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[bɪkˈʌmz], [bɪkˈʌmz], [b_ɪ_k_ˈʌ_m_z]


suits (verb)

benefits, dovetails, fits, pleases, satisfies, serves, suits.

Rhymes for Becomes:

  1. bums, crumbs, plumbs, comes, gums, numbs, chums, drums, sums, hums, plums;
  2. succumbs;

Quotes for Becomes:

  1. government... teaches whole people by example. government becomes lawbreaker, breeds contempt for law; invites every man to become a law invites anarchy. Louis D. Brandeis.
  2. Sometimes people here can get so focused on, Oh, got to get a flight, that becomes end all of everything. Then go off and fly a couple of and think, Okay, is that all there is in life? No, a whole big life out there. Shannon Lucid.
  3. Any activity becomes creative when doer cares about doing right or better. John Updike.