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[kˈɔːz], [kˈɔːz], [k_ˈɔː_z]

Synonyms for Cause:

cause (noun)

action, basis, compulsion, compunction, determinant, drive, effectuation, elicitation, enforcement, evocation, execution, factor, force, generation, grounds, inspiration, mainspring, motivator, motive, origination, provocation, root, source, stimulus.

cause (verb)

act, bring about, effect, elicit, enforce, engender, engineer, evoke, execute, generate, give rise to, induce, inspire, make, motivate, originate, produce, provoke.

compel (verb)

browbeat, bulldoze, bully, coerce, compel, daunt, dictate, dragoon, foment, galvanize, goad, hijack, impel, incite, intimidate, mandate, nag, oblige, press, pressure, propel, push, spark, stimulate, stress, urge.

Other synonyms and related words:

AS, BM, Endeavour, For, From, Genesis, Juggernaut, Toward, accept, accomplish, according to, accordingly, account, achieve, acquire, activate, active, activist's passion, activity, actuate, affair, afflict with, again, against, agency, agent, agitate, ahead, aim, alibi, alienate, alive, almost, along, also, amaze, ambition, amount to, anarchism, ancient, angle, animate, answer, antecedent, antidisestablishmentarianism, antiquated, antique, apology, apparent motion, apparent movement, appeal, approval, approximately, archaic use, argument, around, arouse, arrange, arrange attractively, arrange for, arrest, arrive, arrive at, as long as, aspect, aspiration, assign, assignment, assurance, astonish, attain, attempt, attitude, attract, attraction, author, authorization, baffle, bail, base, be at the bottom of, be called, be conducive to, be productive, be sufficient, be the cause, bear, beat, because, become, beget, begin, beginning, behalf, behave, being, belief, besides, bewilder, bind, birth, blitz, bottom, bowel movement, brace, brainstorm, break the ice, breed, brew, bring, bring forth, bring in, bring into being, bring off, bring on, bring out, bring round, bring to effect, bring to fruition, bring to pass, bring up, bring upon oneself, broach, bugger off, build, buzz off, cajole, call, call for, call forth, call up, calling, camp, campaign, can, candidacy, candidature, capture, carry carefully, carry off, carry out, carry through, carte blanche, case, casing, catalyst, catch, causa, causal agency, causal agent, causality, causation, causative, cause in court, cause to, cause to take place, certification, character, charge in, charity, charter, circumstance, clear, coax, coif, coiffure, collectivism, come out with, command, commence, commit, commitment, committal, component, conceive, concern, concoct, condonation, consciously, consequently, consideration, considering, consign, constituent, constitute, constrain, consume, consumerism, contingency, contract, contribute to, contributor, contrive, controversy, convey, conviction, convince, cook up, corollary, cost, court, court case, courting, courtship, create, creation, creator, creed, crusade, curtilage, cut, dawn, decent, decline, deed, defence, deliberately, delinquency, deliver, demand, derivation, designer, despatch, determinative, develop, develop into, devise, difficulty, discharge, dispatch, display case, dispose, dispute, do, docket, doer, donate, donation, draw, draw on, draw up, dream up, dregs, drift, driveway, driving force, due to, dumbfound, during, earn, effectuate, effort, egg, elbow grease, electrify, element, enable, encourage, encouragement, encouraging, end, endeavor, endowment, energise, energize, engage in, engine, enliven, entail, enterprise, enticement, entitlement, establish, estimable, etiological, etiology, event, evidence, evince, exalted, example, excite, excuse, exertion, exhort, experience, expiry, explanation, exploit, extenuation, fabricate, face, fact, faction, fair, faith, father, favorable, feat, fight, find, fire, fire up, fix, flare-up, font, footing, for because, forced labor, former, found, foundation, fount, fountain, fountain-head, fulfil, furthermore, gain, generator, germ, gestate, get, get along, get going, get something, get steamed up, get things rolling, get to, give, give birth, give birth to, give occasion to, give origin to, give rise, go, goal, good, good reason, grammatical case, great cause, ground, groundwork, guarantee, guiding light, guiding star, guinea pig, hack, hand over, handout, hard work, hasten, hatch, have, have got, have left, hearing, heart, hence, honest, honorable, hop