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[bɹˈʌsk], [bɹˈʌsk], [b_ɹ_ˈʌ_s_k]

Synonyms for Brusque:

concise (adjective)

abrupt, blunt, brief, compact, concise, curt, incisive, short, short and sweet, succinct, terse, to the point.

severe (adjective)

Draconian, Spartan, acerbic, acrimonious, acute, ascetic, astringent, austere, authoritarian, basic, bleak, brisk, caustic, censorious, chilly, cool, correct, crisp, critical, cutting, demanding, disciplined, dour, dry, exacting, frosty, fundamental, grim, gruff, harsh, hidebound, icy, imperial, inflexible, intense, intolerant, keen, lean, meticulous, obdurate, obstinate, oppressive, piquant, precise, prudish, puritanical, raw, relentless, rigid, rigorous, severe, sharp, spare, stark, stern, stiff-necked, strait-laced, strict, stringent, tart, unbending, uncompromising.

Other synonyms and related words:

Clodhopping, Short-spoken, Snippety, abbreviated, abridged, acerb, acid, acidulous, aggressive, aphoristic, aposiopestic, artless, awkward, bad-humoured, bad-mannered, bad-tempered, bearish, beastly, bilious, biting, bitter, bluff, boisterous, bold, boorish, brash, broad, brusk, brutal, bungling, candid, cantankerous, capricious, cavalier, choleric, churlish, clipped, close, close-tongued, closemouthed, clumsy, coarse, compendious, compressed, condensed, contracted, crabbed, crabby, cranky, cross, crotchety, crude, crusty, curmudgeonly, cursory, curt in manner, cut, direct, disagreeable, discontented, discourteous, disobliging, disrespectful, docked, downright, dumb, dyspeptic, economical of words, edgy, elliptic, elliptical, embittered, epigrammatic, excitable, explicit, explosive, feverish, fleeting, flippant, forthright, frank, frankhearted, free, free-speaking, free-spoken, free-tongued, fresh, furious, fussy, gauche, genuine, glib, gloomy, gnomic, grouchy, grumpy, hasty, headlong, heart-to-heart, hot-blooded, hot-tempered, hotheaded, huffish, huffy, hurried, hypersensitive, ill-bred, ill-humoured, ill-mannered, ill-natured, ill-tempered, impatient, impertinent, impetuous, impolite, impolitic, improper, imprudent, impudent, inadequate, inaffable, inconsiderate, indelicate, indignant, indiscreet, indisposed to talk, inept, ingenuous, inhospitable, injudicious, insensitive, insolent, insulting, irascible, irritable, laconic, light, little, loutish, maladroit, misbehaved, moody, morose, most direct, mum, mute, myopic, nasty, not tall, offensive, offhand, open, open-hearted, openhearted, outrageous, outspoken, overbearing, peevish, peremptory, perfunctory, petulant, pithy, plain, plain-speaking, plain-spoken, pointed, poor, precipitate, pruned, pushing, querulous, quiet, rampant, raucous, repulsive, reserved, rough, rough-spoken, round, rude, rugged, sarcastic, satiric, saucy, scrambling, sensitive, sententious, short-tempered, shortened, shortest, shortly, shortsighted, shrewish, silent, sincere, smooth, snappish, snappy, snippy, snug, sour, sparing of words, specific, speechless, splenetic, stinging, straight, straight-out, straightforward, sulky, sullen, summary, surly, synopsized, taciturn, tactless, tasteless, temperamental, testy, thoughtless, tight, tight-lipped, tongue-tied, touchy, transparent, truculent, truncated, unaccommodating, unambiguous, unceremonious, unchecked, uncivil, uncivilized, uncomplaisant, uncomplicated, unconstrained, uncooperative, uncourtly, uncouth, uncultured, undiplomatic, unequivocal, unforbearing, unfriendly, ungainly, ungallant, ungentle, ungentlemanly, ungracious, unguarded, uninhibited, unladylike, unloquacious, unmannerly, unneighborly, unpleasant, unrefined, unreserved, unrestrained, unreticent, unshrinking, unskilful, unsophisticated, unsubtle, untalkative, unwise, vehement, violent, volatile, vulgar, warm, waspish, wild, word-bound, wordless.

Rhymes for Brusque:

  1. husk, tusk, dusk, cusk, rusk, musk;