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[dɪzˈa͡ɪ͡ə], [dɪzˈa‍ɪ‍ə], [d_ɪ_z_ˈaɪə]

Synonyms for Desire:

choice (noun)

alternative, choice, decision, determination, discretion, election, judgment, option, pick, preference, selection, volition, wish.

desire (noun)

acquisitiveness, amorousness, ardency, covetousness, craving, eagerness, expectation, fondness, greed, hope, hunger, itch, longing, lust, need, passion, thirst, urge, yearning.

envy (noun)

avarice, discontent, dissatisfaction, envy, resentment.

hope (noun)

anticipation, aspiration, confidence, contemplation, faith, optimism, presumption, sureness.

love (noun)

adoration, affection, attachment, communion, crush, devotion, endearment, faithfulness, friendliness, idolization, infatuation, intimacy, kinship, liking, love, oneness, romance, sentimentality, tenderness, worship.

request (noun)

appeal, bid, demand, entreaty, inquiry, invitation, petition, plea, probe, query, question, request, requisition, solicitation, summons.

desire (verb)

covet, crave, expect, fancy, grasp, hanker, long, pine, want, welcome, yearn.

envy (verb)

begrudge, grudge, resent.

hope (verb)

anticipate, aspire, assume, await, believe, contemplate, dream of, intend, presume, rely, trust.

love (verb)

admire, adore, care, cherish, idolize, infatuate, like.

request (verb)

inquire, invite, plead, seek, solicit, summon.

Other synonyms and related words:

