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[bˈɔːɹɪŋ], [bˈɔːɹɪŋ], [b_ˈɔː_ɹ_ɪ_ŋ]

Synonyms for Boring:

boring (adjective)

commonplace, depressing, dreary, dry, dull, humdrum, insipid, monotonous, mundane, prosaic, tedious, tiresome, uninteresting, wearisome.

boring (verb)

annoying, dulling, fatiguing, sedating, tiring, tranquilizing, wearying.

perforating (verb)

drilling, gouging, lancing, needling, penetrating, perforating, piercing, pointing, poking, punching, puncturing, skewering, spearing, spiking, sticking.

Other synonyms and related words:

Goring, Grey, Jading, Nettling, Overworked, Ungifted, abhorrent, abominable, acupunctuation, acupuncture, aggravating, anodyne, anti-intellectual, antiquated, arid, automatic, automaton-like, awful, banal, banausic, barren, blah, bland, boorish, bore, bore a hole, bored, bored and listless, boresome, boring operation, boringly, boringness, borning, bothering, bothersome, bourgeois, bowling, broach, broaching, burdensome, button-down, chafing, changeless, characterless, colorless, colourless, commercial, common, crass, creating by removal, cut, dead, dead-and-alive, deadening, deadly, dehydrated, dense, depleting, derivative, desiccate, detestable, dim, dingy, direct, disagreeable, discipline, disgusting, disheartening, dismal, dispiriting, distasteful, dour, down-to-earth, drab, dragging, draining, drear, drearily, dressage, drill, drill hole, drudging, dry-as-dust, dull and repetitious, dully, dumb, dusty, earthbound, education, elephantine, empiercement, empty, endless, ennui, ennuyant, everyday, exasperating, excavating, excite, excruciating, exercise, exercising, exhausting, eyelet, factual, fagging, familiar, fatigue, fatuous, featureless, fenestra, fixing, flat, flavourless, foolish, forage, forgettable, formulaic, forthright, frumpish, fusty, garden, garrulous, gauging, gaze, grandiloquent, gray, hackneyed, hand-me-down, have no idea, heavy, highly diluted, ho-hum, holing, hollowing, homely, horrid, hypnotic, ill at ease, impalement, inactive, inapt, inflated, instruction, interminable, internal turning, irksome, irritating, iterative, jejune, jerkwater, juiceless, laborious, laboured, lackluster, lacklustre, leaden, lengthy, lifeless, literal, literal-minded, long, long-drawn, long-drawn-out, long-winded, loquacious, lowbrow, lusterless, lustreless, materialistic, matter of fact, mechanical, mediocre, menial, middle-aged, mind-numbing, mining, miserable, monochromatic, monotonic, monotonously, mouldy, muffled, muted, namby-pamby, narrow-minded, nauseating, nerdy, newt, not interesting, nuisance, numbing, obnoxious, obtuse, odious, offensive, oil production, old, old fashioned, old-hat, ordinary, orifice, over-long, overdone, overused, pale, palling, pedestrian, perforation, perforator, perfunctory, pestering, pestiferous, philistine, plaguing, plain, played out, pleonastic, pompous, ponderous, practice, practicing, practising, pricking, production, prolix, prolonged, prosy, protracted, puncture, quiet, reach-me-down, realistic, redundant, reiterative, repellent, repetitious, repetitive, repugnant, repulsive, reworked, rigid, rote, routine, run-of-the-mill, sad, same, samely, sapping, schooling, serviceable, shop-worn, shopworn, sickening, slavish, sleep-inducing, sleepy, slow, slowly, sluggish, small gong, sober, softened, somnolent, soporific, soulless, spiritless, staid, stale, stereotyped, stereotypic, stereotypical, stiff, stifling, stilted, stock, stodgy, stony, straightforward, stressful, stuffy, stultifying, stupefying, stupefyingly boring, stuporific, stuporous, talkative, tame, tapping, tasteless, tautological, taxing, tediously, terebration, thankless, thick, threadbare, thudding, tired, tiresomely, toothless, torpid, training, transfixation, transfixion, transforation, trepanning, trephining, trite, trivial, troublesome, tunnelling, turgid, two-dimensional, unadorned, unanimated, unappealing, unartistic, unchanging, uncultivated, uncultured, undistinguished, undiversified, uneducated, unembellished, unending, unenlightened, uneventful, unexciting, unglamorous, unimaginative, uninspired, uninspiring, unlearned, unlettered, unoriginal, unpalatable, unpleasant, unpoetic, unread, unrefined, unrelieved, unromantic, unsavory, unscented, unstimulating, unsurprising, untutored, unvaried, unvarnished, unvarying, vacuous, vapid, verbose, vexatious, vexing, vile, warmed-over, waterless, watery, weariful, wearing, weary, well-known, welling, windy, wishy-washy, wooden, wordy, workaday, wretched, yawny, yucky.

Rhymes for Boring:

  1. shoring, snoring, storing, warring, soaring, scoring, roaring, pouring;
  2. goring, flooring;
  3. exploring, outpouring, ignoring, adoring, deploring, imploring, restoring;
  4. underscoring;

Quotes for Boring:

  1. There's a danger of the Internet just becoming loud, ugly and boring with a thousand voices screaming for attention. Matt Drudge.
  2. I've been living with myself all of my life, so I know all of me. So when I watch me, all I see is me. It's boring Morgan Freeman.
  3. Every kind of music is good, except the boring kind. Gioachino Rossini.