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[dˌɪsˈe͡ɪbə͡ld], [dˌɪsˈe‍ɪbə‍ld], [d_ˌɪ_s_ˈeɪ_b_əl_d]

Synonyms for Disabled:

diseased (adjective)

affected, ailing, cursed, decrepit, diseased, ill, indisposed, infected, infirm, inflicted, nauseous, pestilent, sick, sickly, unhealthy.

impotent (adjective)

feeble, impotent, inadequate, incapable, incompetent, powerless, weak.

disabled (verb)

abrogated, anesthetized, benumbed, botched, cramped, crippled, deadened, disarmed, dulled, enfeebled, hampered, hamstrung, handicapped, hindered, hobbled, impaired, incapacitated, invalidated, lamed, neutralized, paralyzed, prostrated, sapped, scotched, screwed up, stunned, stupefied, tampered, undermined, vitiated, weakened.

weakened (verb)


Other synonyms and related words:

Unapt, abolish, accessible, adapt, aged, aground, alter, ancient, armless, ashore, ataxia, ausgespielt, bad, bedridden, blind, break, burned-out, castrated, challenged, confined, cripple, cruel and fierce, damage, damaged, deactivated, deformed, demolish, dependent, despoil, destroy, destroyed, deterioration, deterrent, devastate, devitalized, disability, disable, disabled person, disablement, disfigure, dismantled, disqualified, disqualify, doddering, drained, droop, dumb, effete, elderly, emasculated, enervated, eviscerated, exceptional, exhausted, fatigued, frail, gaga, game, gimpy, halt, halting, handicap, handicapped person, harm, harmed, heartless and relentless, helpless, hindrance, hobbling, hog-tied, hors de combat, humpbacked, hurt, impairment, impediment, in bad shape, inactivated, inapt, incapacitate, ineffective, inefficient, inept, inhibited, injure, injured, inoperative, invalid, invalidate, invalided, lame, languish, limping, lost, maim, maimed, mangled, move, mute, mutilate, mutilated, neutralize, non-functioning, old, on the blink, out of action, out of shape, palsied, paralysed, paralysis, paralytic, paraplegic, permanent disability, physically handicapped, physically handicapped person, played out, prostrate, quadriplegic, reduce, restrained, ruined, run-down, scuppered, senescent, senile, shrink, shrivel, silenced, spavined, spent, stalled, stifled, stricken, stultification, subdue, superannuated, tired out, transform, unable, unable to work, unavailable, underfoot, unemployable, unendowed, unfit, unfit for work, unfitted, unqualified, useless, valetudinarian, vulnerable, wasted, weariful, wilt, wither, worn, worn-out, wounded, wrecked.

Rhymes for Disabled:

  1. labeled, fabled, labelled, tabled, gabled;
  2. unlabeled, mislabeled, enabled;

Quotes for Disabled:

  1. Today, Medicare provides health insurance to about 40 million seniors and disabled individuals each year. The number is only expected to grow as the baby boomers begin retiring. Jim Bunning.
  2. There was a huge, tremendous amount of disabled veterans and the Veteran's Administration just wasn't geared up for it. I know for a fact that it's getting better and better. R. Lee Ermey.
  3. I have a son, Mason, who is disabled cerebral palsy- and he does not walk independently, sit independently or speak. He uses a talking computer. I started becoming an advocate for him when he was 3 years old. Laura San Giacomo.