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[ɛɡzˈad͡ʒəɹˌe͡ɪt], [ɛɡzˈad‍ʒəɹˌe‍ɪt], [ɛ_ɡ_z_ˈa_dʒ_ə_ɹ_ˌeɪ_t]

Synonyms for Exaggerate:

exaggerate (verb)

aggrandize, caricature, distort, embellish, hyperbolize, overdevelop, overestimate, overpraise, overrate, overstate, overvalue, stretch.

intensify (verb)

accentuate, deepen, emphasize, escalate, heighten, increase, intensify, magnify, sharpen, stress, underline.

misrepresent (verb)

counterfeit, fake, lampoon, misrepresent, parody, satirize, spoof.

overestimate (verb)

embroider, over-appraise, pad.

Other synonyms and related words:

Panegyrize, accelerate, add, affect, aggrandise, aggravate, amplify, ballyhoo, be untruthful, beef up, belie, bloat, blow, blow up, boast, boost, brag, build up, burlesque, camouflage, camp, carry too far, color, colour, complicate, conceit, concentrate, condense, consolidate, cook, corrupt, cram, daub, deceive, develop, disguise, disperse, distend, do to death, double, dramatise, dramatize, draw the longbow, dress up, elaborate, emote, enhance, enlarge, equivocate, estimate too highly, eulogize, exacerbate, exaggerated, exaggerating, exaggeration, exalt, exasperate, exceed, exhaust, expand, extend, fabricate, falsify, fatten, fib, flaunt, flounce, fudge, garble, gasconade, gild refined gold, give a gloss, glorify, go beyond, go overboard, go to extremes, go too far, heat up, hop up, hot up, hyerbolise, hyperbolise, idealize, inflate, jazz up, key up, know no bounds, lay it on, lay it on thick, lie, lie flatly, loud talk, make, make bigger, make complex, make heavier, make large, make larger, make much of, make over much, make too much of, maximize, miscolor, misconstrue, misinform, mislead, misquote, misreport, misstate, misteach, oleum addere camino, out-Herod Herod, outreckon, overact, overappraise, overassess, overcalculate, overcarry, overcharge, overcolor, overcount, overdo, overdraw, overdrive, overelaborate, overemphasize, overesteem, overexercise, overexert, overexpend, overgo, overindulge, overjump, overlabor, overlay, overleap, overmeasure, overpaint, overpass, overplay, overprize, overreach, overreact, overreact to, overreckon, overrun, oversell, overshoot, overshoot the field, overshoot the mark, oversimplify, overspeak, overspend, overstatement, overstep, overstrain, overstress, overstride, overstudy, overtask, overtax, overtrain, overuse, overweigh, overwork, paint, paint the lily, pass all bounds, pervert, pile, pile it on, pile up, play up, posture, praise, prance, pretty up, prevaricate, protest too much, puff, puff up, put a gloss, put on, pyramid, raise, ramify, rarefy, redouble, reinforce, render larger, romance, romanticize, scam, sensationalize, simulate, slant, snowball, soup up, speak falsely, spin, spread, spread out, story, strain, strengthen, stretch a point, stretch the truth, strut, stuff, superabound, superadd, swagger, swell up, talk, talk big, talk in superlatives, tell a lie, think much of, tout, travesty, triple, twist, understate, up, varnish, vaunt, warp, whet, widen, worsen, wrench.

Quotes for Exaggerate:

  1. We exaggerate misfortune and happiness alike. We are never as bad off or as happy as we say we are. Honore de Balzac.
  2. All passions exaggerate and they are passions only because they do exaggerate Nicolas de Chamfort.
  3. Never exaggerate your faults, your friends will attend to that. Bob Edwards.