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[ɐlˈʊ͡əmənt], [ɐlˈʊ‍əmənt], [ɐ_l_ˈʊə_m_ə_n_t]

Synonyms for Allurement:

attraction (noun)

affinity, allure, appeal, attraction, attractiveness, charm, draw, enticement, fascination, gravitation, lure, magnetism, pull, temptation, traction.

endearment (noun)

amour, coquetry, courtship, dalliance, endearment, flirtation, invitingness, liaison, love-making, romance, seduction, spooning, wooing.

Other synonyms and related words:

Thaumaturgy, accumulation, adduction, adorability, agacerie, agreeability, allectation, allective, alluringly, amiability, appealingly, appetize, application, ask, assembly, attract, attractance, attractive, attractively, attractivity, bait, beauty, bedevil, beg, beguile, beguilement, beguiling, beguilingly, bewitch, bewitchery, bewitchment, blandishment, bribe, bring, cajolement, cajolery, call, capillarity, capillary attraction, cause desire, centripetal force, charisma, charmingly, coax, coaxing, collection, come on, conning, consideration, crave, create, create desire, decoy, deliciously, delightfulness, desideratum, desirability, drag, drawing power, enchant, enchantingly, enchantment, engagement, engagingly, engender, enlistment, enrapture, ensorcellment, enthrallingly, entice, enticing, enticingly, entrapment, excite desire, exhortation, fancy, fascinate, fascinatingly, fetchingly, forbidden fruit, generate, get, glamour, golden apple, gravity, hobby, hobby-horse, hold out allurement, hold out temptation, honeyed words, hortation, idol, impel, incentive, induce, inducement, infer, ingathering, interest, inveiglement, invitation, invitingly, jawboning, likability, like, loadstone, lobbying, lovability, loveliness, lovesomeness, maggot, magic, magnet, magnetic force, mutual attraction, persuade, persuasion, pray, preaching, preachment, prestidigitation, prestige, provoke desire, pulchritude, pulling power, raise desire, regular method, require, requirement, sales talk, salesmanship, seduce, seducement, seductive, seductively, selling, sex appeal, snare, snow job, solicit, solicitation, spell, stale, suasion, sweetness, sympathy, take one's fancy, tantalising, tantalize, tempt, tempting, temptingly, temptingness, theurgy, titillate, trail, trap, tug, turn-on, want, wheedling, whet the appetite, whim, whimsey, whimsy, wile, winning ways, winsomeness, witchcraft, witchery, wizardry, working on.