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209 synonyms found


[dɪsfˈɪɡə], [dɪsfˈɪɡə], [d_ɪ_s_f_ˈɪ_ɡ_ə]

Synonyms for Disfigure:

blemish (verb)

abrade, blemish, blister, blot, check, chip, crack, damage, deface, defect, deform, discolor, distort, dot, flaw, fleck, fracture, freckle, gash, hack, hurt, kink, mar, mark, nick, notch, pockmark, scar, score, scrape, scratch, scuff, slit, speck, splotch, spoil, spot, stain, taint, tarnish.

deform (verb)

bend, contort, corrupt, crook, mangle, pervert.

Other synonyms and related words:

Crab, Endamage, Misshape, abuse, air, amputate, appearance, attack, batter, beautiful, become deformed, bloody, blur, botch, brand, break, bruise, burn, butcher, canonization, carve, changeable, chop, cicatrize, color, compartmentalise, compartmentalize, compromise, consume, contortion, conversion, corrode, craze, cripple, crooked, cross, crush, cut, cut off, cut up, decrepit, defaced, defigure, defile, deformation, deformed, deformer, deformity, demolish, dent, derange, despoil, destroy, devastate, disable, disabled, disfashion, disfeature, disfiguration, disfigured, disfigurement, disfiguring, disgrace, dislocate, dismember, disproportion, dysphemize, economic, enfeeble, face, faint, falsify, feeble, frugal, gnarl, hack off, hamstring, harm, hemimetabolous, hough, ill-treat, image, impair, impoverish, impression, infirm, injure, lacerate, lacerated, lame, look a fright, look a mess, look bad, look like hell, look something terrible, lop off, maim, malformation, malformed, maltreat, mangled, manner, maul, mess up, mess-up, metabolic, metamorphic, metamorphoses, metamorphosis, misshapen, mistreat, mutation, mutilate, mutilated, offend, offend the eye, overexpose, pauperize, pierce, pollute, prejudice, render ugly, render unclean, rip off, ruin, ruination, rust, scab, scarify, scorch, scotch, semblance, shape, smash, soil, speckle, split, stab, sully, surbate, surface, tear off, transfiguration, transformation, truncate, twist, uglify, ugly, undo, vandalize, variable, variational, view, vitiate, warp, weak, weaken, weather, wither, wound, wreck, wrench, wring.

Rhymes for Disfigure:

  1. figure;