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approve of

69 synonyms found

Synonyms for Approve of:

Other synonyms and related words:

Hear, abet, accede, accept, accord, acquiesce, admire, adore, adulate, agree, agree to, allow, appreciate, approve, assent, authorize, be fond of, be in favor of, be partial to, bless, condescend, condone, connive at, consent, consider fair, consider good, consider right, countenance, deign, delight in, dig, endorse, esteem, favor, favour, feel attracted to, find agreeable, find congenial, get off on, go along with, go for, grant, groove on, have regard for, hold, hold with, indorse, like, love, nod, ok, okay, permit, ratify, reconcile oneself to, relish, respect, rubber stamp, sanction, second, subscribe, take kindly to, take pleasure in, take to, think well of, thumb, tolerate, uphold, wink at.