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What is another word for brain?

488 synonyms found


[bɹˈe͡ɪn], [bɹˈe‍ɪn], [b_ɹ_ˈeɪ_n]

Synonyms for Brain:

intellect (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Brain:

  1. constrain, feign, champaign, reign, chain, plain, vain, champagne, deign, romain, remain, main, refrain, pane, wayne, train, mundane, complain, butane, germane, paine, hussein, crane, spain, cane, pertain, jain, rain, lorraine, inane, swain, rogaine, profane, slain, urbane, arcane, regain, restrain, humane, insane, pain, ingrain, drain, maine, cocaine, sprain, sustain, stain, retain, detain, explain, romaine, rein, ukraine, champlain, ordain, sane, bahrain, gain, mane, vane, contain, twain, wane, grain, wain, fain, campaign, maintain, preordain, vein, disdain, obtain, strain, domain, attain, arraign, plane, bane;
  2. amain, again, abstain;
  3. ascertain, inhumane, entertain, aquitaine;
  4. legerdemain;

Quotes for Brain:

  1. Everybody kind of understands, Oh yeah you take drugs and it does something to your brain and then you can't stop. It's easier to describe that shame, that horrible feeling of not being able to control your own life. Aimee Mann.
  2. I met Jack Bruce, one of my heroes, in a studio while doing some recording. England had just beat Scotland in a big football match and I saw Jack trying to break into this refrigerator in the lounge, drunk out of his brain and I didn't know what to say. Andy Partridge.
  3. I became comfortable with what I knew would be the process of trying to pick up the pieces of brain that were in the rubble and tried to make some mosaic out of the pieces and that that would be the trajectory. Art Spiegelman.

Idioms of Brain:

  1. pick brain
  2. rack one's brain( s);
  3. a brain trust;