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What is another word for clouded?

416 synonyms found


[klˈa͡ʊdɪd], [klˈa‍ʊdɪd], [k_l_ˈaʊ_d_ɪ_d]

Synonyms for Clouded:

bubbled (verb) confused (verb) darkened (verb) dimmed (verb) obscured (verb) Other synonyms and related words:

Rhymes for Clouded:

  1. shrouded, crowded;
  2. enshrouded;

Quotes for Clouded:

  1. A woman will allow herself to be clouded by her emotions. Her reasonable thought becomes completely unreasonable over the most ridiculous thing. It's a girl thing. Lea DeLaria.
  2. Despite recent media reports that have clouded or even misrepresented, the facts, there is compelling evidence that al -Qaida and Iraq have been linked for more than a decade. Elizabeth Dole.
  3. In order to properly understand the big picture, everyone should fear becoming mentally clouded and obsessed with one small section of truth. Xun Zi.