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[blˈe͡ɪd], [blˈe‍ɪd], [b_l_ˈeɪ_d]

Synonyms for Blade:

fop (noun)

beau, beauty, blood, cavalier, clotheshorse, dandy, dude, fop, gallant, peacock, socialite, swell.

perforator (noun)

arrow, auger, bit, bore, die, drill, gouge, lance, needle, penetrator, perforator, point, poker, punch, puncture, skewer, spear, spike, spit, spur, stick, thorn, tip.

Other synonyms and related words:

Bilbo, Burr, Fribble, He, Wight, adaga, adolescence, adze, aerofoil, aft, aileron, airfoil, altimeter, alveolar ridge, alveolus, amidships, anchor, anther, apex, arms, arytenoid cartilages, assagai, assegai, ataghan, attachment, attaghan, avionics, awacs, ax, back, backsword, ballast, banger, baselard, battle-ax, battler, bay, bayonet, beam, beanstalk, belduque, belligerent, belted knight, berth, bickerer, bilge, bill, billhook, bistoury, bit of grass, blading, blemish, blot, board cutter, bodkin, boll, bollard, boom, boulevardier, bow, bowie knife, bowsprit, boy, bract, bracteole, bractlet, brand, brand name, bravo, brawler, bridge, bristle, broadsword, broomstick, buck, bud, bulb, bully, bullyboy, bulwark, buoy, bur, bushwhacker, busy bee, busybody, cabin, carpet knight, catapult, chap, chisel, chuck, cimeter, claw, claymore, cleat, cleaver, cleaving tool, clock hand, clothes-horse, cloverleaf, cockpit, cold steel, color, colter, combatant, competitor, contender, contestant, cotyledon, coulter, coxcomb, cracksman, creese, culvert header, curling, cutlass, cutlery, cutter, cutter blade, cutters, cutting edge, cutting implement, cutting machine, dag, dagger, dandiprat, dashing fellow, devotee, dirk, disposable razor insert, disputant, dorsum, drawing knife, drawing shave, dresser, dudgeon, duelist, dweeb, dye, ear, edge, edge tool, edge tools, electric razor, elf, enforcer, enthusiast, epee, evidence, exquisite, face-off, falchion, fan, fashion plate, fast man, fellow, fencer, feuder, fighter, fighting cock, figurehead, fin, fine gentleman, firebrand, flag, flat pin, flint blade, floral leaf, floret, foil, foilsman, foliole, frond, gaffer, gamecock, gangplank, gentleman, gill, gisarme, gladiator, glaive, glave, glume, good man, good sword, goon, gorilla, grass shoot, guillotine, haft, halberd, handle, hard palate, hatchet, hatchet man, heft, helm, hilt, him, hockey, hood, hoodlum, hooligan, housewife, hull, hummer, husband, husk, in chain saws, intermeddler, intriguer, involucre, involucrum, jack-a-dandy, jackanapes, jackknife, jib, jig, jobber, jouster, keel, key, knife, knife blade, knife part, knight, knocker, kris, ladies' man, lady killer, lady's man, lamina, lancet, larynx, lauter-tun rake, leaf, leaf blade, leaf of grass, leaflet, lemma, lifebelt, ligule, lips, live man, macaroni, machete, make, male, man, man-about-town, manhood, mark, marque, married man, masher, mast, master, masthead, mattock, meddler, metrosexual, microtome, militant, milliner, mister, mixing paddle, nail clipper, naked steel, naked sword, nasal cavity, new brooms, node, notice, oar, oarlock, offshoot, oral cavity, outrigger, paddle, palate, paper cutter, paring knife, partisan, penknife, petal, petiole, pharyngeal cavity, pharynx, pick, pickax, pickthank, piece of grass, pigsticker, pile, pine needle, plate, plowshare, plug-ugly, pod, pole-ax, politician, poniard, pore, porthole, profiling knife, prong, prow, pruning shears, puncturer, puppy, quarreler, rake, rapier, razor, razor blade, razor clam, ribbon, rigging, rink, rioter, rival, rose, rough, rowdy, rudder, ruffian, runner, rustler, saber, sabre, sabreur, safety razor, sahib, scalpel, scimitar, scion, scissors, score, scrapper, screwdriver, screwdriver blade, scuffler, scythe, seed leaf, sepal, set mash rake, shaft, shank, sharp, sharp blade, sharp fellow, sharpener, shears, sheath, shiv, shoot, short sword, sickle, side arch, side arms, single filament, sir, skate, skean, skean dhu, sled, sleigh, snee, snowmobile, soft palate, sonar, spark, spathe, speech organ, spire, spore, sport, spot, sprig, squabbler, stain, stalk, starboard, steel, stem, stern, stigma, stiletto, stipula, stipule, straight razor, strategist, streetfighter, strong-arm man, strong-armer, struggler, stylet, swain, swashbuckler, sword, sword stick, sword-bayonet, swordplayer, swordsman, syrinx, tactician, teeth, teeth ridge, tendril, thief, thug, tiller, tilter, toad sticker, toff, tomahawk, tongue, topside, tough, trade name, transvestite, treadle, trendy, trigger, trim stop, trusty sword, tuck, turnscrew, turret, tussler, utility knife, vane, velum, vocal chink, vocal cords, vocal folds, vocal processes, voice box, weapon, weasel, weather vane, weathervane, web, wedge, whinyard, whittle, wind vane, wire cutters, wrangler, yatacban, yataghan, yeoman, youth, zealot.

Rhymes for Blade:

  1. handmade, degrade, cade, forbade, brigade, dissuade, buffeted, brayed, flayed, portrayed, spayed, displayed, obeyed, charade, made, repaid, grayed, parade, prayed, shade, decayed, frayed, home-made, unafraid, ade, persuade, paid, crusade, fade, surveyed, unswayed, aide, laid, invade, strayed, prepaid, unmade, homemade, suede, conveyed, staid, dismayed, braid, crocheted, evade, maid, promenade, trade, pervade, brocade, serenade, upgrade, glade, grade, cliched, upbraid, cascade, played, bayed, spade, swayed, unpaid, sauteed, mislaid, sprayed, lade, jade, underplayed, weighed, wade, stayed, aid, palisade, raid, tirade, decade, delayed;
  2. allayed, betrayed, arcade, abrade, afraid, arrayed, blockade;
  3. disobeyed, masquerade, lemonade, colonnade;

Quotes for Blade:

  1. The moment one gives close attention to any thing, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself. Henry Miller.
  2. It's a nice visual. I had just done Blade and I put on more weight for Blade and I thought I might as well use it so I kept it and added a little more. I wanted him to be a big bear. Ryan Reynolds.
  3. I would like to see a fierce Fantasia mixed with Blade Runner, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars all in one. That's the kind of movies I want to make. Michelle Rodriguez.