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[ˈask], [ˈask], [ˈa_s_k]

Synonyms for Ask:

question (verb)

canvass, catechize, challenge, contemplate, debate, delve, dispute, examine, explore, inquire, interpolate, interrogate, investigate, poll, probe, query, question, quiz, seek, survey.

Other synonyms and related words:

Guest, To ask, absolutely, accept, acquire, address, address a petition, address a prayer, address a request, adhere, adjure, admit, adopt, advance, advice, affect, agile, aim, alone, angle, animated, answer, anticipate, apostrophize, appeal, appeal for, appeal to, appealer, applicant, apply, apply for, apply to, applying for something, appraise, archaic use, argue, ascertain, ask a question, ask about, ask for, ask in, ask one for, ask out, ask over, ask questions, ask round, ask trouble, asker, asking, asking price, asks, assess, assume, attentive, attract, austere, await, badger, ballot, bargain, be entitled to, be hurting for, be indicated, bear, bear a price, beat down, beckon, beg, beg a boon, beg leave, beg one's life, beg pardon, beg permission, beseech, bespeak, bid, bid come, bid for, bill, bite, blackmail, bring, bring into question, broach, browbeat, buck for, bum, buy, buzz, call, call for, call in, call on, call to, call upon, candor, cargo, carry, carry out, cast about, cause to look, certainly, chaffer, charge, charge for, charter, cheapen, check, choose, claim, clamor for, coerce, collect, command, communicate, communication, compel, comprise, conciliate, conduct an interview, confer, confer with, conjure, consider, consider obligatory, consignment, constrain, consult, consult with, consume, contain, contend for, contract, convey, count, crave, critical, cross examine, cross-question, cry, cry for, cry for quarter, cry out for, data, debt, deliberate, deliberate and plan, demand, demanding, deprecate, desire, detached, detain, dicker, direct, directly, discuss, disinvite, distrain, do some grilling, doom, doubt, draft, drafting, dragoon, drawing, dreary, drive, drive a bargain, eager, easily, egg on, encourage, endure, engage, enjoin, enquire, enquire about, enquire after, enquire of, enquired, enquirer, enquiringly, enquiry, entail, entice, entreat, entreaty, enumerate, epitome, essential, evidence, exact, exacting, exactly, examination, excessive, exhort, exorbitant, expect, explain, extort, extortionate, fairness, fast, fastidious, file, file for, fill, fix a price, force, foresee, fundamental, gather up, generalisation, genuinely, gestate, get, get hold of, give the third degree, go over, goad, google, govern, grill, haggle, harass, have, have got, have occasion for, have one's price, have recourse to, higgle, hire, hit, hold, hold responsible, honestly, honesty, hope for, hospitality, hound, huckster, hunt for, hustle, impel, imploration, implore, implore pardon, important, importune, impose, incite, indeed, indent, indispensable, induce, inflict, influence, information, ingest, inquire about, inquire after, inquire into, inquire of, inquirer, inquiringly, inquiry, inquisitively, inquisitor, insist, insist on, institute, instruct, integrity, intelligence, interpellate, interrogation, interrogatory, interview, invite, invite for service, invite to come, involve, isolated, issue an invitation, issue an ultimatum, just, justice, kneel, knock, large rope, laws, laws and regulations, lead, levy, like, liquidate, lone, lonely, look, look at, look for, look out, look up, make, make a bargain, make a claim, make a demand, make a petition, make a prayer, make a request, make a requisition, make application, make dutiable, make inquiry, message, mooch, motivate, move, nag, necessitate, need, needle, negotiate, news, occupy, offer up prayers, order, order up, ought, out bid, outline, pacify, pack, perequest, persuade, pester, petition, petitioner, philosopher, pick one's brains, pick out, placate, place an order, plague, plainly, plead, plead for, plead with, pop, pop the question, pose, posit, postulate, pray, prayer, precisely, predicate, prefer, prefer a petition, prefer a prayer, prefer a request, prerequire, present, press, pressure, price, pro rata, prod, promote, prompt, propitiate, propose, propose a question, propose to, proposition, propound, propound a question, prorate, provoke, pry into, pump, purely, push, put, put in for, put in requisition, put queries, put the screws to, put through the wringer, put to, quest, quester, questioner, questioningly, quite, raise, read, ready, reception, record, refer, refer to, regard, register, rejoin, remove, rent, repartee, reply, request, request leave, request of, request permission, require, require an answer, requisition, resolve, resort to, respond, result, retire, return, review, roast, rouse, sample, screw, scrounge, search, search for, search into, seek advice from, seek answers, seek for, seek some answers, select, set, set a price, shoot, should like, show curiosity, significant, simply, sincerely, solicit, solicitous, solution, sound out, speak to, speedy, spur, stick for, stickle, stickle for, stimulate, strike, strike a bargain, study, submit, subscribe, subscribe to, sue, suggest, summary, summon, supplicate, sweat, synopsis, tackle, take, take aim, take counsel, take doing, take on, take-in, talk over, talk to, tally, tax, tithe, touch, train, tray, truly, truthfully, turn to, unasked, unbesought, under bid, undergo, unfeignedly, unreasonable, unsought, urge, urgently request, use, use up, verbum sat sapienti, very, vital, vive memor leti, wait, want, want doing, want to know, warn, way, whistle for, wish, withdraw, wonder, wonderingly, woo, worship, would like, wrap.

Rhymes for Ask:

  1. flask, rask, mask, bask, cask, pasch, task;
  2. unmask;

Quotes for Ask:

  1. To consult the statistician after an experiment is finished is often merely to ask him to conduct a post mortem examination. He can perhaps say what the experiment died of. Ronald Fisher.
  2. What my job is, is to get on with getting the process of democratic politics, back on the road, entrenching the peace settlement, and I ask you to judge me on my record. Peter Hain.
  3. The whole theme of Interview with the Vampire was Louis's quest for meaning in a godless world. He searched to find the oldest existing immortal simply to ask What is the meaning of what we are? Anne Rice.

Idioms of Ask:

  1. ask in;
  2. ask/ cry for the moon;
  3. need you ask!