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[t͡ʃˈi͡ə], [t‍ʃˈi‍ə], [tʃ_ˈiə]

Synonyms for Cheer:

cheerfulness (noun)

affability, agreeableness, amiability, bonhomie, buoyancy, cheerfulness, cheeriness, complaisance, congeniality, cordiality, easygoingness, friendliness, gaiety, geniality, good humor, happiness, jauntiness, jolliness, joyfulness, lightheartedness, merriness, pleasance, sunniness, warmness.

pleasure (noun)

agreeability, amusement, bliss, bonniness, brightness, contentment, ecstasy, enjoyment, entertainment, enthrallment, euphoria, exhilaration, gladness, gratification, jollity, joy, pleasure, rapture, relish, satisfaction, well-being.

celebrate (verb)

acclaim, carouse, celebrate, commemorate, enjoy, exult, fete, frolic, glorify, hail, hallow, honor, inaugurate, jubilate, laud, make merry, memorialize, observe, party, praise, proclaim, rejoice, revel, salute, solemnize, trumpet, venerate.

cheer (verb)

brighten, console, encourage, enliven, gladden, hearten, inspire, lighten, please.

cry (verb)

bawl, call, clamor, cry, exclaim, groan, growl, holler, howl, moan, scream, shout, shriek, sob, whoop, yell.

please (verb)

delight, exhilarate, gratify, satisfy.

Other synonyms and related words:

