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[ɐtɹˈɪbjuːtɪd], [ɐtɹˈɪbjuːtɪd], [ɐ_t_ɹ_ˈɪ_b_j_uː_t_ɪ_d]


attributed (verb)

accredited, acknowledged, applied, ascribed, assigned, attached, blamed, branded, cast, cited, connected, credited, imputed, marked, placed, referred, set.

blamed (verb)

accused, censured, charged, condemned, indicted, rebuked, reproached.

gave (verb)

allotted, allowed, assisted, awarded, bequeathed, bestowed, consigned, contributed, delivered, devoted, disbursed, dispensed, doled, donated, endowed, expended, extended, funded, furnished, gave, given, granted, helped, imparted, lavished, lent, offered, paid, pledged, presented, provided, rationed, rendered, sent, served, shared, showered, submitted, supplied, tendered.

Rhymes for Attributed:

  1. distributed;
  2. redistributed;

Quotes for Attributed:

  1. I think a change that I did intend at time but is clear that, from Flower of Secret on, there is a change in A lot of journalists have very generously attributed this to growing maturity. Pedro Almodovar.
  2. Nothing is intrinsically valuable; value of everything is attributed to assigned to from outside thing by people. John Barth.
  3. amount of sophistication varies according to quality of medium, and to state of same medium at different times; must be attributed in best cases physiologically to medium, intellectually to control. Oliver Joseph Lodge.