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[kˈə͡ʊn], [kˈə‍ʊn], [k_ˈəʊ_n]

Synonyms for Cone:

cone (noun)

coronet, cup, funnel, pyramid.

Other synonyms and related words:

Cone (geometry), Raffia, acoustical network, aiguille, ament, apex, aqueduct, arbor, arete, arrow, artefact, artifact, axis, ball, band, beam, bell cap, bell hole, bell shape, biscuit, bore, bulge, bun, cake, canal, capacitor speaker, capitulum, carton, case, catkin, channel, cheesecake, circular pyramid, coaxial speaker, coil, compact, complex cone, con, conduit, cone cell, cone core, cone shape, conelet, cones, conic, conical, conn, conoid, conus, cookie, cop, cork, corn, cornet, coronet boot, corymb, crag, crest, cross, crossover network, cruller, curb box base, curl, curve, cylinder, cyme, dairy queen item, dark nebula, diaphragm, driving course marker, duff, dynamic speaker, earphone, egg shape, electrodynamic speaker, electromagnetic speaker, electrostatic speaker, ellipse, evening dress, excited-field speaker, eye part, file, fill out, fir cone, fruitcake, full-fidelity speaker, funnel shape, geometric shape, glaze, globe, green light, gum, gymnosperm, head, headphone, headset, height, hemisphere, high-fidelity speaker, high-frequency speaker, hoop, horn, ice-cream, ice-cream cone, inner cone, inner lift, inner tip, jaywalking, legal profession, list, loudspeaker, loudspeaker diaphragm, low-frequency speaker, macaroon, make a hole, midrange speaker, monorange speaker, moving-coil speaker, nutshell, oatcake, panicle, pastry, patisserie, peak, pear shape, permanent magnet speaker, pike, pine cone, pinecone, pinnacle, piping, pit, pointed paper bag, pole, profiterole, quill, raceme, reproductive structure, retina feature, retinal cone, revolution, robot, roll, roller, rotary, round, round out, round shape, scone, semicircle, shaft, sickle, signal, spadix, speaker, speaker system, speaker unit, spike, spikelet, spiral, spire, steeple, still safe, straight ended cone, strobile, strobiloid, strobilus, subway, sugar loaf, swell, taper, temporary traffic marker, thyrse, traffic marker, triaxial speaker, trumpet, try box, tube, tweeter, umbel, vertical mandrel, verticillaster, viewing pyramid, voice coil, volcano shape, wafer, waffle, wave, wheel, wind gauge, woofer.

Rhymes for Cone:

  1. crone, stone, cohn, moan, known, groan, loan, hone, lone, drone, shone, mon, own, shown, thrown, prone, bone, scone, rhone, clone, zone, tone, sewn, grown, phone, roan, blown, sown, throne;
  2. trombone, homegrown, atone, hipbone, condone, unknown, bemoan, alone, malone, intone, disown, cologne, dethrone, postpone, cyclone, capone;
  3. overblown, unbeknown, calderon, bourguignon, overthrown, overgrown;

Quotes for Cone:

  1. The question is not really about a shift to the economic cone where officers are writing about the balance of payments and the need for economic stabilization. Lawrence Eagleburger.
  2. The only thing that ultimately matters is to eat an ice -cream cone play a slide trombone, plant a small tree, good God, now you're free. Ray Manzarek.
  3. Life is like an ice -cream cone you have to lick it one day at a time. Charles M. Schulz.