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[kˈʌvəd], [kˈʌvəd], [k_ˈʌ_v_ə_d]

Synonyms for Covered:

covered (adjective)

blanketed, canopied, cloaked, coated, enshrouded, enveloped, masked, overlaid, screened, sheathed, shrouded, veiled, wrapped.

plugged (adjective)

closed, corked, plugged, stopped, tapped.

shady (adjective)


covered (verb)


defended (verb)

answered, argued, averted, backfired, barred, barricaded, buffered, counterattacked, countered, defended, fended, guarded, opposed, policed, protected, rebutted, replied, resisted, responded, retorted, returned, safeguarded, saved, secured, sheltered, shielded, supported, sustained, upheld, warded.

enclosed (verb)

caged, confined, contained, corralled, embraced, encircled, enclosed, encompassed, fenced, held, impounded, imprisoned, surrounded, trapped.

harbored (verb)

harbored, hid, hidden.

plugged (verb)


pretended (verb)

affected, bluffed, claimed, counterfeited, deceived, defrauded, disguised, faked, falsified, forged, imitated, impersonated, masqueraded, posed, pretended, showed, staged.

protected (verb)

conserved, maintained, preserved.

shaded (verb)

blinded, curtained, obscured, shaded.

Other synonyms and related words:

Backboned, Beclouded, Squamous, abstruse, abundant, abut, accosted, accounted, addressed, adjoin, administered, adopted, all over, allotted, applied, apportioned, apprehended, apron, ariled, arillate, armed, armlet, armored, arrayed, ascertain, ascertained, assure, assured, awash, awninged, backed, baffled, band, bandage, bandaged, barnacled, bay, bayou, beaded, bed, bedecked, below-ground, belt, beplastered, besetting, besmeared, bight, bilked, bin, blanket, blind, blocked, bosomed, bound, box, broadened, brooded, brushed, buried, bursting, business, bypassed, cabinet, cached, called, camouflaged, caparisoned, capped, cared, carried, case, cased, casing, casket, catholic, catholical, cause, certain, certified, charged for, chased, checked, clad, cladding, clicked, close, clothe, clothed, clouded, coat, coating, common, compassed, compensate, compensate for, competed in, comprehend, comprehended, comprised, conceal, concealed, concocted, conducted, confine, confluent, considered, contain, container, contended, continental shelf, continental slope, controlled, coped, cortical, cot, counterbalance, course, cove, cover, cover up, covered up, covered with, covering, coverlet, covert, cowled, creek, crested, crossed, crowded, crowned, crusted, crustlike, crusty, cucullate, cutaneous, cuticular, dabbled, daubed, dawned, decked, denied, deputise, deputize, dermal, dermatoid, described, dipped, directed, disguise, dispensed, dissembled, distributed, dogged, draped, drenched, drenched in, dressed, dressing gown, drown, ecumenical, empower, enclose, encrusted, encuirassed, endow, enfold, enfolded, engendered, ensconced, ensure, envelope, envelopment, epidemic, espoused, estuary, example, excused, expanded, extended, faced, fail-safe, filed down, fill, filled, filled in, film, finished, fiord, firth, fit, fleeced, floored, folder, form, formula, frith, fronted, frustrated, galloped, garbed, garmented, got dressed, got round, gowned, grappled, grizzled, guaranteed, gulf, gulph, gut, handled, harboured, hatched, hide, hooded, horse, housed, hovered, hypogeal, hypogean, hypogeous, imbricated, included, incommunicado, incubated, indiscernible, indraught, indulge, inlet, insured, intersected, invested, invisible, involved, invulnerable, ironclad, jacket, jacketed, jar, keep, kyles, lagged, lagoon, lagune, laminated, latent, layer, layered, leafy, lined, looked over, loomed, loricated, lotted, luxuriant, managed, mantled, mastered, meet, membrane, mist, moon-splashed, moss-grown, mossy, mouth, mud-beplastered, muffled, multiplied, mysterious, narrows, natural harbor, noted, obscure, occult, occupied, oecumenical, offered, ostiary, overgrown, overrun, overspread, package, packaged, painted, palmed, panoplied, papered, patented, paved, pay, peaked, penetrated, perceived, peritrichous, pinnacled, plastered, plated, ploughed, pouted, preserve, prevailing, prevalent, processed, prolonged, protect, protracted, provided, queered, reached, ready, reared, recondite, recorded, regaled, reimburse, repeat, reported, reproduce, rife, roads, roof in, roofed, roofed over, safe, satisfy, scaly, scotched, sealed, secluded, secret, secreted, secure, sequestered, served, set pattern, shadowed, shared, sheath, sheeted, shell, shelled, sieved, skinny, skipped, smeared, smothered, snow-clad, snow-covered, snowy, soaked, sound, spattered, spawned, spined, splashed, splashy, splattered, sprayed, squamiferous, squeezed, stewed, strained, strait, strewn, subdued, subterranean, subvented, suffice, sulked, sun-drenched, sunken, superimposed, sure, surfaced, tagged, tailed, tectiform, tegumentary, tented, thick, thickspread, thwarted, tiled, tipped, togged, topped, tracked, traded, trailed, transcendental, transited, traveled across, traveled around, traveled through, traversed, treated, umbrageous, under cover, under wraps, undercover, underground, underneath, unfolded, universal, unknown, unperceived, vaginate, walled, warrantable, warranted, weedy, went round, white, wielded, wiped, worldwide, worried, wrap up, wrapper, written.

Rhymes for Covered:

  1. uncovered, recovered, discovered;
  2. undiscovered;

Quotes for Covered:

  1. I remember in the early days when we played six nights a week for a month and I was doing my long drum solo every night. My hands were covered in blisters. John Bonham.
  2. Over the years, I've covered 22, 000 miles. Kenneth H. Cooper.
  3. The body is meant to be seen, not all covered up. Marilyn Monroe.