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[ɐdˈɒpt], [ɐdˈɒpt], [ɐ_d_ˈɒ_p_t]

Synonyms for Adopt:

choose (verb)

choose, decide, determine, elect, espouse, fancy, favor, judge, like, pick, prefer, select, wish.

Other synonyms and related words:

Be, abet, abide by, absorb, accept, accompany, accroach, acculturate, acculturize, acknowledge, acquire, adapt, adhere to, admit, adopt an opinion, adopted, adoption, advocate, affect, affiliate, affirm, aggrandise, aggrandize, agree, ape, apply, apprehend, appropriate, approve, archaic use, arrogate, arrogate to oneself, ask, assent, assent to, assimilate, assume, attract, avail oneself of, babysit, back, back up, be guided by, be next, be of opinion, be partial to, bear, befriend, begin, believe in, blow up, borrow, bosom, brazen, bring, bring in, bum, buy out, buy up, cadge, call for, carry, carry out, catch, catch on, champion, charter, cherish a belief, cherish an opinion, citizenize, claim, clear, cleave to, co-opt, colonize, come, come after, comply, comply with, compose, comprehend, compress, conceive, confer citizenship, confirm, conform to, conjoin, conquer, consecrate, consent, consider, consume, contain, contract, convert, convey, cooperate, copy, cotton on, countenance, counterfeit, cover, demand, denizen, deplete, derive, derive from, develop, direct, discretion, display, do over, domesticate, don, drag in, dramatise, dramatize, draw, drive, earn, echo, effect, embark on, embellish, embrace, embrace a belief, embrace an opinion, embroider, embroil, employ, encompass, encroach, endenizen, endorse, enforce, engage, enrol, enslave, enter, entertain a belief, entertain an opinion, establish, evolve, exercise discretion, exercise option, exhibit, fake, fall out, farm, fasten on, father, favour, feign, fill, fix upon, fold up, follow, follow logically, foster, foster an opinion, fritter, gain, gather in, get, get hitched with, get hold of, get into, get it, get married, get onto, get temporarily, go, go along with, go down the line, go for, go in for, go into, go native, go out for, grow, gull, handpick, haunt, have, have an opinion, have it, have recourse to, hazard, hazard an opinion, heed, hire, hoard, hog, hold, hold a belief, hold an opinion, hook on, hook up with, houseparent, imbibe, imbibe a belief, imbibe an opinion, imitate, impropriate, incline to, incline towards, indent, infringe, ingest, inherit, inspire, invade, invest, invite, involve, jump a claim, justify, keep abreast, keep in countenance, keep informed, keep to, keep up, latch on, lead, lead a life, learn, legitimate, legitimize, lend oneself to, lift out, listen, look at, maintain, make, make choice of, make free with, make interest for, make one's choice, make use of, marry, meet, mimic, mind, mirror, mock, monopolize, mooch, mother, mount, nanny, nationalize, naturalize, necessitate, need, nurse, nursemaid, nurture a belief, nurture an opinion, obey, observe, obtain, occupy, okay, one's option, opine, opt, opt for, overhear, overrun, own, pack, pad, pass, patronize, pay the piper, pick out, pirate, plagiarise, plagiarize, play a game, play one's cards, play one's paint, possess, postdate, pre-empt, preempt, preoccupy, prepossess, pretend, pretend to, produce, progress, proselytize, pull-in, pursue, put in place, put into effect, put on, put one across, put one over, raise, ratify, read, realise, realize, receive, recommend, reelect, refer to, reflect, regenerate, relieve, rent, repeat, require, requisition, resolve, resort to, resume, return, run a race, sanctify, sanction, scoop, scoop out, scoop up, second, seize, seize on, sham, shape one's course, shift for oneself, shine upon, shoot, show, side with, simulate, single out, sit on, slang, smile upon, soak up, sop up, spoil, sponge, sponsor, squat on, squeeze, squire, start, steal, steer one's course, stick to, stick up for, stick with, strike, subjugate, submit, subscribe, subscribe to, succeed, support, surveil, sweep up, tackle, take, take a course, take a demise, take a lease, take after, take aim, take all of, take for granted, take in hand, take it, take it all, take on, take one's choice, take over, take possession of, take-in, take-up, tap, think, touch for, train, travel along, trespass, trow, turn to, undergo, undertake, use, use discretion, use option, use up, usurp, utilize, view, vote for, vote to accept, ward, watch, watch over, wear, wed, ween, welcome, win, withdraw, work for.

Rhymes for Adopt:

  1. hopped, dropped, cropped, flopped, copped, topped, stopped, propped, lopped, opt, chopped, swapped, mopped;

Quotes for Adopt:

  1. I will continue to work in Washington to oppose any efforts to expand drilling off our Coasts and to challenge my colleagues to adopt responsible energy policies. Lois Capps.
  2. When I left Barcelona, staying in Spain was an important factor in my decision to join Madrid. I did not have to change country or learn a new language, adopt a different sort of lifestyle, and so on. Luis Figo.
  3. I would adopt a standpoint, irrespective of whether someone was for or against it, if I felt deeply that it was right for the movement. Alfred Rosenberg.

Idioms of Adopt:

  1. adopt sm as sth;
  2. adopt sth as sth;