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[ɐtˈɛnʃən], [ɐtˈɛnʃən], [ɐ_t_ˈɛ_n_ʃ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Attention:

attention (noun)

absorption, alertness, attentiveness, care, caution, concentration, concern, consideration, diligence, engrossment, enrapture, entrancement, fascination, heedfulness, immersion, intentness, interest, mindfulness, notice, observation, rapture, regardfulness, scrutiny, watchfulness.

hearing (noun)

audition, hearing.

thought (noun)

analysis, appraisal, brain work, brooding, calculation, cerebration, cogitation, contemplation, daydreaming, debating, deliberation, envisioning, evaluation, imagination, intellection, lucubration, meditation, musing, pondering, preoccupation, reasoning, reflection, speculation, study, thinking, thought, weighing, wistfulness.

Other synonyms and related words:

Annapolis, Providence, TLC, abstraction, accentuation, acceptance, acclaim, accordance, accuracy, acknowledgement, acquaint, act of courtesy, active, activity, acuity, acuteness, adherence, adhering, admiration, admission, admonish, advertence, advertency, advertise, advise, affection, afraid, agility, aid, alert, altruism, amenity, announce, anticipation, anxiety, anxious, application, appreciation, apprehension, approbation, approval, assiduity, assiduous, assiduousness, assist, assistance, attendance, attending, attention to detail, attentions, attentive, attentiveness stick-to-it-iveness, audibility, audience, aural examination, aural sense, auscultation, aware, awareness, awe, benignity, beware, big rush, brace, brain, brightness, bugging, busy, careful, careful application, carefulness, cautious, cautiousness, center stage, charge, chariness, charity, circumspection, circumspectness, civility, cleanliness, cognition, cognizance, commit, commitment, communicate, compliance, complying, concerned, conference, conforming, conformity, consciousness, consecrate, conservation, considerate, considerateness, constancy, convey, court, courtesy, coverage, creative thinker, credible, credit, curiosity, debate, decision, dedicate, dedication, deference, deliver, designate, devoirs, devote, devotion, diligent, direction, discovery, discreet, discretion, distinction, drill, duties, eager attention, ear, earnest, earnestness, eavesdropping, economic aid, educate, effort, egards, electronic surveillance, empathy, emphasis, engagement, enlighten, enthrallment, espial, esteem, estimation, exactitude, exactness, examination, examination by ear, excite, exercise, explain, express, eye, familiarize, far-sightedness, favor, favorable attention, favour, fear, feeling, fixated, fixedly, focus, focused, fondness, force, foresight, forethought, formality, frugal, gallantry, generosity, gesture, give heed to, graceful gesture, gravity, guard, guardianship, halt, head, heed, heedful, heedfully, heeding, help, high opinion, homage, honor, honour, hospitality, hushed attention, impart, importance, indefatigable, indicate, indifference, indulgence, industrious, industriousness, industry, inform, inspect, inspection, instruct, intellect, intent, interview, judgement, judgment, keen, keenly, keenness, keeping, ken, kindliness, kindness, knowledge, lead, liberality, limelight, listening, listening in, logistics, look, look out, looking after, lost, loving care, machine attendance, machine attention, machine maintenance, machine upkeep, maintenance, management, mannerliness, march, mark, meticulous, meticulousness, mind, mindedly, mindfully, ministration, minuteness, moment, nimbleness, note, notoriety, obedience, obeying, observance, observant, observing, order, oversight, pains, paralipsis, partially, patience, pay attention, pay heed to, pensive, perception, perplexity, perseverance, persistence, play, pleasantry, polite act, politeness, pre-eminence, precaution, precision, preparation, preparedness, priority, prominence, promptitude, promptness, protection, prudence, prudent, psyche, publicity, punctiliousness, punctuality, purview, quickness, rapt attention, readily, readiness, recognition, recognizing, regard, regards, remark, remind, resource, respect, respecting, respects, reverence, rudeness, rumination, scrupulous, sedulity, sedulous, sedulousness, see, sense of hearing, sensibility, sentiment, sharpness, significance, significancy, sleeplessness, smartness, solicitude, spotlight, stress, studious, suit, supervision, support, surveillance, survey, sympathy, tact, take heed of, take note of, tell, tend, tender loving care, tending, thinker, thoroughness, thoughtful, thoughtfulness, thrifty, tidiness, treatment, trouble, tryout, tutelage, underlining, underscoring, unselfishness, upkeep, urbanity, veneration, view, viewing, vigil, vigilance, vigilant, waiting for, wakefulness, wariness, warmth, warn, watch, watch out, watchful, watching, weight, willingly, wiretapping, worry, your intention, zeal, zealous.

Rhymes for Attention:

  1. tension, pension, mention;
  2. dimension, detention, ascension, contention, pretension, invention, suspension, prevention, convention, retention, dissension, extension;
  3. condescension, apprehension, hypertension, hypotension, comprehension;
  4. misapprehension;

Quotes for Attention:

  1. Being the first to do something like this also registers a lot of attention that the line might not have gotten if all four books had just appeared from one company. Mark Millar.
  2. I envy paranoids; they actually feel people are paying attention to them. Susan Sontag.
  3. Writing is hard work. Generating stories that catch people's attention and holding it are very difficult. David Ogden Stiers.

Idioms of Attention:

  1. call to attention
  2. bring sm or sth to sm's attention
  3. direct sm's attention to sm or sth;