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[kɒntɪnjˈuːɪtɪ], [kɒntɪnjˈuːɪtɪ], [k_ɒ_n_t_ɪ_n_j_ˈuː_ɪ_t_ɪ]

Synonyms for Continuity:

cohesion (noun)

adherence, coherence, cohesion, cohesiveness, conformity, congruity, connectedness, connection, consistency, indissolubility, indivisibility, inseparability, integration, integrity, solidarity, union, unity.

stability (noun)

changelessness, constancy, durability, firmness, immovability, invariableness, permanence, persistency, solidness, stability, steadfastness, steadiness.

Other synonyms and related words:

abidance, about-face, accommodation, accord, accordance, action, adaptation, adjustment, agreement, alteration, alternate, alternation, amelioration, amoebean, anacoluthon, anagnorisis, angle, announcement, apostasy, architectonics, architecture, argument, atmosphere, background, betterment, book, break, broken thread, caesura, calm, catastrophe, catenation, ceaselessness, chain, change of heart, characterization, chattering, chronology, coherency, color, coming after, compatibility, complication, concatenation, concord, concordance, concurrence, consecution, consecutive, consecutiveness, consensus, consentaneousness, consequent, consonance, constant flow, continualness, continuance, continuation, continuations, continue, continuities, continuousness, continuum, contrivance, conversion, correspondence, course, crack, cue, cushion, cut, defection, degeneration, degree, delivery, denouement, descent, design, deterioration, development, deviation, device, dialogue, difference, discontinuity, disjunction, dissipation, divergence, diversification, diversion, diversity, doggedness, dovetailing, drool, dropping fire, duration, duree, endurance, enduringness, episode, equability, equanimity, equilibrium, eternity, evenness, extension, fable, falling action, fault, fitting, flaw, flip-flop, flow, following, fortitude, fracture, fullness, gap, gimmick, gradation, hierarchy, homogeneity, immeasurability, improvement, incessancy, incident, inexhaustibility, infinity, intermission, interrelationship, interruption, interval, lastingness, lengthening, libretto, like-mindedness, line, lineage, lines, linking, live, local color, logical sequence, longevity, maintenance, manuscript, mitigation, modification, modulation, monolithism, monotone, monotony, mood, motif, movement, mythos, next, noninterruption, on-air, on-screen, order, order of succession, orderliness, oscillation, overthrow, parenthesis, past, patchwork, patience, period, periodicity, peripeteia, perpetuation, perpetuity, perseverance, perseveration, persistence, persistent determination, pertinacity, place, plan, play, playbook, playscript, plenitude, plot, posteriority, postposition, preparation, present, preservation, procession, programming, progress, progression, prolongation, protraction, proximate, psychological time, pulsation, pursuance, qualification, radio, rank, rapid recurrence, rapid succession, rapidity, rapport, rating, re-creation, realignment, recognition, reform, reformation, regularity, remaking, renewal, repetition, resolution, reversal, revival, revolution, rhapsody, rising action, rotation, run, sameness, scenario, scene plot, scheme, score, screenplay, script, secondary plot, sequacious, sequel, sequence, sequent, serial order, series, shift, shooting script, side, slant, smoothness, space, space-time, staccato, stamina, staying power, story, straight course, strength, structure, stuttering, subject, subjunction, subordination, subplot, subsequent, subsistence, succeeding, succession, successiveness, suffixation, survival, sustained action, sustainment, sustenance, switch, sympathy, tattoo, teleplay, television, televisual, tenaciousness, tenacity, tense, term, text, thematic development, theme, tide, time, timebinding, tone, topic, train, train chain, transition, turn, turnabout, twist, unanimity, unbroken extent, unbrokenness, uniformity, unintermission, unintermittedness, uninterrupted course, uninterruptedness, uninterruption, uniting, unremittingness, unruffledness, upheaval, variation, variety, vibration, vitality, way, while, whole, worsening.

Rhymes for Continuity:

  1. annuity, gratuity, congruity, acuity;
  2. ingenuity, ambiguity, perpetuity, promiscuity, incongruity;
  3. discontinuity;

Quotes for Continuity:

  1. Hence my obstinate emphasis on stylistic continuity from work to work rather than specific sibling relationships between the individual work and other members of its stylistic 'family' in the world outside. Brian Ferneyhough.
  2. Continuity is at the heart of conservatism: ecology serves that heart. Garrett Hardin.
  3. Order, unity, and continuity are human inventions, just as truly as catalogues and encyclopedias. Bertrand Russell.