, cling, connect, couple, fasten, hitch, join, juxtapose, marry, merge, relate, splice, stick, wed.

cohere (verb)

cohere, conform, fuse, integrate, solidify, stick together.

comply (verb)

accept, acquiesce, agree, assent, bend, bow, capitulate, cave, cede, comply, concur, consent, defer, fulfill, genuflect, knuckle under, kowtow, obey, observe, respect, submit, succumb, surrender, yield.

conform (verb)

ape, mimic.

grip (verb)

clasp, clutch, embrace, grapple, grasp, grip, have, hold, keep, retain, seize.

join (verb)

affiliate, ally, amalgamate, consolidate.

Other synonyms and related words:

abidance, abide, abide by, abut on, accede, acclaim, acclamation, acknowledge, acquire a habit, acquire a trick, act one's part, act up to, add, addict oneself to, adhereing, adherence, adhesion, adhesiveness, adjoin, admit, adoption, advocacy, aegis, affection, agglomerate, agglomeration, agglutination, amaze, announce, anything sticky, appendix, apprehend, appropriate, arrogate, assert, attach to, attachment, backing, backup, baffle, bandage, be attached, be clingy, be consistent, be constant, be contiguous, be devoted, be devoted to, be faithful, be faithful to, be fixed, be loyal, be stuck, be true, be virtuous, bear up, beat, betray, betrothal, bewilder, braze, bring together, bunch, carry into execution, carry out, cement, champion, choose, clamp, cleave, cleave to, clinch, cling like ivy, cling to, close with, clot, cluster, coagulate, coalesce, coerce, coexist, coherence, coherency, cohesion, coincide, combine, come in contact, come together, communicate, compel, comply with, confirmed, confiscate, congeal, conglomerate, connection, consistency, constant, constipate, continue, contract a habit, contract a trick, contrary, converge, defend tenaciously, defy, deposit, detain, devoted, die in harness, discharge, discharge a duty, discharge an obligation, do duty, do justice to, do one's duty, do one's office, draw together, dumbfound, durable, endurance, enter, espousal, espouse, execute, firm, firmly, fix, fixed, flummox, follow, freeze to, fulfill a duty, fulfill an obligation, get, get into, give in, glue, glue together, go all lengths, gravel, graze, grow together, gum, hang, hang on, hang together, hard, haunt, heed, hew, hew to, hold by, hold fast, hold on, hold on like bulldog, hold out, hold to, hold together, hold up, hug, inflexible, insist, insist on, insistence, intercommunicate, intractable, keep on, keep to, keep up, knit, learn, link, lodge, loyal, maintain, maintain one's course, maintain one's ground, make fast, march with, mass, meet, mind, mire, mystify, nonplus, not free, obligate, oblige, observance, observe a duty, observe an obligation, obstinate, osculate, paste, paste on, patiently, patronage, perform, perform a duty, perform an obligation, perplex, perseverance, perseveration, persevere, perseveringly, persist, persistence, persistent, perverse, plaster, plod, pose, post up, practice, proceed, pursue, puzzle, redeem one's pledge, repeat, resin, resolute, rigid, rive, same, satisfy, satisfy a duty, satisfy an obligation, set, solder, split, stand-by, stay, stay attached, stay put, steadfast, stick about, stick around, stick by, stick fast, stick firmly, stick in, stick like a barnacle, stick like glue, stick to, stick to work, stick with, sticky, stiff, sting, stubborn, stupefy, subjoin, support, sustain, take hold of, take part with, take to, tape, tie, tie down, tie up, toe the line, touch, truss, twine round, uncompromising, unfaltering, union, unite, unswerving, untiring, unwavering, usurp, vex, wedge, weld, work, zealous.

Rhymes for Adhere:

  1. cheer, beer, fear, blear, ear, peer, sneer, hear, jeer, mere, deer, dear, spear, sere, sear, rear, clear, lear, here, smear, speer, meir, steer, gear, deere, shear, near, sphere, sheer, year, leer, veer, pier, tear;
  2. veneer, revere, appear, rehear, emir, zaire, austere, amir, sincere, severe, premiere, cashier, premier, unclear, frontier, career;
  3. domineer, chandelier, pioneer, mutineer, financier, reappear, interfere, cavalier, chevalier, souvenir, commandeer, gondolier, overhear, brigadier, auctioneer, insincere, volunteer, belvedere, disappear, bandolier, persevere, engineer;

Quotes for Adhere:

  1. I must firmly adhere to the views I have held and practice, that Socialism to succeed must be practical, tolerant, cohesive and consciously compromising with Progressive forces running, if not so far, in parallel lines towards its own goal. John Burns.
  2. Without sounding pompous, I really do feel that I have a set of standards that I must adhere to, even leaving aside considerations of what the readers expect. Jonathan Kellerman.
  3. The ideals of the party were close to me, and I have tried to adhere to those principles all my life. In essence, they are the same as in the Ten Commandments in the Bible. I will never change my convictions. Valentina Tereshkova.

Idioms of Adhere:

  1. adhere to sth;