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What is another word for bent?

877 synonyms found


[b_ˈɛ_n_t], [bˈɛnt], [bˈɛnt]

Synonyms for Bent:

crooked (adjective) curved (adjective) deformed (adjective) diagonal (adjective) angularity (noun) crookedness (noun) tendency (noun) bent (verb) complied (verb) curved (verb) deformed (verb) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Bent:

  1. repent, rent, descent, dissent, brent, lament, intent, invent, segment, tent, indent, tashkent, percent, represent, resent, sent, spent, unsent, supplement, vent, underwent, event, meant, dent, unspent, extent, ghent, kent, prevent, torment, gent, went, present, scent, ferment, lent, pent, cent, relent;
  2. augment, accent, cement, ascent, assent, consent, content;
  3. discontent, occident, malcontent, circumvent;
  4. misrepresent;

Quotes for Bent:

  1. Never weather -beaten sail more willing bent to shore. Thomas Campion.
  2. The more we are consuming oil that either comes from places that are bent on our destruction or helping those who are... the more we are enabling those who are trying to kill us. Frank Gaffney.
  3. The person who is bent on killing you will follow you wherever you are. Ed Koch.

Idioms of Bent:

  1. bent on doing;
  2. As the twig is bent, so is the tree inclined.;
  3. bent out of shape;

Adjectives for Bent:

  • notoriously poor and inefficient,
  • quiet, moonlit,
  • true grecian,
  • glad poor,
  • notoriously poor,
  • inefficient,
  • quiet,
  • hopelessly inefficient and unsatisfactory,
  • hopelessly inefficient,
  • unsatisfactory.