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[bˈɑːm], [bˈɑːm], [b_ˈɑː_m]

Synonyms for Balm:

herb (noun)

anise, arrowroot, basil, camomile, caraway, catnip, chervil, chicory, clover, coriander, dill, fennel, figwort, ginseng, herb, hyssop, licorice, liverwort, marjoram, mint, parsley, peppermint, rosemary, sage, savory, sorrel, spearmint, tansy, tarragon, thyme, water cress, wintergreen.

oil (noun)

butter, crude, fat, grease, lard, lubrication, margerine, oil, petroleum, unguent.

remedy (noun)

aid, antidote, correction, corrective, cure, dose, drug, elixir, emetic, germicide, lotion, medication, medicine, ointment, pharmaceutical, pill, potion, prescription, remedy, salve, therapy, tonic.

Other synonyms and related words:

Fragrancy, Materia Medica, Officinal, Soother, abate, allay, alleviate, alleviation, alleviative, alleviator, alterative, ambergris, ambrosia, ambrosial, analeptic, analgesic, anodyne, antiperspirant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, appease, appetizing, application, ariston metron moderator, arnica, aroma, aromatic, aromatic gum, aromatic ointment, aromatic water, assistance, assuage, assuagement, assuager, attar, attar of roses, attractive, balmy, balsam, bay oil, beam of hope, beautiful, becalm, bergamot oil, blue, bouquet, brilliantine, calm, calm down, calmative, carminative, catholicon, cerate, champaca oil, cheer, chrism, civet, cleanser, cold cream, collyrium, comfort, commiseration, common, compose, compound, condolement, condolence, consolation, cool, cordial, cream, crumb of comfort, curative, curb, current, cushion, damp, dawn of hope, deaden, delectable, delicious, demulcent, destroy, detain, diminish, disarm, dolorifuge, dressing, drop, drops, ease, easement, electuary, elixir vitae, embalm, embrocation, emollient, essence, essential oil, ethical drug, extinguish, extract, eye-lotion, eyewash, eyewater, face cream, facilitate, fixative, flash of hope, formula, formulation, fragrance, fragrant, fragrant ointment, frankincense, fulfil, fulfill, fulsomeness, general, generic name, gilead, gleam of hope, glimmer of hope, glycerin, glycerogel, glycerogelatin, glycerol, glycerole, golden mean, good-looking, gratify, greasiness, hand lotion, healing agent, healing ointment, healing quality, heliotrope, help, herbs, hot, hush, icebreaker, incense, inhalant, inunction, inunctum, jasmine oil, jelly, juicy, lanolin, laudanum, lavender oil, lay, lemon balm, lenitive, lessen, lighten, lincture, linctus, liniment, lip lotion, lose, lull, lullaby, measure, medicament, medicinal, medicinal herbs, menthol, mercurial ointment, milk, mitigate, mitigation, mitigator, mixture, moderator, modulate, modulator, mollifier, musk, myrcia oil, myrrh, narcotic, nard, nonprescription drug, nostrum, odorous, odour, oiliness, olive oil, opiate, opium, pacificator, pacifier, pacify, palliate, palliation, palliative, panacea, parfum, patent medicine, peacemaker, peppery, perfume, perfumed oil, perfumery, petrolatum, pharmacon, philosopher's stone, physic, piquant, pomade, pomatum, poppy, popular, post-razor lotion, potpourri, poultice, pour balm into, pour oil on, powder, preparation, prescription drug, proprietary, proprietary medicine, proprietary name, ptisan, pungent, quell, quiet, quieten, racy, ray of hope, reassurance, rebate, receipt, recipe, redolence, refresh, refreshment, relief, remedial measure, restorative, restore, restrain, restraining hand, rich, rock to sleep, rose oil, rose water, salty, scent, scented, sedative, settle, sharing of grief, shock absorber, silver lining, simples, slacken, slake, smarminess, smell, smooth, smooth over, sober, solace, soothe, soothing agent, soothing application, soothing salve, soothing syrup, soothing unguent, soothing words, sovereign remedy, specific, specific remedy, spice, spicy, spikenard, stabilizer, star of hope, still, subjugate, succor, succour, support, swag, sympathy, syrup, tame, tasteful, tasty, temperer, theraputant, theriac, tisane, tranquiliser, tranquilize, tranquilizer, tranquillise, tranquillizer, turn off, unction, unctuousness, unguentum, vegetable remedies, volatile oil, vulnerary, wet blanket, wiser head, witch hazel, zinc ointment.

Rhymes for Balm:

  1. mom, calm, prom, rom, guam, psalm, palm, bomb, halm, tom;
  2. embalm, aplomb, islam, salaam, becalm;
  3. vietnam, surinam;

Quotes for Balm:

  1. The words of kindness are more healing to a drooping heart than balm or honey. Sarah Fielding.
  2. Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit. A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world. Ada Louise Huxtable.
  3. It's part of the calling to at least do a few songs in the show that give people some hope. There's so much hurt in this world and... music is such a great healing balm and a great way to forget your troubles. Ricky Skaggs.