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[ɐɡɹˈiː], [ɐɡɹˈiː], [ɐ_ɡ_ɹ_ˈiː]

Synonyms for Agree:

agree (verb)

accede, accept, acquiesce, affirm, approve, assent, bless, capitulate, concur, conform, consent, contract, cooperate, empathize, endorse, pledge, promise, sanction, stipulate, welcome.

authorize (verb)

authenticate, authorize, certify, commission, confirm, countersign, denominate, deputize, designate, empower, enable, enfranchise, entitle, license, notarize, ordain, permit, validate, warrant.

coincide (verb)

accompany, coincide, synchronize with.

comply (verb)

adhere, bend, bow, cave, cede, comply, defer, fulfill, genuflect, knuckle under, kowtow, obey, observe, respect, submit, succumb, surrender, yield.

promise (verb)

assure, guarantee, swear, vow.

Other synonyms and related words:

Be, Homologate, Inconsonant, Unapt, abide, abide by, abide by arbitration, accede to, acclaim, acclimate, accommodate, accord, accord with, accordant, according, achieve harmony, acknowledge, acquiesce in, act the yes-man, adapt itself to, add, add together, add up, adhere to, adjournment, adjudge, adjust, admit, adopt, advocate, affectionately, affiliate, affirmative, agnize, agree in opinion, agree on, agree to, agree upon, agree with, agreeable, agreed, agreement, align, alike, allot, allow, amen to, answer, answer for, answer to, applaud, apply, appoint, appointment, approach, approve of, arrange, arrangement, ascertain, assent to, assert, asseverate, assignation, assimilate, associate, assort with, attain, attend to, attitude, attribute, attune, authentic, aver, avow, back, balance, balanced, bargain, bargain for, be -concordant, be acceptable, be accordant, be agreeable, be agreeable to, be answerable for, be at one, be bound to, be compatible, be congruous, be consistent, be dying to, be eager, be en rapport, be friendly, be game, be in agreement, be in cahoots, be in concurrence, be in harmony, be in phase, be in sympathy, be in time, be of one, be of the same mind, be open to, be ready, be resigned, be salubrious, be simpatico, be spoiling for, be suitable, be uniform with, be united, be verifiable, be willing, bear, become, become fractured, become one, become resigned, befit, belong, bend to, benevolently, benignly, beseem, bind, bind oneself, blend, book, bow to, break, bridge over, bring into harmony, brook, bury the hatchet, buy, buy into, call for, chalk up, change course, character, check, check into, check off, check out, check over, check up on, cheer, chime, chime in with, choose, chord, circumstance, clear, cleave, click, clinch, clinch the deal, close, close a bargain, close in with, close with, co-occur, coact, coadunate, coexist, coextend, cohere, coherence, collaborate, collude, combine, come around, come around to, come over, come round, come to an agreement, come to an understanding, come to terms, come together, commend, commit, commit oneself, commute, compact, compare, complete, compliantly, comply with, comport, comport with, compound, compromise, concede, concert, concession, conciliate, conclude, conclude a bargain, concord, concourse, concurrence, concurring, condescend, condition, condone, conduce, confess, confine, conflict, confluence, conform to, conform with, conformation, conformity, congenial, congruence, congruity, conjoin, connive, consensus, consent to, consentingly, consist, consist with, consistency, consistent, consonant, consort, consort with, conspire, contain, contemporize, contradict, contribute, convenient, convention, cooperation, coordinate, cope with, cordially, correspond, correspond to, correspondent, corresponding, cotton, cotton to, council, countenance, couple, covenant, curb, customized, cut, cut a deal, decide, declare, deem, defend, defer to, definite, defy, deign, delay, demand, deny, depose, detailed, deter, determine, dicker, differ, differences, dig, dilemma, disaccord, discrepance, discrepant, disharmonious, disposal, disposition, dissonant, ditto, do, do a deal, dovetail, ease, ease off, ease up, echo, embrace an offer, endure, engage, enhance, ensure, equal, equalise, equate, equip, espouse, essential quality, establish, exact, exchange messages, expedient, explicit, factual, faithful, fall in together, fall in with, fall together, favor, finalize, find out, fit, fit in, fit out, fit together, fix, flatter, flout, follow, franchise, fraternize, gap, gathering, gee, genially, gently, get, get along, get along with, get on, get on with, get together, gibe, give, give and take, give assent, give blessing, give carte blanche, give consent, give green light, give ground, give in, give into, give leave, give one's word, give permission, give the go-ahead, give the nod, give up, give way, go, go along, go along with, go for, go hand in hand, go hand in hand with, go over, go together, go well with, go with, go-by, graciously, grammatically correspond, grant, gybe, haggle, hail, halt, hang together, happen at the same time, happen simultaneously, happen together, harbour, harmonise, harmonization, harmonize, harmonize with, harmony, have, have got, have no objection, have rapport, have rightfully, have within, heed, higgle, hit, hit it off, hold, hold back, hold in, hold together, hold up, hold with, identify, identify with, improperness, in chime, in toto, in whack, inappropriate, inappropriateness, inapt, incline, incongruent, incongruity, incongruous, inconsistency, inconsistent, inharmonic, insist, insure, interchange, interlock, intermission, interruption, intersect, iron out, isochronize, jar, jeer, jib, jibe, join, join forces, keep, keep back, keep company, keep in step, keep pace with, keep to, keeping, kindly, lean, learn, lend oneself to, let, lock, look into, look kindly upon, lovingly, maintain, make, make a deal, make certain, make common cause, make fit, make sense, make sure, make up, march, mark, mark off, match, medium, meet, meet one halfway, meeting, mesh, meticulous, mildly, mind, moderate, negotiate, nicely, nod, nod assent, not hesitate, not hesitate to, nurse, obligate, oblige, obtain, occur simultaneously, ok, okay, oneness, oppose, outfit, overlap, own, pact, pair, palter, parallel, particularize, pass inspection, pass on, patch up, pause, pay attention to, permit to, pick, play, play along, play ball, play off, pleasantly, please, plunge into, position, precise, predicament, prevail, proper, provide, provision, pull together, pursue, put up with, quadrangular, quadrate, quadrate with, quality, rack up, rapport, ratify, reach, reach a concord, reach an accord, reach an understanding, receive, received, reciprocate, recognise, recognize, recognized, reconcile, record, rectangular, regard, register, register with, reject, relate, relax, relent, represent, require, resemble, reserve, resign, resolve, respond, respond to, rest, restrain, retain, rhyme, rival, round out, rubber stamp, run, run parallel, sanctioned, satisfy, say aye to, say ditto, say yes, say yes to, scoff, seal, see eye to eye, see to it, select, serve, set, set forth, settle, settle on, settle upon, shake hands on, shake on, shake on it, share, side, side with, sign, sing in chorus, soften, softly, solemnly affirm, solemnly state, sort with, sortly, specify, split the difference, square, square with, squared, stack, stack up, staid, stand for, stand together, steady, stoop, stop, straighten out, strike, strike a bargain, strike in with, string, string along, submissively, submit to, submit to arbitration, subscribe, subscribe to, suffer, suit, suited, sum, sum up, supplement, support, suss out, sustain, sympathetically, sympathize, sympathize with, synchronise, synchronize, synergize, tailor-made, take, take an oath, take for, take hold, take it, take kindly to, take one up on, take the mean, tally, tally up, tendency, tenderly, term, testify, tetragonal, think alike, thoughtfully, throw, tick off, time, tolerate, tot, tot up, tote up, touch, train, transaction, truckle, truckle to, tryst, turn back, twin, unanimousness, unbecoming, unbecomingness, uncongenial, understand, understand one another, understanding, undertake, underwrite, unfit, unite, unity, unmusical, unseemliness, unsuitability, unsuitable, useful, view as, vote, vote for, vouch, vouchsafe, watch, weaken, well-balanced, willingly, withstand, work out, work together, would as leave, would as lief, yes, yield assent, yieldingly.

