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[ˈapɪtˌa͡ɪt], [ˈapɪtˌa‍ɪt], [ˈa_p_ɪ_t_ˌaɪ_t]

Synonyms for Appetite:

appetite (noun)

appetence, appetency.

Other synonyms and related words:

Desirousness, Jones, Letch, Sybaritism, Thirstiness, Unchastity, ache, affection, affinity, alacrity, alleviate, allure, ambition, animation, animus, anticipation, anxiety, anxiousness, appeappetite, appease, appetence, appetition, appetitiveness, appetize, appreciation, ardor, ardour, arrivisme, ask, aspiration, attract, avid, avidity, avidness, be hungry, be savory, beg, bent, beseech, betting, bewail, bias, big eyes, blank, breathless impatience, burn to, cacoethes, canine appegrasping, canine appetite, cannibalism, carnivorism, carnivority, carnivorousness, cause desire, cheerful readiness, chewing, choice, clean, clear, collide, command, compel, conation, conatus, concern, concupiscence, consumption, covet, coveting, crave, crave after, craving, create desire, cropping, cupidity, dash, decision, degenerate, deglutition, delight, demand, deplore, desire, desire for food, determination, devouring, devourment, die for, dieting, dining, discretion, disposition, dissolute, drive, drought, drouth, dryness, eager, eagerness, earnestness, eating, edacity, edge of hunger, elan, emptiness, empty stomach, energy, enjoy, enjoyment, entail, enthusiasm, entreat, epicureanism, epicurism, epulation, esurient, ethical hedonism, excite desire, exuberance, eye, fair, famine, famished, famishment, fancy, fast, favor, feasting, feeding, fervour, flair, flatter the palate, fondness, forwardness, free choice, free will, fresh, fury, get-up-and-go, gluttony, go, gobbling, gourmandise, grasping, grazing, greed, greedy, gust, gusto, hanker after, hankering, hedonic calculus, hedonics, hedonism, herbivorism, herbivority, herbivorousness, hit, hold out allurement, hold out temptation, hollow hunger, hot pants, hunger, hunger after, hungriness, hungry, impatience, implore, impulse, inclination, ingestion, intention, interest, involve, itch, itch after, itching, itching palm, keen desire, keenness, knock, lasciviousness, leaning, lecherousness, lechery, libido, lickerish tooth, licking, life, light, liking, live hard, liveliness, long for, longing, longing eye, love, lust, lust after, lustfulness, luxuriousness, luxury, manducation, mania, mastication, messing, mind, mitigate, mouthwatering, munchies, munching, neat, necessity, need, nibbling, nutrition, objective, omnivorism, omnivorousness, omophagy, pacify, palate, palliate, pamper, pantophagy, partiality, passion, pasture, pasturing, pecking, peckish, penchant, pleasure, pleasure principle, pleasure-seeking, polydipsia, predilection, predisposition, preference, prerequisite, proclivity, promptness, proneness, propensity, provoke desire, prurience, pruriency, psychological hedonism, quickness, raise desire, rake, rapacity, raven for, ravenous, ravenousness, readiness, regalement, regret, relieve, relish, relishing, repent, require, requirement, requisite, resolution, revel, rumination, run mad after, run riot, salaciousness, sample, satisfaction, savoring, sensualism, sensuality, sensualness, sharp appetite, sheep's eye, slake one's apperevel, slake one's thirst, soft spot, soothe, spirit, spiritedness, sporting, sportsmanlike, starvation, starved, starving, stomach, sweet tooth, swill, sympathy, take one's fancy, tantalize, tapeworm, taste, tasting, tempt, tendency, thirst, thirst after, tickle the palate, titillate, tolerance, tuck, twist, underfed, urge, urgency, vegetarianism, vehemence, velleity, verve, vigour, vim, vitality, vivacity, volition, voluptuousness, voraciousness, voracity, want, way, weak point, weakness, when my father is really hungry, whet the appetite, whim, white, will, willingness, wish, wistful eye, wolfing, yearning, yen, zeal, zealousness, zest, zestfulness, zip.

Quotes for Appetite:

  1. The news appeals to the same jaded appetite that makes a child tire of a toy as soon as it becomes familiar and demand a new one in its place. Christopher Lasch.
  2. The public has an appetite for anything about imagination- anything that is as far away from reality as is creatively possible. Steven Spielberg.
  3. I never lost my appetite for acting. Eli Wallach.

Idioms of Appetite:

  1. get up an appetite
  2. have an appetite for sth;
  3. lose one's appetite