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[kˈuːt], [kˈuːt], [k_ˈuː_t]

Synonyms for Coot:

bird (noun)

Canada goose, albatross, bald eagle, barn owl, bird, bittern, blackbird, blue jay, bluebill, bluebird, booby, bullfinch, buzzard, canary, cardinal, cassowary, chickadee, cockatoo, condor, cormorant, crane, crested jay, crow, cuckoo, curlew, dodo, dove, duck, eagle, egret, emu, falcon, finch, flamingo, goldfinch, goose, grackle, grosbeak, grouse, gull, harrier, hawk, heron, horned owl, hummingbird, ibis, jackdaw, jay, kingfisher, lark, loon, lovebird, macaw, magpie, mallard, mockingbird, mourning dove, myna, nightingale, nuthatch, oriole, osprey, ostrich, owl, parakeet, parrot, partridge, peacock, pelican, penguin, peregrine, pheasant, pigeon, plover, puffin, quetzal, raven, redbird, redwing, ringtail, road runner, robin, rook, sandpiper, sea gull, sheldrake, snipe, songbird, sparrow, spoonbill, squab, starling, stork, swallow, swan, swift, teal, tern, thrush, turkey, turtledove, vulture, waxwing, weaver, woodpecker, wren, yellowbird.

Other synonyms and related words:

Dipper, Noddy, bareback, barebacked, barefoot, bat, berk, birdbrain, blockhead, bonehead, chump, clod, codger, crackpot, crake, cully, dimwit, dingbat, diving bird, dolt, donkey, duffer, dullard, dumb-bell, dumbbell, dunce, dunderhead, eccentric, eccentric geezer, fathead, fool, galoot, gander, gawkiness, geezer, gink, goof, goon, goop, grebe, hairless, in birthday suit, in native buff, in nature's garb, in puris naturalibus, in the buff, leafless, loggerhead, loony, marsh hen, mentally ill, moke, mud hen, napless, nincompoop, numskull, nut, off his rocker, old geezer, out at elbows, person, rail, rail family bird, screwball, sea duck, simpleton, softy, stark naked, stark raving naked, symbol of baldness, twerp, water hen, with nothing on.

Rhymes for Coot:

  1. scoot, fruit, loot, root, moot, route, hoot, boot, chute, cute, lute, suit, mute, newt, shoot, brute, jute, toot, brut, shute, flute;
  2. impute, pursuit, refute, astute, permute, minute, beirut, commute, recruit, salute, compute, dispute, pollute, acute, uproot, repute, dilute;
  3. subacute, disrepute;

Idioms of Coot:

  1. be as bald as a coot