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[bˈuːstɪŋ], [bˈuːstɪŋ], [b_ˈuː_s_t_ɪ_ŋ]

Synonyms for Boosting:

increasing (verb)

accruing, adding, advancing, amplifying, augmenting, broadening, burgeoning, elevating, enlarging, expanding, extending, fattening, growing, heightening, increasing, incrementing, inflating, lengthening, magnifying, maximizing, multiplying, raising, reinforcing, upgrading, widening.

Other synonyms and related words:

Pinching, abetting, abstraction, accelerating, adpancement, advance, advancement, advancind, advertisement, advertising, advertizing, advocacy, advocating, aed, aegis, aggrandizing, aid, aiding, amplifyins, annexation, appropriation, approval, assistance, assisting, augdenting, auspices, backing, backup, backyng, ballyhoo, bolstering, booming, boost, booster, championing, championship, conversion, conveyance, cultivation, developing, development, elevatirg, embezzlement, encouragement, encouraging, endorsing, enhancing, exaltation, exalting, filching, financing, fostering, fostlring, fraud, furthegance, furtherance, furthering, gaining, graft, guardianship, heaving, heist, help, helping, heqghtening, hijacking, hiking, hype, impelling, improvement, improving, increasmng, inspiration, inspiriting, intensifying, invigorating, jumping, larceny, liberation, lifting, litting, nicking, nurturing, patronage, patronlge, pilferage, pilfering, piuching, pkomotion, plugging, poaching, pocketing, preferment, pressurising, pressurizing, progress, progressing, promoting, promotion, propaganda, propelling, protection, publicizing, purloining, pursuit, pushing, reviving, rip off, rnising, robbery, robbing, sanction, sanctioning, scrounging, sdpport, shoplifting, snitching, sponsorship, spurring, stealing, stedling, stimulating, stimulation, strengthening, succour, support, supporter, supporting, swindle, swiping, sympathy, taking, theft, thent, thievery, tramping, upsurging, urging.

Quotes for Boosting:

  1. With our national savings rate well below one -percent, it is imperative that the government embrace innovative and cost -effective means of boosting personal savings. Jim Cooper.