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What is another word for certifications?

140 synonyms found


[s_ˌɜː_t_ɪ_f_ɪ_k_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n_z], [sˌɜːtɪfɪkˈe͡ɪʃənz], [sˌɜːtɪfɪkˈe‍ɪʃənz]

Synonyms for Certifications:

affirmations (noun) evidences (noun) guarantees (noun) validations (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Certifications:

  1. stations, nations;
  2. sensations, frustrations, mutations, relations, ovations, rotations, gyrations, citations, donations, durations, notations, vocations, privations, quotations, temptations, dalmatians, locations, vibrations, creations, translations, formations;
  3. destinations, conjugations, proclamations, amputations, imitations, appalachians, affirmations, aspirations, compensations, motivations, publications, computations, invitations, degradations, expectations, stipulations, applications, presentations, implications, confirmations, valuations, illustrations, accusations, terminations, condemnations, machinations, delegations, exclamations, desecrations, oscillations, simulations, inclinations, reservations, explanations, designations, declarations, connotations, resignations, altercations, conversations, litigations, correlations, ministrations, formulations, fluctuations, adaptations, transformations, aberrations, allocations, reputations, separations, limitations, operations, deviations, alterations, appellations, corporations, decorations, observations, circulations, complications, irritations, situations, incarnations, revelations, restorations, deprivations, obligations, combinations, cancellations, concentrations, estimations, populations, allegations, indications, preparations, speculations, generations, explorations, consultations, demonstrations, calculations, occupations, recitations, expirations, consecrations, graduations, duplications, elevations, medications, congregations, emanations, meditations, confrontations, fabrications, federations, celebrations, variations, violations, inspirations;
  4. discolorations, associations, insinuations, evacuations, consolidations, justifications, denominations, interrogations, accreditations, congratulations, preoccupations, approximations, determinations, classifications, qualifications, inaugurations, improvisations, examinations, configurations, mobilizations, accommodations, imaginations, considerations, incorporations, anticipations, denunciations, representations, solicitations, affiliations, recommendations, negotiations, humiliations, pronunciations, communications, authorizations, commemorations, appropriations, accumulations, modifications, evaluations, exaggerations, originations, magnifications, investigations, expropriations, reverberations, manifestations, miscalculations, deliberations, interpretations, organizations;
  5. misrepresentations, identifications, characterizations;

Adjectives for Certifications:

  • high-level ministerial,
  • unnecessarily duplicative,
  • duplicative,
  • official public,
  • other relevant,
  • optional,
  • promiscuous,
  • adept,
  • posthumous,
  • such other,
  • operational,
  • bogus,
  • ministerial,
  • relevant,
  • athletic,
  • requisite,
  • preliminary,
  • technical,
  • formal,
  • permanent,
  • latest,
  • complete,
  • final,
  • excellent,
  • french,
  • federal marshal,
  • first-class military,
  • eugenic,
  • consular,
  • peremptory,
  • marshal,
  • miraculous,
  • desirable,
  • experimental,
  • accurate,
  • organic,
  • commercial,
  • severe,
  • sufficient,
  • fourth,
  • european,
  • military,
  • brilliant,
  • normal,
  • simple,
  • incorrect,
  • fraudulent,
  • confidential,
  • absolute,
  • open,
  • legal,
  • regular,
  • voluntary,
  • professional,
  • false,
  • national,
  • original,
  • secondary,
  • full,
  • further,
  • appropriate,
  • medical,
  • necessary,
  • due,
  • official,
  • ecological,
  • fake,
  • proper.