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[dˈɒt], [dˈɒt], [d_ˈɒ_t]

Synonyms for Dot:

blemish (noun)

abrasion, blemish, blister, blot, blotch, brand, check, chip, crack, damage, defacement, defect, deformity, discoloration, disfigurement, distortion, drawback, eyesore, fault, flaw, fleck, fracture, freckle, gash, hack, hole, hurt, imperfection, impurity, kink, lesion, mar, mark, nick, notch, pockmark, rift, scab, scar, score, scrape, scratch, scuff, slit, sore, speck, splotch, spoilage, spot, stain, stigma, tarnish, wart, weal.

blemish (verb)

abrade, deface, deform, discolor, disfigure, distort, spoil, taint.

Other synonyms and related words:

-ette, -let, Elvis, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Zen, abode, absolutely, accent, accent mark, accurately, ace, acid, address, administer, admire, adore, adoring, allot, alphanumeric, amortization, amount, ampersand, apostrophe, appanage, apply messily, apportion, area, atom, attach, attachment, austerely, back breaker, band, bar, basis point, battery acid, bead, bequest, bespangle, bespangled, bespeckle, bespot, besprinkle, bestrew, big, birthmark, bit, bitingly, blanket, blaze, blaze a trail, blob, bounce, brace, bracket, bread, break, breaker point, broadcast, bullet, bury, cancel, canch, cantle, cantlet, captcha, care, cast, caste mark, chalk, chalk up, character, check mark, check off, checker, checkmark, chipping, cicatrix, cicatrize, cipher, circle, circularise, circularize, circulate, clipping, clump, cluster, coat, code, coded, colon, colon part, comma, compartment, compass point, completely, constellate, conveyance, corner, corpuscle, correctly, courtyard, cover, cross-post, crown, cruelly, crumb, cryptogram, cryptography, custos, cut, dab, dabble, dapple, dappled, dappledness, dappleness, dash, daub, decimal point, deeply, define, degree, delimit, demarcate, demigod, department of transportation, deportation, detail, details, devise, devote, diacritic, diffuse, dight, diminutive, direct, directly, discolour, dispel, dispense, disperse, disseminate, dissipate, distribute, distribute loosely, distributor point, dit, docket, dodder, dole, dosage, dose, dotation, doting, dotted, dottedness, dower, dowry, drab, dram, dredge, dribble, driblet, drop, droplet, dust, dwarf, earmark, ellipsis part, emoticon, endowment, engrave, engraving, entirely, exactly, examine, exiguous, exile, expatriation, explicitly, expression mark, expressly, extend, eyespot, fare, farthing, fermata, flake, flick, flitter, flock, flour, flyspeck, foundation, fragment, frankly, freckliness, fritter, full point, full stop, fully, gleam, globule, gnat, gobbet, grain, granule, graving, groat, gunpoint, hair, half a colon, half an umlaut, handful, hardly, harlequin, harshly, hash, hashtag, hatch, head, hint, hold, hoot, hooter, hour, hourglass, idea, ignite nod touch, immediately, impress, imprint, inch, inextension, infinitesimal, insignificant, instantly, instruct, insulate, intensely, intersperse, investigate, investment, iota, iris, item, jointure, jot, key signature, kid's connectible, label, lead, legacy, legal jointure, lentigo, level, lieu, ligature, line, little, little bit, locality, look, loony toons, love, lysergic acid diethylamide, macula, maculate, maculation, macule, mail, make a mark, marble, marbleize, mark off, mark out, marking, marks, marriage portion, material point, mathematical point, measure, message, metronomic mark, microbe, microcosm, microorganism, midge, miniature, minim, minimum, minutely, minutia, minutiae, mite, modicum, mole, molecule, morceau, morse click, morse component, morse element, morse-code character, morsel, mote, motley, mottle, mottled, mottledness, narrowly, nevus, niche, niggling, nonextension, nook, notation, note, nubbin, nutshell, o'clock, on the button, on time, only a little, ort, ounce, pane, paneling, panelling, paring, particle, pass around, patch, patina, patter, pause, peak, pebble, pencil, pepper, period, permeate, pervade, petite, petty, piddling, piebald, piffling, pigeonhole, pimple, pin point, pinch, pinhead, pinpoint, pip, pittance, pitter-patter, pixel, place, poco, point, point in time, pointedness, pointillage, pointillism, polychrome, polychromize, portion, positively, powder, power point, precinct, precisely, premises, presa, print, promptly, propagate, punch, punctually, punctuate, punctuation, puncture, puny, put a mark, put an indication, quickly, rain gently, rainbow, ramble, readily, receptacle, recover, riddle, rigidly, rigorously, roughly, run, saucer, scantling, scarification, scarify, scatter, scintilla, scotch, scrag, scrap, scratching, screed, scrimption, scruple, seal, seam, seed, segno, send, serve, settlement, severely, shade, shading, shadow, sharp end, shaving, shipping, shive, shiver, shred, sign, signature, sip, situation, slight, slip, sliver, slur, smack, small, small amount, small quansmall quantity, small spot, smallness, smidge, smidgen, smidgin, smitch, smother, smudge, snack, snick, snip, snippet, snitch, sop, soupcon, sow, spangle, sparge, spark, spatter, specially, speckle, speckled, speckliness, spice, spit, splash, splatter, splosh, spoonful, spottedness, spottiness, sprawl, spray, spread, spread out, sprinkle, sprinkling, square, stage, stamp, station, stereotype, sternly, stigmatize, stipple, stippledness, stippling, stop, strawberry mark, streak, striate, strictly, stripe, stroke, stud, suggestion, sup, superman, suspicion, swell, symbol, tatter, tattoo, tattoo mark, teeny, telegraph key, tempo mark, tessellate, that's the point, thimbleful, thirds, thought, tick, tick off, ticket, tie, time signature, tincture, tinge, tiny, tiny bit, tip, tittle, top, touch, trace, transfer, transferral, transit, transport, transportation, trifle, trifling amount, trivia, underline, underscore, vanishing point, variegate, vein, vinculum, voluntary conveyance, voluntary settlement, wander, wash, watermark, web address part, wet lightly, whit, will, worshipful, wrap, write.

Rhymes for Dot:

  1. cot, caught, pot, lat, slot, lot, mott, hot, lotte, baht, clot, yacht, trot, spot, got, scot, bought, shot, plot, blot, jot, squat, watt, knot, tot, rot, scott;
  2. sadat, forgot, allot;

Quotes for Dot:

  1. San Francisco is an interesting place. It's always been such a nice culturally diverse environment, which it still is, but there's a lot of money there now and a lot of dot com's so it's a little different than it used to be. Les Claypool.
  2. Bitmap display is media compatible with dot matrix or laser printers. Bill Joy.
  3. A line is a dot that went for a walk. Paul Klee.

Idioms of Dot:

  1. dot the i's and cross the t's;
  2. the year dot
  3. from/ since the year dot