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[dˈafɪ], [dˈafɪ], [d_ˈa_f_ɪ]

Synonyms for Daffy:

Other synonyms and related words:

Gulled, Thick-headed, WUD, Weak-minded, absurd, addle-pated, addlebrained, addled, amusing, anserine, apish, around the bend, asinine, balmy, bananas, barmy, bats, batty, beany, bedlam, befooled, beguiled, besotted, bird-brained, blacksmith, blockhead, blockish, bonkers, brainless, brainsick, bubbleheaded, buffoonish, buggy, bughouse, bugs, calfish, certifiable, clownish, cockamamy, cockeyed, comic, comical, crack-brained, crackbrained, cracked, crackers, crackpot, cranky, crazed, crazy, crazy as a loon, credulous, cuckoo, daft, daredevil, dazed, demented, dense, deranged, dippy, disordered, distraught, disturbed, disturbed person, ditsy, dizzy, doolally, dopey, doting, dotty, dozy, dull, dumb, dunce, eccentric, empty-headed, fatheaded, fatuitous, fatuous, feather-headed, featherheaded, flaked-out, flaky, flipped, fond, fool, foolheaded, foolish, footling, forger, freak, freaked-out, fruitcakey, fruity, fuddled, funny, futile, gaga, goofy, goofy loony, goosey, half-baked, half-witted, halfwitted, hare-brained, harebrained, haywire, hilarious, hothead, humorous, hysterical, idiot, idiotic, illogical, imbecile, imbecilic, inane, incongruous, inept, infatuated, insane, irrational, jerky, jocular, jolly, jovial, just plain nuts, kookie, kooky, laughable, loco, loony, loopy, ludicrous, lunatic, lunkheaded, mad, mad as a hatter, madcap, maddened, madman, maniac, maniacal, maudlin, meaningless, mental, mentally disturbed, mentally ill, meshuga, mindless, moonstruck, moronic, muddle-headed, naif, nincompoop, ninny, non compos mentis, nonsensical, not all there, not difficult, not sensible, nuts, nutty, nutty as a fruitcake, of unsound mind, off, off one's head, off one's chump, off one's rocker, off one's trolley, off rocker, off the hinges, off the track, out of head, out of one's mind, out to lunch, pea-brained, playful, pointless, potty, preposterous, priceless, psycho, psychotic, purposeless, quarter, rattle-brained, ridiculous, risible, round the bend, sane, sappy, scatty, screwball, screwballs, screwy, senseless, sentimental, sick in the head, silly, silly fools, simple, simple-minded, simpleminded, slaphappy, stark raving mad, stockish, swashbuckler, thickheaded, thimble-witted, thoughtless, tomfool, touched, unbalanced, unhinged, unintelligent, unreasonable, unsound, unstable, unwise, vacant, vacuous, vapid, wacko, wacky, wet, wild, witless, wrong, wry, your animal, zany.

Rhymes for Daffy:

  1. taffy;
  2. chaffy;

Quotes for Daffy:

  1. A fellow with the inventiveness of Albert Einstein but with the attention span of Daffy Duck. Tom Shales.