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[dˈɛf], [dˈɛf], [d_ˈɛ_f]

Synonyms for Deaf:

deaf (adjective)

deaf-mute, hearing-impaired, silent, stone-deaf.

Other synonyms and related words:

Hard-hearted, Highflying, apathetic, aphonous, arbitrary, aspirated, audio-, authoritarian, automatic, be caught napping, be deaf to, be incredulous, be insensible, bigot, bigoted, bird-witted, blind, blind to, borne, brainsick, breathless, bullheaded, callous, cantankerous, careless, cast behind one, close-minded, closed, closed-minded, cloth-eared, cochlea, cold, constricted, cool, cramped, creed-bound, creedbound, cross, crossgrained, crotchety, cursory, cussed, dampen, dead, dead to, deaden, deaf corn, deaf person, deaf to reason, deaf-and-dumb, deaf-and-dumb person, deaf-eared, deafen, deafened, deafens, deafmute, deafness, deaves, decreased hearing, defunct, desensitize, determinedly inattentive, disbelieve, discountenance, dismiss, dispassionate, disregard, distrust, dizzy, dogmatic, drop the subject, drown, dull, dull-eared, dumb, dunny, ear, earless, earwax, ecervele, emotionless, envelop, exceptious, fair, fanatical, forget, forgetful, forswear, froward, giddy, giddy-brained, hammer, hand over head, hard-mouthed, hard-of-hearing, hare-brained, harum-scarum, headstrong, hearing, hearing loss, heartless, heedless, hidebound, hold aloof, humorsome, ignore, illiberal, immaterial, impacted cerumen, impassible, impassive, impervious, impervious to reason, impracticable, inadvertent, inarticulate, inattention, inattentive, inaudible, inclose, inconsiderate, incorrigible, indifferent, infatuated, inpersuasible, insensible, insensible of, insensible to, insensitive, instinctive, insular, insusceptible, intractable, involuntary, jump, jump over, lifeless, listless, little, little-minded, lobe, lone, lug, make light of, make soundproof, mean, mean-minded, mean-spirited, mindless, miss, muffle, mulish, mum, mute, muzzled, muzzy, narrow, narrow gauge, narrow-hearted, narrow-minded, narrow-souled, narrow-spirited, nearsighted, neglect, neglectful, negligent, nil admirari, not attend to, not care, not expect, not hear of, not mind, oblivious, obscure, obstinacy, obstinate, offhand, omit, otosclerosis, parochial, partially hearing, passionless, percursory, pertinacious, perverse, petty, pigeonhole, pigheaded, pop, positive, prejudiced, preoccupied, prepossessed, pretermit, provincial, purblind, push aside, put aside, radical, rantipole, recusant, reflex, refuse to believe, refuse to hear, refusing, regardless, respectless, restiff, restive, rusty, scatter-brained, self-willed, set at naught, shelve, shortsighted, show insensibility, sinistrous, sink, skip, skip over, slip over, slur over, small, small-minded, soften, sot, soulless, speechless, spiritless, split the ears, stand aloof, stiff hearted, stiff-backed, straitlaced, strong-willed, stubborn, stuffy, stun, stunned, subconscious, subliminal, surd, syringe, table, taciturn, thick of hearing, thick-skinned, thoughtless, to listen blind, tone-deaf, tongue-tied, tongueless, turn aside, turn away from, tympanosclerosis, unable to hear, unaccommodating, unaffected, unaware, unbiased, unbiassed, uncaring, uncatholic, uncharitable, uncomplying, unconcerned, unconscious, unconscious of, unconsenting, undiscerning, unfeeling, ungenerous, unhearing, unheedful, unheeding, unimportance for, unimpressible, unimpressionable, uninformed, unintentional, unknowing, unliberal, unlistening, unmindful, unmoral, unmoved, unobservant, unpersuadable, unpremeditated, unreflecting, unreflective, unresponsive, unsusceptible, unthinking, unthoughtful, untouched, untractable, unwitting, unyielding, vegetate, voiceless, wax, wayward, weaken, wild, word-deaf, wordless.

Rhymes for Deaf:

  1. ref, f;

Quotes for Deaf:

  1. People are going deaf because music is played louder and louder, but because they're going deaf it has to be played louder still. Milan Kundera.
  2. I know deaf people. I have discussed the issues with them I've also thought about them a lot so I have some insights that go a little further than people who haven't had contact with the deaf community. Richard Masur.
  3. Most profoundly deaf people have speech that is very difficult to understand. Richard Masur.

Idioms of Deaf:

  1. turn a deaf ear ( to sm or sth);
  2. ( as) deaf as a post;
  3. turn a deaf ear;