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[kɹˈɪptɪk], [kɹˈɪptɪk], [k_ɹ_ˈɪ_p_t_ɪ_k]

Synonyms for Cryptic:

meaningless (adjective)

absurd, blathering, double-talk, driveling, gobbledygook, hogwash, jabbering, meaningless, noisy, nonsensical, senseless, unmeaning.

unintelligible (adjective)

baffling, confusing, enigmatic, illegible, indecipherable, mysterious, mystifying, unclear, unreadable.

Other synonyms and related words:

Delphic, Fuliginous, abstruse, allegorical, ambiguity, ambiguous, anomalous, apocryphal, arcane, auricular, bass, between the lines, bewildering, blurred, cabalistic, cabbalistic, censored, clandestine, classified, close, closed, complex, concealed, concise, confusable, confused, covert, crossword, cryptical, cryptographic, dark, deep, delitescent, delphian, difficult to decipher, divinatory, dormant, double-edged, doubtful, dubious, elliptical, elusive, encoded, encrypted, enigmatical, equivocal, esoteric, evasive, explain, extreme, fine, foggy, foreign, furtive, fuzzy, hazy, hermetic, hibernating, hidden, hollow, hugger mugger, huggermugger, hush-hush, ill-defined, impenetrable, imprecise, in petto, incomprehensible, inconceivable, inconclusive, indefinite, indeterminate, indistinct, ineffable, inexact, inexplicable, inexplicit, inscrutable, intense, intricate, inviolate, involved, kabbalistic, knotty, knowledge, latent, lightless, lurking, mantic, misty, muffled, murky, mystic, mystical, nebulous, non-specific, nonsense, null, obfuscated, obscure, obscured, occult, on the sly, opaque, oracular, orphic, other-worldly, over head, paradoxical, perplexing, possible, potential, preternatural, prevaricating, private, privy, problematic, problematical, profound, puzzling, qabalistic, questionable, recondite, restricted, rich, riddling, secret, secretive, sibyllic, sibylline, sleeping, smothered, sphinxlike, stifled, strange, strong, submerged, subtle, supernatural, suppressed, symbolic, tenebrous, terse, thick, top-secret, tortuous, tricky, two-edged, type of crossword, ulterior, unbreatheable, uncanny, uncertain, uncomprehensible, undecipherable, undefined, under security, under the surface, under wraps, underlying, undisclosable, undisclosed, undivulgable, undivulged, unexplainable, unfamiliar, unfathomable, unimaginable, uninformative, unintelligible, unknown, unlit, unmanifested, unplumbable, unrevealable, unrevealed, unseen, unspecific, unspoken, untellable, untold, unutterable, unuttered, unwhisperable, vague, vaguely, vatic, vatical, veiled, virtual.

Rhymes for Cryptic:

  1. triptych;
  2. apocalyptic;