Desiderate, Eros, about, accept, ache, ache for, acquisitiveness acquisition, address, adjuration, admiration, adopt, affiance, agape, agitation, aim, aim at, aimer eperdument, all but, almost, also, amativeness, ambition, ambitious, amor, andromania, animus, anxiety, anxious, aphrodisia, appetence, appetency, appetite, appetition, application, apply, apply for, ardent wish, ardor, ardour, arouse, ask, ask for, asking, aspire after, aspire to, aspiring, assign, assumption, assurance, assured faith, assuredly, attitude, attraction, avaricious, avid, avidity, avidness, bank, bank on, be after, be anxious, be attracted to, be desirous of, be dying for, be eager for, be expecting, be in heat, be in store, be lacking, be missing, be necessary, be optimistic, be short, be smitten, be turned on by, be willing, become enamored, beg, beg leave, behest, belief, beloved, bent, beseech, bespeak, bias, biological urge, bloodlust, bodily appetite, bodily love, bright, brotherly love, burn, cacoethes, call for, caprice, caritas, carnal desire, carnality, cast, catch, certainly, character, charity, chaste, cheerful expectation, choose, choose to, cling to, close-fistedness, closely, come in, command, commend, commit, commitment, compel, completely, compulsion, conation, conatus, concern, concupiscence, confide, conjugal love, conjuration, consumer acceptance, conviction, cotton to, counsel, count on, covetous, crave for, craze, cupidity, curiosity, customer acceptance, darling, dear, dearest wish, dearly, debauchery, decide, decree, delicately, delight, demanding, dependence, desideration, desideratum, desiderium, design, desirability, desired, desirous, destine, determine, device, devices, die, die for, die over, directly, dispose, disposition, do with, doomed hope, dote on, dote upon, doting, dream, drink, drive, drive at, dulcet, earnestly, edacious, edacity, effect, elect, elegant, embrace, emotion, end, energy, enjoy, enterprise, enthusiasm, entirely, entreat, entrust, envious, eromania, eroticism, eroticomaniac, erotism, erotomania, essential, essentially, estruate, ever so, exactly, excite, excited, expressed desire, extraneous, extraordinary, extremely, fad, fair prospect, faithful love, fall for, fantasize, fantasy, fascination, favor, favoritism, favour, favourite, feel, feel confident, feel like, feeling, felicitations, fervency, fervent hope, fervor, fervour, fetish, file, file for, finely, fire, fixed purpose, flame, fleshly lust, forbidden fruit, force, force of will, foreign, frame of mind, free choice, free will, free-lovism, freely, frenzy, fully, function, fundamentally, furor uterinus, furore orfuror, genuine, give eyeteeth for, glimmering goal, go for, goad, goal, goatishness, golden vision, good, good cheer, good hope, grab, grab at, grabbiness, graceful, gratify, gravely, great expectations, greatly, greediness, greedy, gynecomania, had as lief, hanker after, hanker for, hankering, harbor a design, harbor the hope, hardly, have a craving, have a mind, have a mind to, have a yen, have designs on, have every intention, have eyes for, have hopes, have the hots for, heart, heartfelt, heartily, heat, hero worship, high hopes, highly, hoggish, hold to, hold together, hone, honest, honey, hope against hope, hope and pray, hope for, hope in, hopeful prognosis, hopefulness, hopes, hoping, hoping against hope, horniness, hot, hot blood, hot pants, hunger after, hunger for, hungering, hungry, idea, idol, idolatry, idolism, imagination, immediately, impatience, impetration, impetus, important, importune, importunity, impulse, in case, inclination, incline, incline to, incline towards, incontinence, indecency, indent, infantile sexuality, infrequent, insistence, instantly, intending, intendment, intent, intention, interest, intrust, invidious, itch for, jealous, jealousy, jump, jump at, just, just about, keenness, lack, languish, largely, lasciviousness, lean towards, lean upon, leaning, lecherous, lecherousness, lechery, libidinal energy, libidinous, libidinousness, libido, lickerishness, list, literally, live in hopes, lodestone, long for, look, look sweet upon, loosely, lose one's heart, love to distraction, lovemaking, lubricious, lust after, lust for, lustfulness, magnet, make, make a claim, make a request, make a requisition, make advances to, make an agreement, make application, mania, market, marketability, married love, mean, meaning, meanness, merely, mettle, mind, miserliness, mission, mood, moral, more than want, most, motivation, motive, motive force, much, near, nearly, necessity, niggardliness, nigh, nisus, nurture the hope, nymphomania, object, objective, obsession, omnivorousness, opt, ordain, order, ought to, overeager, palate, pant, pant after, pant for, parsimony, partial to, partiality, peculiar, penchant, penuriousness, perfectly, persona, physical love, piggish, pine for, pining, plan, pleasant, please, pleasure, pleasure principle, plot, plum, point, polymorphous perversity, popular regard, popularity, position, practically, prayer, prayerful hope, predetermination, predilection, predisposition, prefer, prejudgment, prejudice, preoccupation, prerequisite, pressure, pretty much, prize, proclivity, project, promise, proneness, propend, propensity, proposal, propose, prospect, prospects, prospectus, prurience, pruriency, psychic energy, purport, purpose, purposefulness, pursue, put in for, quest, quite, rage, rapacious, rapaciousness, rapacity, rapture, rare, rather, ravenous, ravenousness, readily, reassurance, regard, reliance, relish, rely on, require, requirement, requisite, resolution, resolve, rest assured, righteous, rut, sake, salaciousness, salacity, sanguine expectation, satyriasis, satyrism, scheme, secureness, security, see fit, selfcontrol, selfishness, sentiment, seriously, set heart on, severely, sexual desire, sexual longing, sexual love, sexual passion, sexuality, shine, shortly, sigh for, sincere, snatch at, soberly, solicitude, soon, soundly, spirit, spiritual love, spoil for, starve, stinginess, stomach, strange, striving, study, sue, suppliance, supplicate, supplication, supposition, surely, susceptibility, swear, sweet on, sweetheart, sympathy, take a liking to, take a shine to, take to, target, taste, temper, temperament, temptation, tendency, tender feeling, tender passion, thereabouts, think, think fit, think good, think proper, thirst after, thirst for, thirsting, thoroughly, thrill, tight-fistedness, toast, tolerance, too, trophy, truelove, turbulence, turn, unappeasable, uncommon, uxoriousness, vagary, vehemence, velleity, venality, venereal appetite, very, view, virtually, virtuous, vital, vital impulse, vocation, voracious, voraciousness, voracity, vote, wait for, want strongly, want to, wanting, warmth, way, weakness, well-grounded hope, whim, whistle for, will, will and pleasure, will-power, wish for, wish fulfillment, wish to, wish to goodness, wish very much, wishes, wishful, wishing, wistful, would fain do, would fain have, would like, yearn for, yen, zeal, zealousness, zest.

Rhymes for Desire:

  1. hire, plier, misfire, mire, retire, fryer, friar, drier, require, flier, fire, pyre, prior, liar, dire, transpire, dryer, higher, sire, wire, tire, supplier, frier, trier, flyer;
  2. buyer, briar, choir, crier, brier;
  3. conspire, acquire, enquire, entire, attire;

Quotes for Desire:

  1. In any art movement, the art has to move into a new phase- a filmmaker has a desire to make a film that is not like a previous film. Norman McLaren.
  2. From childhood I was passionately fond of music and wanted to be a musician. I have no recollection of any real desire ever to be anything else. John Philip Sousa.
  3. Out of need springs desire and out of desire springs the energy and the will to win. Denis Waitley.

Idioms of Desire:

  1. your heart's desire
  2. sb's heart's desire