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What is another word for cede?

277 synonyms found


[s_ˈiː_d], [sˈiːd], [sˈiːd]

Synonyms for Cede:

comply (verb) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Cede:

  1. proceed, precede, breed, creed, swede, lead, heed, impede, succeed, bleed, greed, secede, misdeed, read, recede, supersede, tweed, stampede, weed, bede, bead, deed, mislead, indeed, reid, feed, knead, lipide, need, keyed, fried, reed, misread, speed, freed, mead, meade, seed, plead;
  2. concede, exceed, agreed, accede, elide, decreed;
  3. intercede, guaranteed, disagreed;

Quotes for Cede:

  1. Therefore, I do not wish to consider any proposition to cede any portion of our tribal holdings to the Great Father. Sitting Bull.
  2. No one wants to lose their job, or cede the power they've acquired. Romano Prodi.

Idioms of Cede:

  1. cede sth to sm;