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[ɛskˈɔːtɪd], [ɛskˈɔːtɪd], [ɛ_s_k_ˈɔː_t_ɪ_d]

Synonyms for Escorted:

accompanied (verb)

accessorized, accompanied, added, adorned, affixed, attached, attended, chaperoned, garnished, seconded, supplemented.

Other synonyms and related words:

ascertained, associated, assured, cared, channeled, channelled, checked, companied, companioned, conducted, considered, consorted, construed, controlled, convoyed, dated, determined, directed, discovered, encountered, ensured, envisioned, escort, examined, experienced, fancied, figured, followed, guarded, guided, imaged, imagined, insured, interpreted, led, looked, managed, mated, patrolled, pictured, piloted, projected, realised, realized, reckoned, regarded, safeguarded, scouted, sentinelled, shepherded, shielded, squired, steered, supported, trained, ushered, viewed, visited, visualized, walked, watched, witnessed.

Rhymes for Escorted:

  1. purported, supported, reported, extorted, imported, retorted, transported;
  2. snorted, thwarted, sorted, courted;
  3. deported, assorted, distorted, exhorted, contorted;
  4. unsupported, unreported;

Quotes for Escorted:

  1. One or two of the trips were a bit scary. Soldiers had me at gun point on one trip, locked me in my van all night and escorted me in and out of buildings when I wanted to wash. Joey Dunlop.
  2. One of the chiefs of this nation, with his young men, escorted us to the Lake of the Illinois. Jacques Marquette.