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[əʃjˈʊ͡əɹəns], [əʃjˈʊ‍əɹəns], [ə_ʃ_j_ˈʊə_ɹ_ə_n_s]

Synonyms for Assurance:

affirmation (noun)

acknowledgment, admission, affirmation, approval, assertion, attestation, avowal, certification, confirmation, corroboration, declaration, endorsement, oath, pledge, proclamation, promise, pronouncement, ratification, sanction, statement, submission, testimony, validation, verification, warranty.

certainty (noun)

certainty, certitude, confidence, conviction, faith, irrefutability, sureness, surety, trust.

guarantee (noun)

bond, collateral, contract, countersignature, deposit, guarantee, insurance, lien, safeguard, security, token, word.

pride (noun)

cockiness, conceit, condescension, egoism, grandness, haughtiness, high-and-mightiness, high-handedness, huffiness, narcissism, ostentation, pride, self-glory, smugness, vanity.

promise (noun)

agreement, arrangement, compact, consent, covenant, engagement, mutual agreement, obligation, pact, stipulation, understanding, vow.

Other synonyms and related words:

Peremptoriness, Self-conceit, absolute certainty, absoluteness, acceptation, acception, accident insurance, accusation, acquiescence, actuarial, actuary, adjuration, adjuster, admonitory, affected manner, affiance, affidavit, agency, aggressiveness, aid and comfort, airs, alibi, allegation, announcement, annuity, aplomb, apologia, apology, appoint, apprehend, approve, arrogance, ascertainment, aspiration, assent, assertiveness, asseveration, assumption, assure, assured, assured faith, assuredness, attitude, audacious, audaciousness, audacity, auspices, authenticate, authentication, authorisation, authoritativeness, authority, authorization, aviation insurance, avouch, avouchment, avow, bail, bail bond, balance, basis, be bound to, be cautious, be sure, belief, believe, benefit, bold, boldness, bookmaking, bottle, brashness, brass, brave, bravery, bravura, brazenness, broker, build, bulletin, bumptiousness, bureau, business life insurance, calmness, capture, carrier, carte blanche, casualty insurance, catch, cause, caution, cautionary, cercertainty, certain, certain knowledge, certainness, certainty, certificate of insurance, certify, charge, charter, charter poll, check, checking, cheek, cheerful expectation, chutzpah, clear sailing, clinch, cocksureness, codicil, collation, comfort, command, commend, commit, commitment, composure, comprehensive, condolence, confident, confidentness, confirm, consolation, constitute, contraceptive, contributory, control, contumely, cool, cool-headedness, coolness, courage, courageous, court bond, cover, coverage, coxcombry, credence, credit, credit insurance, credit life insurance, credulity, crumb of comfort, daring, dash, dauntlessness, dead certainty, decide, deductible, deed, deed poll, definiteness, demonstrate, dependence, dependence on, deposition, desire, determinacy, determinateness, determination, determine, dignity, disavowal, disclaimer, disembarrassment, dominance, doomed hope, double reef topsails, doubtlessness, ease, easement, effrontery, egotism, elan, elation, emblematic, emboldening, employ, encouragement, endowment insurance, engage, engross, ensure, ensuring, entitlement, equability, equanimity, equilibrium, erect, establish, establishment, evidence, exemplary, exemption, expectancy, expectation, extrajudicial oath, face, face of brass, fair prospect, family maintenance policy, fearless, fearlessness, federal agency, fervent hope, fidelity bond, fidelity insurance, firmness, flood insurance, forwardness, fraternal insurance, front, gall, gaming, gaudery, generalization, get, good cheer, good hope, government agency, government insurance, grab, great expectations, grounds, guarantees, guaranty, gumption, guts, gutsiness, hardened front, hardihood, hardiness, harmlessness, health insurance, heartening, heedlessness, high hopes, hope, hopeful prognosis, hopefulness, hopes, hoping, hoping against hope, hubris, hunch, identify, immunity, impertinence, imperturbability, impudence, impunity, incivility, indemnification, indemnify, indemnity, indenture, indubitableness, industrial life insurance, ineluctability, inerrability, inerrancy, inevitability, inevitableness, infallibilism, infallibility, infallibleness, insolence, inspiration, inspiriting, inspiritment, instrument, insurance agent, insurance broker, insurance company, insurance man, insurance policy, insure, insured, interinsurance, intrepidity, intrepidness, invulnerability, ironclad oath, judicial oath, justification, keep watch, know, legal pledge, level head, levelheadedness, liability insurance, licence, license bond, limited payment insurance, lock, lock on, loyalty oath, major medical insurance, make sure, malpractice insurance, manifesto, mannerism, marine insurance, moral certainty, morale, muniment, mutual, mutual company, necessity, nerve, nerviness, nonambiguity, noncontingency, notice, notification, oath of allegiance, oath of office, obtrusiveness, ocean marine insurance, office, official oath, officiousness, optimism, overconfidence, oversureness, overweening, overweeningness, paper, parchment, parole, pat on the back, pawn, peace of mind, permission, permit bond, pertness, plight, poise, polemic, policy, pomposity, positiveness, possession, potency, prayerful hope, predestination, predetermination, prediction, prepare for, presence of mind, presumption, presumptuousness, pretensions, preventative, preventive, priggishness, priggism, privilege, probatum, procacity, profession, prognosis, prophylactic, proposition, prospect, prospects, protection, protest, protestation, prove, proved fact, provide, pushiness, rain check, ratify, rationale, reason, reassurance, reassurement, reception, record, reliability, reliance, reliance on, relief, render certain, reproachful, reproving, reserve, resolution, resolve, restraint, right, risklessness, robbery insurance, rudeness, safekeeping, safeness, safety, salvation, sang-froid, sangfroid, sanguine expectation, sanguinity, sassiness, satisfaction, sauciness, say-so, seal, secureness, sedateness, seize, self-absorption, self-assertion, self-assurance, self-assuredness, self-command, self-confidence, self-control, self-esteem, self-importance, self-involvement, self-possession, self-reliance, self-respect, self-restraint, self-sufficiency, self-trust, serenity, set at rest, settled belief, settlement, shamelessness, shoo-in, shred of comfort, sign, social security, solace, solacement, solemn averment, solemn avowal, solemn declaration, solemn oath, solemn word, speculation, stability, staidness, statistics, steadiness, stipulate, stock, stock company, stocks and bonds, store, stoutheartedness, stubbornness, sturdiness, subjective certainty, substantiation, summing up, support, sure thing, suspension of disbelief, swear, swearing, syllogism, sympathy, take care, take good care, take heed, take precautions, temerity, term insurance, test oath, testament, theft insurance, third-party, tie, title deed, toast, tranquillity, troth, truism, trustfulness, truth, ultimatum, unambiguity, understatement, undertake, undertaking, underwriter, underwriting, unequivocalness, univocity, unmistakableness, unquestionableness, unveiling, uppishness, uppityness, utterance, vainglory, warrant, watchful, well-grounded hope, well-regulated mind, will, withdrawal, without fail, word of honor, word of honour.

Rhymes for Assurance:

  1. insurance;
  2. reassurance;

Quotes for Assurance:

  1. Nothing is as seductive as the assurance of success. Gertrude Himmelfarb.
  2. For people who have for been putting their hard -earned money into the system for years, the president's idea would replace their safety net with a risky gamble with no assurance of a stable return of investment. Grace Napolitano.
  3. It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears. Rod Serling.