Alleluia, Belaud, Good-fellowship, High Jinks, Laudation, Panegyrize, Schadenfreude, Tut, abide by, accede, accept, acclamate, acclamation, acclamatory, accommodate, acknowledge, acquiesce, acquiesce in, adage, admiration, advocate, afford hope, agile, agree, agree to, agree with, alacrity, aliment, allay, alleviate, ameliorate, amenity, amuse, amused, amusing, animal, animal spirits, animate, animation, anticipate, aphorism, appearance, applaud, applause, approbation, approval, approve, arouse, assent, assistance, assuage, assure, augur well, axiom, balm, banquet, banzai, bark, barrack, barrack for, battle cry, be delight with, be glad of, be glad that, be noisy, beam, beam of hope, bear, bear up, beatification, beatify, beatitude, beguile, bellow, belly laugh, belly timber, belong, bepraise, bewitchment, bid fair, bid welcome, big hand, binomial, bless, blessedness, blessing, blissfulness, blithe, blithefulness, blithely, blitheness, blithesomeness, board, bolster, bon naturel, boost, bouche, brace, brace one's energies, brace up, bread, bread and butter, bread and cheese, brighten up, brightly, brisk, brisken, buck up, buoy, buoy up, buoyantly, burst of applause, burst of laughter, buy, cachinnation, calm, camaraderie, captivate, carry weight, catchphrase, caterwaul, certain something, cheer on, cheer up, cheerful, cheerfully, cheerily, cheering, cheers, cheery, cheery vein, cherish, chirk, chirk up, chirp, chirpily, chorus of applause, chorus of cheers, chorus of praise, chuckle, citation, cite, clap, clap hands, clap the hands, clapping, clapping of hands, cliche, click, cloud nine, cluck, comestibles, comfort, commend, commissariat, commons, compensate, compliment, comply, condole, condole with, condolence, congratulate, consent, consolation, content, conviviality, corn, countenance, courage, crack-up, creature, creature comfort, credit, crow, cry for joy, cry up, cuisine, daily bread, dash, dawn, dawn of hope, delectation, delighted, dictum, diet, dietary, dignify, disposition, diversion, divert, do the honors, drag on, drive on, ease, eatables, ebullience, eclat, ecstatics, edible, edibles, effervescence, egg, egg on, elate, elation, elevate, embolden, enchant, enchantment, encore, encouragement, endure, energize, energy, ennoble, entertain, entrance, eulogize, eupeptic mien, exalt, exaltation, excite, excitement, exhort, express approval, extol, exuberance, exultation, face, fair-weather, fare, fascinate, fast food, favour, feast, feather, feed, feelings, felicitate, felicitous, felicity, festive, festive board, festivity, fire, fit of laughter, flash of hope, flatter, flip, flout, flow of spirits, flush, fodder, food, food and drink, foodstuff, forage, fortify, foster, frame of mind, fresh up, freshen, freshen up, frolicking, frolicsome, fulfil, fun, gaiete de coeur, gayety, gayness, genially, gibe, giggle, give a cheer, give a hand, give a lift, give comfort, give courage, give hope, give someone a hand, give the nod, gladsomeness, gleam, gleam of hope, glee, gleeful, gleefully, gleefulness, glimmer of hope, glorious, glory, goad on, good cheer, good company, good spirits, greet, grunt, guffaw, gurgle, gusto, hallelujah, halloo, hand, handclap, handclapping, happy, harbor, hasten on, have good prospects, health, health food, hear it for, heartiness, hearty laugh, heaven, help, hie on, high glee, high spirits, hilarious, hilarity, hiss, hold out hope, hold out promise, hold with, hollo, honour, hooray, hoot, hopefully, hopefulness, horse laugh, hosanna, hosannah, hospitality, hound on, humor, humour, hurrah, hurray, hurry on, huzza, huzzah, huzzay, impassion, in toto, incite, infect, inflame, infuse courage, ingesta, inhale, inspire courage, inspire hope, inspirit, instigate, interest, intoxication, invigorate, invigoration, jauntily, jazz up, jeer, jocularity, jocund, jocundity, jolly, jolly along, jolly up, jovial, joviality, jovially, joyance, joyful, joyful shout, joyfully, joyous, joyousness, jubilant, jubilation, juice up, junk food, justify hope, keep, keep in countenance, kitchen stuff, l'allegro, let the sun shine in, life, lift, lift up, light heart, light-heartedness, like, liveliness, lively, liven, living, look, look up, loving cup, lump it, magnify, make fair promise, make happy, make laugh, make much of, meat, merrily, merriment, merry, merry-making, merrymaking, mien, mirth, mirthful, mirthfulness, mitigate, mode, mood, morale, motivate, move, nerve, nirvana, nod, nod assent, nourish, nourishment, nurse, nurture, nutriment, nutritive, oblige, oomph, optimism, outcry, ovation, overhappiness, overjoy, overjoyfulness, oxymoron, pabulum, paean, palliation, pap, paradise, pastime, pasturage, pasture, pay a tribute, pay homage to, pay tribute to, peace of mind, peal of applause, peal of laughter, pep up, perk, perk up, phrase, pizazz, placate, plaudit, plaudits, play, pleasantly, pleasantness, pledge, plug, popularity, press, press the flesh, press the hand, prey, promise, prompt, proner, protect, provender, provision, provisions, puff, put at ease, put on cloud nine, put on top of the world, quicken, radiance, rah, raise, raise expectations, raise hope, raise one's spirits, raise the spirits, rally, rallying cry, ration, rave, ravishment, ray of hope, re-create, readily, reanimate, reassurance, reassure, reawaken, receive, recognition, recommend, recompense, recreate, recreation, refresh, refreshen, regale, regard, regimen, reinvigorate, rejoice the heart, relief, relieve, renew, renovate, repair, repast, requite, respect, restore confidence to, resurrect, revelry, revitalize, revive, revivify, revolutionise, revolutionize, reward, rise to, roar, roar of laughter, rollicking, root, root for, root on, rosy expectation, round of applause, rouse, sanguine humor, sanguineness, sanguinity, saraband, scoff, screech, sentiments, serenade, set at ease, set up, settle doubts, seventh heaven, sgiggle, shake hands, shelter, shine, shout hosanna, shout of applause, shout of approval, shout of joy, shout of laughter, shout of praise, silver lining, sing praises to, smile, snap out of it, snicker, snigger, solace, soothe, sound off for, sparkle, spat, speak highly of, speak well of, speed on, spirit, spirits, sport, spread, sprightly, spur on, spur onward, squall, squawk, squeal, squeeze the hand, staff of life, stand for, star of hope, steel, stimulate, stir, stir oneself up, strengthen, subscribe to, subsistence, succour, suit, summon up, sun, sunlight, sunny, sunshine, support, sustenance, sustentation, sustention, swell, sympathize with, sympathy, table, take kindly to, tautology, temper, temperateness, thrill, thunder of applause, tickle, tiger, titter, to encourage, toast, transport, treasure, treat, tribute, triumph, tucker, tut-tut, unalloyed happiness, untighten, uplift, upraise, urge, urge on, urge onward, usher, value, viands, victuals, vigour, vim, vitalize, vittles, viva, vivacity, vivify, vociferate, vote for, war cry, war whoop, warm, wassail, welcome, whip on, whoopee, willingly, winsomeness, wittiness, wow, yabber, yammer, yap, yawl, yawp, yelp, yes, yield assent, yippee, yo-ho, yowl, zeal, zest, zing, zip.

Rhymes for Cheer:

  1. leer, deere, shear, hear, ear, meir, steer, clear, year, pier, dear, jeer, near, rear, smear, deer, veer, sneer, lear, gear, speer, mere, peer, sear, here, fear, sere, tear, sphere, blear, beer, spear, sheer;
  2. frontier, revere, sincere, amir, premiere, premier, appear, austere, severe, veneer, career, emir, rehear, adhere, zaire, unclear, cashier;
  3. domineer, chandelier, pioneer, mutineer, financier, reappear, interfere, cavalier, chevalier, souvenir, commandeer, gondolier, overhear, brigadier, auctioneer, insincere, volunteer, belvedere, disappear, bandolier, persevere, engineer;

Quotes for Cheer:

  1. Let us be of cheer remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those which never come. Amy Lowell.
  2. I would go to the deeps a hundred times to cheer a downcast spirit. It is good for me to have been afflicted, that I might know how to speak a word in season to one that is weary. Charles Spurgeon.
  3. If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. J. R. R. Tolkien.

Idioms of Cheer:

  1. cheer sm or sth on;
  2. cheer sb to the echo;
  3. cheer up ( sb);