up, humanitarian, hunting expedition, ideal, ignite, imperialism, implement, impose, impulse, in order that, inasmuch as, inaugurate, incentive, incitation, incitement, incline, inducement, induct, industrialize, inflame, inflict, influence, ingenerate, ingest, ingredient, initiate, initiation, inquest, insbe the cause, insist upon, inspirational, inspiring, inspirit, instance, instigate, instigation, institute, instrument, intellect, intention, intentionally, interest, internationalism, into, introduce, introduction, invigorate, invitation, involve, issue, judicial process, justification, kick start, kick up, kickoff, kindle, knowingly, labor, law, lawsuit, lay down, lead, lead to, leaded, leave immediately, leaven, legal action, legal case, legal proceedings, legal process, legal remedy, let, liability, liberal, liberalism, licence, life, lifework, litigation, living, lodestar, loose, loyalist, lure, major issue, make children, make happen, make out, make sure that, make up, make water, make-believe, maker, manage, manufacture, mass movement, mass-produce, material basis, matter, may, means, micturate, militarism, military campaign, mitigation, moreover, mother, motif, motility, motion, motivating factor, motivating force, motivation, move, movement, must, muster, muster up, mystify, n of, nationalist, nativity, necessitate, necessity, need, nominate, notarized, now, nub, nudge, nullity, object, objective, obligation, obsolete, obtain, occasion, occasions, of, old, onto, open, opinion, order, origin, original, originator, outcome, outreach, overcome, overproduce, own, pacifism, palliation, pamphleteer, parent, parkway, part, particular, party, pass water, patronize, pay back, pay off, perform, perk up, perplex, persuade, philanthropic, philanthropist's focus, philanthropy, philosophy, piece, pillow slip, pillowcase, pique, plan, plea, pledge, political campaign, pose, position, possess, possibility, power, practice, practise, precipitate, predispose, preface, prepare, pressurize, pretend, pretext, prevail on, prevail upon, prime mover, principal, principle, principles, private road, problem, proceeding, proceedings, process, procure, prod, producer, progress to, promote, prompt, prompting, prosecution, prostrate, provocative, pull-in, purpose, put, put in, put over, put up to, question, quicken, raise, rally, rationale, rationality, rationalization, realise, realize, reason, reason for being, reasonableness, regulate, relief, relieve oneself, remand, render, repel, repulse, reputable, require, requirement, respectable, restrain, result, result in, reversion, revert, revolt, ride, right, rise, rouse, rousing, royalist, run, safari, said, sake, sanction, sap, satisfaction, school, score, seat, sect, secure, security, seduce, seed, sense, set, set about, set afloat, set in motion, set on foot, set out, set up, settlings, shake up, shape, sheath, shell, showcase, side, since, sire, slip, so, so that, social movement, soul, sow the seeds, spark off, spawn, spearhead, spend a penny, sponsor, spread, spring, spur, stand, standpoint, start, start out, start the ball rolling, stimulating, stimulation, stimulator, stir, stir up, story, stupefy, subject, subsequently, substance, suffer, suffer from, suffering, suffice, suit, suit at law, suit in law, suit of clothes, summon, summon up, superinduce, surety, suscitate, sustain, sway, sweat, swing, take, take a leak, take place, take-in, talk into, tempt, then, thence, therefore, think up, throw, throw up, thus, tie, too, touch, touch off, transmit, travail, trial, trigger, try, type, ulterior motive, undergo, understanding, undertaking, unloose, unto, upon, upshot, use, use force upon, validation, vehicle, vex, view, viewpoint, vindication, vivacious, vocation, volume-produce, wake, waken, warrant, warranty, weaken, well-spring, wheedle, whereas, wherefore, whip up, why, why and wherefore, wield, wooing, work, work up, wreak, yard, yield.

Rhymes for Cause:

  1. was, vase, cars;

Quotes for Cause:

  1. As soon as by one's own propaganda even a glimpse of right on the other side is admitted, the cause for doubting one's own right is laid. Adolf Hitler.
  2. Undoubtedly, at the moment, the major cause of CO2 emission is what happens in developed countries. Chris Patten.
  3. Every cause produces more than one effect. Herbert Spencer.

Idioms of Cause:

  1. cause/ create a stir;
  2. cause eyebrows to raise and cause sm raised eyebrows;
  3. cause a stink;