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[kˈɒntakt], [kˈɒntakt], [k_ˈɒ_n_t_a_k_t]

Synonyms for Contact:

contact (noun)

abutment, border, connection, junction, meeting.

touch (noun)

feeling, manipulation, palpation, pawing, plying, rubbing, tangibility, twiddle.

contact (verb)

abut, adjoin, connect, join, meet, reach out, touch.

touch (verb)

brush, caress, feel, finger, graze, kiss, manipulate, palm, palpate, paw, ply, rub, skim, stroke.

Other synonyms and related words:

abut on, abuttal, accept, access, accomplish, accord, achieve, acquaintance, acquire, adhere, adhesion, adjacent, adjoining, advert, affair, affaire, affect emotionally, affiliate with, affiliation, agent, agitate, agree, allow, allude, ally, amass, amour, anode, answer, apposition, approach, approximation, appulse, arbitrator, arrive at, assail the ear, assemble, associate, association, attain, attouchement, be contiguous, be heard, be in touch with, bear on, bear upon, bestow, bifocals, blot, border on, bordered, bounce upon, breath, bridge, broker, brush by, bump, bumping, burst upon, business, buzz, call, caress the ear, catch up with, channel, check with, circuitry, clashing, clear up, click, close, close interaction, closeness, cloven, clutch, co-respondent, coexist, coexistence, coextensive, cohere, coincide, coincidence, colliding, collision, come across, come at, come home, come in contact, come through, come to, come to hand, come together, come upon, coming together, commerce, communicate, communicate with, communication, communion, companionship, comprehend, concern, concord, conduit, conform to, congress, conjunction, connect up, connect with, connected, connectedness, connexion, consume, contact element, contact lens, contact unit, contagion, conterminous, contiguity, contiguous, contingence, converge, conversancy, conversation, converse, coordinated, cope with, correspond, correspond with, correspondence, coterminous, crash, crashing, cross-fertilization, cutaneous sense, cutaneous senses, data link, deal with, dealing, dealings, deduce, dig through, disturb, drag, earth, electrode, empathy, encounter, entanglement, entree, establish connection, ex, exchange, experience, exposure, extend, extend to, eyeglass, eyewear, fall into place, familiarity, fellowship, fill, fingertip caress, finish off, finish up, fit, flick, foregather, forgather, four-eyes, frame, friend, fulfil, fulfill, gain, gain a hearing, gain access, gather, get, get across, get ahold of, get along well, get hold of, get in touch, get in touch with, get on well, get onto to, get through, get through to, get to, get together, ghost, give, glance, glasses, go-between, goggles, grab, grasp, grip, hand-mindedness, harmony, hint, hit, hitting, immediate, impact, impinge, impingement, impingence, impinging, in, in contact, incised, influence, information, integrated, inter-group communication, interact, interaction, interagent, interchange, intercommunication, intercommunion, interconnected, interface, interlocutor, intermediary, intermediate, intermedium, internuncio, interplay, interpleader, interrelated, interrogate, intimacy, involvement, jobber, join unite, juxtapose, juxtaposition, keep in touch, knowledge, lambency, lap, lens, liaison, lick, light switch, light touch, light upon, link, link up, link vinculum, linkage, linking together, linkup, look, look up, love affair, maintain connection, maintenance, make, make a score, make advances, make an impression, make contact with, make oneself heard, make overtures, make up to, march, march with, matching, mediator, medium, message, middleman, mite, mix around, mop up, nearby, nearness, negotiant, negotiator, network, noncustodial, nudge, observation, observe, oneness, operate, opportunity to see, oscillator, oscilloscope, osculate, osculation, osculatory, partake, participation, pass, pass on, pat, penetrate, pertain, pertingent, phone, physical contact, pierce a hole, pince-nez, pinch, pipeline, pitch upon, place, play, plump upon, polish off, pop upon, practice, progress to, prompt, propinquity, proximity, pull, question, quick, radio link, raise, ran into, rapport, reach, reach the ear, receive, rectifier, refer, referral, register, relate, relate to, relation, relations, relationship, rencontre, rencounter, reply, reply to, resistor, respond to, response, rimless, ring, ring up, rouse, run across, satisfy, scrape, scratch, see, see touch, seize, self-expression, sense of touch, shade, shave, sideswipe, signature, sink in, skin senses, skirt, smash, smashing, soupcon, source, speak to, speak with, speaking, speck, specs, speech, speech circuit, speech situation, spot, squeak by, statement, stir, stranglehold, strike, striking, strive, study intensively, suffer, sunglasses, sympathy, syzygy, tactile sensation, tactile sense, tactility, taction, tactual sensation, take, take on, talk, talking, tamper with, tangency, tangential, tap, telecommunications, teledensity, telepathy, telephone, temple, tentative contact, tentative poke, terminal, tickle, tie, tinct, tinge, tint, to touch, touch base, touch modality, touch on, touch sensation, touching, trace, trade, traffic, transaction, transformer, transmission, truck, turn over, two-way communication, understanding, unified, union, unity, useful acquaintance, visit, while away, whisper, wholesaler, wi-fi, wrap up, write to.

Quotes for Contact:

  1. Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love. Marc Chagall.
  2. While it was a very interesting period in my life, I was happy to get back to more direct contact with students in the classroom and in my research projects. Jerome Isaac Friedman.
  3. When we seed millions of acres of land with these plants, what happens to foraging birds, to insects, to microbes, to the other animals, when they come in contact and digest plants that are producing materials ranging from plastics to vaccines to pharmaceutical products? Jeremy Rifkin.

Idioms of Contact:

  1. lose contact with;
  2. come in contact
  3. in contact ( with sm or sth);