66 synonyms found


[ɛnkˈʌmbəd], [ɛnkˈʌmbəd], [ɛ_n_k_ˈʌ_m_b_ə_d]


hindered (verb)

baffled, barred, blocked, bottlenecked, braked, bunged, burdened, caught, checked, choked, clogged, complicated, congested, constipated, constrained, countered, cramped, crimped, crippled, curbed, dammed, delayed, detained, deterred, dragged, entangled, entrapped, fettered, fouled, frustrated, hampered, hamstrung, handicapped, hindered, impaired, impeded, inhibited, interrupted, jammed, mired, obstructed, opposed, paralyzed, plugged, resisted, restrained, restricted, snagged, snarled, stayed, stopped, tangled, thwarted.

penalized (verb)

abated, chastised, corrected, deducted, disciplined, discounted, drawn back, drew back, fined, forfeited, judged, penalized, punished.

Rhymes for Encumbered:

  1. numbered;
  2. unencumbered;

Quotes for Encumbered:

  1. The problem is the following, black music is increasing encumbered by white elements, often pleasant but always superfluous, easily and advantageously replaced with black elements. Boris Vian.