Rhymes for Agree:

  1. internee, free, whoopee, parolee, he, indri, mc, flee, plea, chablis, esprit, nestle, jubilee, licensee, g, rb, kea, retiree, si, honoree, z, c, p, ti, bee, knee, wee, d, fee, tea, guarantee, re, ne, de, nominee, cc, ranee, decree, lea, zee, potpourri, marquis, rupee, devotee, undersea, yi, oversea, me, cod, enlistee, tv, xi, deportee, lee, foresee, sea, sep, nee, ddt, appointee, ip, referee, t, trustee, li, vi, see, ski, pea, key, mit, b, trainee, vendee, te, degree, lxi, mi, lsd, yippee, three, bourgeoisie, tree, emcee, lessee, curie, be, fop, leigh, tennessee, mt, detainee, flea, lp, yangtze, gutsy, spree, gee, marquee, id, zea, ee, guaranty, cd, disagree, inductee, klee, se, tee, v, debris, draftee, brie, banshee, atp, ab, glee;
  2. albee, ac;
  3. addressee;
  4. interviewee;

Quotes for Agree:

  1. I could not agree more. The students of Delaware State often looked to the school as their chance, their hand up, their hope. And they gave their all. Michael N. Castle.
  2. It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong. Richard P. Feynman.
  3. Once you agree upon the price you and your family must pay for success, it enables you to ignore the minor hurts, the opponent's pressure, and the temporary failures. Vince Lombardi.

Idioms of Agree:

  1. agree with sm;
  2. agree with sth;
  3. couldn't agree more/ less;