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[ɛnkˈʌɹɪd͡ʒ], [ɛnkˈʌɹɪd‍ʒ], [ɛ_n_k_ˈʌ_ɹ_ɪ_dʒ]

Synonyms for Encourage:

advise (verb)

admonish, advise, advocate, brief, caution, confer, consult, counsel, cue, direct, guide, inform, instruct, notify, prompt, recommend, suggest, warn.

aid (verb)

abet, aid, assist, attend, benefit, endow, facilitate, foster, fund, help, minister, mother, motivate, relieve, serve, support, sustain, tend.

cheer (verb)

brighten, cheer, console, enliven, gladden, hearten, inspire, lighten, please.

facilitate (verb)

advance, ease, expedite, promote, simplify.

motivate (verb)

bump, catapult, drive, energize, entice, ferment, fire, fling, foment, force, goad, hasten, heave, hurl, hurtle, impel, induce, instigate, jog, jolt, jostle, knock, launch, lob, magnetize, move, nudge, pitch, poke, prod, propel, provoke, punch, push, ram, shoot, shove, sling, stimulate, strike, throw, thrust, trigger, urge.

Other synonyms and related words:

accommodate, act upon, activate, actuate, adjust, admirable, advancement, advantage, advertise, advertize, affirm, agitate, aid and abet, allow, alternate, alternating, animate, appeal, applaud, approve, arduous, arouse, ask, ask for, assure, attract, augur well, austere, awaken, back, back up, backing, bad, badger, bankroll, be enthusiastic for, be great, be grieved, be subjected to, be supportive of, bear, bear up, befriend, beg, beseech, bestir, bid fair, bolster, boom, boost, brace, brace up, braid, breeding, brighten up, bring about, bring forward, browbeat, buck up, buoy, buoy up, buttress, cajole, call forth, campaign for, caprice, carry, cause, champion, charge, chasten, cheer for, cheer the heart, cheer up, cherish, cherish hope, chirk, chirk up, civilization, cling to hope, coarse whetstone, coax, coerce, come on, comfort, commend, commit, compassion, compel, compliment, condole with, conduce to, confirm, congratulate, constrain, contribute, contribute to, convince, corral, corroborate, countenance, crude, cruel, cultivate, cultivation, culture, dangle, defend, delight, demand, depress, develop, develop further, dig, discourage, dispirit, dissuade, dragoon, egg, egg on, elate, elbow, electrify, elevate, embarrass, embolden, emboldener, encourage hope, encourage someone, encouragement, encourager, encouragingly, endorse, energy, enhearten, enjoin, entertain hope, enthuse, entreat, espouse, exacerbate, exalt, exaltation, exalts, excellent, excite, exert oneself, exert oneself to, exert the mind, exhilarate, exhort, exhortation, expostulate, exquisite, extol, fan the flames, favor, favour, feed, feed hope, feel assured, feel compassion for, feel confident, feel hope, fillip, finance, fire up, fix, flatter, flourish, flush, fortify, forward, foster hope, fostering, fuel, further, gain, gain ground, galvanize, get, get ahead, get along, get behind, get on, get ortake, give a leg up, give a lift, give comfort, give courage, give encouragement, give hope, give shot in arm, gladden the heart, go along with, go for, go on, great, grim, harass, harbor hope, harsh, hearteningly, heavy, hike, hike up, hold out hope, hope for, hound, humor, hype, impassion, impetus, importune, improve, in favour of, incentive, incitation, incite, incitement, inciter, increase, incubate, incur, indorse, induce to come, inducement, indulge hope, inferior, inflame, influence, infuse courage, initiate, innervate, inspire courage, inspire hope, inspire with, inspiring, inspirit, inspiriting, instigation, intense, intercede, inveigle, invigorate, invite, involve, issue a caveat, jab, keep in countenance, key up, kick start, kick upstairs, kindle, laud, lead, leaded, lend one's name to, lend oneself to, lend wings to, let, lift, live in hope, liven, look up, lower, lubricate, lure, make, make efforts, make for, make headway, march on, minor, mobilize, move forward, move on, nag, nerve, nourish, nourish hope, nurse, nurse along, nurture, occasion, operate upon, other, pass on, pat, pat on the back, patronise, patronize, pep, pep up, perk up, permit, persuade, pester, pique, pity, plague, plead, poach, potency, praise, pray for, preach, press, pressure orpressurize, prevail, prevail on, prevail upon, proclaim, progress, promise, promotion, prop up, prosper, protect, prove, psych up, publicize, pull, pull ahead, pull for, push forward, push on, put at ease, put forward, put someone on to something, put up to, qualify, quicken, rah, raise, raise expectations, raise hope, rally, reanimate, reassure, reawaken, recreate, refresh, reinforce, rejoice, rejoice the heart, rejuvenate, remonstrate, renew, request, rest assured, rest confident, restore, restore confidence to, restrain, resurrect, rev, revitalise, revitalize, revive, revivify, rigorous, rise, rise out of, roar, root, root for, rouse, run, sanction, second, secondary, seduce, see land, serious, set ahead, set at ease, set forward, set on, settle doubts, severe, shake up, shape-up, shelter, shine upon, side with, smile upon, smile on, smile upon, solace, spark, speed, spirit, spirit up, sponsor, spur, spur on, spur onward, stand behind, stand-by, start, steel, stiffen, stimulate to effort, stir, stir up, strength, strengthen, strict, subordinate, suborn, subscribe, subscribe to, subsidize, substantiate, subvene, succor, succour, suecour, supercharge, sway, sympathize with, sympathy, talk into, temper, tempt, thrill, throw out, toughen, treasure, underwrite, unkind, unlock, upgrade, uphold, uplift, urge on, urge onward, vitalize, wake, wake up, waken, warm, warmheartedly, wheedle, whip up, win, work up, work upon, zest, zip.

Rhymes for Encourage:

  1. courage;
  2. discourage;

Quotes for Encourage:

  1. The birth of the African Union should encourage us to reexamine relations between African States. Omar Bongo.
  2. Give people enough guidance to make the decisions you want them to make. Don't tell them what to do, but encourage them to do what is best. Jimmy Johnson.
  3. I wouldn't encourage new writers to start off publishing through electronic media... it still isn't wide enough for the readership they would need to get a good start. Anne McCaffrey.

Idioms of Encourage:

  1. encourage sm in sth;
  2. encourage sm to do sth;