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[ɐplˈɔːd], [ɐplˈɔːd], [ɐ_p_l_ˈɔː_d]

Synonyms for Applaud:

praise (verb)

acclaim, admire, approve, commend, compliment, dignify, endorse, eulogize, exalt, extol, flatter, glorify, praise, recommend, sanction.

Other synonyms and related words:

Belaud, Panegyrize, Tut, abide by, accede, accept, acclaim, acclamate, acknowledge, acquiesce, acquiesce in, adopt, adoration, adore, aggrandize, agree, agree to, agree with, allow, amuse, apotheosize, applause, appreciate, approbation, assent, barrack for, be delighted, bepraise, bless, blessing, boast, boost, buy, canonize, celebrate, celebrate mass, cheer, cheer on, clap, clap the hands, commendation, commit, comply, confide, congratulate, consent, console, countenance, crack-up, cry, cry for joy, cry up, deify, dwell on, elevate, encomium, encore, encourage, engender, enjoy, ennoble, esteem, eulogise, eulogy, express approval, express approval of, felicitate, gesticulate, give a cheer, give a hand, give ovation, give someone a hand, give the nod, gladden, glorification, groan, grunt, gush over, hail, hear it for, hearten, herald, hiss, hold with, honor, honour, hooray, hurrah, hurray, huzzah, idealize, idolize, in toto, inspirit, kudize, laud, laugh at, lionize, look up to, love, magnify, make much of, nod, nod assent, panegyric, pay a tribute, pay homage to, pay tribute to, plaudit, plug, praise greatly, praise vociferously, proner, puff, ratify, rave, rave about, receive, rejoice, respectable, revere, rhapsodize over, roar, root, root for, salute, sanctify, say mass, shout, shout hosanna, sing praises to, sing the praises, spat, spawn, speak highly of, speak well of, subscribe to, support, swell, take kindly to, tribute, tut-tut, uplift, venerate, vote for, wassail, welcome, will applaud, wonder, worship, yell, yes, yield assent.

Rhymes for Applaud:

  1. awed, broad, laud, bawd, flawed, jawed, baud, clawed, thawed, fraud, mod;
  2. maraud, defraud, abroad;

Quotes for Applaud:

  1. Men often applaud an imitation and hiss the real thing. Aesop.
  2. Even if you don't like a concert of mine, please, please applaud at the end anyway. Emanuel Ax.
  3. The trouble with the Labour Party leadership and the trade union leadership, they're quite willing to applaud millions on the streets of the Philippines or in Eastern Europe, without understanding the need to also produce millions of people on the streets of Britain. Arthur Scargill.