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[dˈamd], [dˈamd], [d_ˈa_m_d]


hindered (verb)

baffled, barred, blocked, bottlenecked, braked, bunged, burdened, caught, checked, choked, clogged, complicated, congested, constipated, constrained, countered, cramped, crimped, crippled, curbed, delayed, detained, deterred, dragged, encumbered, entangled, entrapped, fettered, fouled, frustrated, hampered, hamstrung, handicapped, hindered, impaired, impeded, inhibited, interrupted, jammed, mired, obstructed, opposed, paralyzed, plugged, resisted, restrained, restricted, snagged, snarled, stayed, stopped, tangled, thwarted.

Rhymes for Dammed:

  1. jammed, crammed, rammed, slammed, damned;

Quotes for Dammed:

  1. call happiness in sense comes from preferably sudden) satisfaction of needs have dammed up to a high degree. Sigmund Freud.
  2. He sometimes ran a purple ribbon through and gushed where he should have dammed T. E. Kalem.
  3. I dammed of body and soul, I know prayers make me whole, mother mine o mother mine. Rudyard Kipling.