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[ɛksˈɛpt], [ɛksˈɛpt], [ɛ_k_s_ˈɛ_p_t]

Synonyms for Except:

dismiss (verb)

absolve, discharge, dismiss, dispel, excuse, exempt, free, liberate, license, pardon, permit, privilege, release, relieve, reprieve, stay.

qualify (verb)

allow, limit, mitigate, modify, qualify, reserve, stipulate, temper.

Other synonyms and related words:

Beside, Dele, From, Without, abandon, abate, abjure, abscind, absolutely, additionally, after, again, allotment, alone, also, amputate, and not, annihilate, any tribunal, anyhow, anyway, apart, apart from, aside, aside from, ask out, asunder, attract, ban, banish, bar, barricade, barrier, barring, bate, bating, besides, beyond, bob, boot out, branch, brush aside, but, but for, but that, buy food, cancel, cast, challenge, chuck, chuck out, class, clip, complaint, complementary, contemn, contradict, count out, crop, cross out, cull, cut, cut away, cut-off, debar, decline, deduct, deducting, defer, delete, demur, deny, department, depict, derive, despise, despite, detachable, difficulty, disagreement, disallow, disapprove, discard, discernible, disclaim, disconnect, discount, discounting, discrete, disdain, disown, dispense, dispense from, dispense with, disqualify, disregard, dissent, dissociable, dissociative, distinguishable, divide, divisible, division, do away with, dock, draw, draw off, draw out, drop, edit out, eject, elide, eliminate, entirely, enucleate, eradicate, erase, except for, except that, except with, excepted, excepting, exception, exception taken of, excerpt, excise, exclude, excluding, exclusion, exclusive of, excommunication, excuse from, exemplify, exempt from, exempting, exonerate, expel, expostulate, extinguish, extirpate, extract, fail, figurate, forswear, fractional, free from, further, furthermore, get out, give dispensation from, give up, grant immunity, hindrance, hitch, hitherto, how, however, if not, ignore, in addition to, in deduction, incommensurable, inveigh, inveigh against, invite out, isolate, isolation, just, keep out, kick, kick out, lacking, leave, leave off, leave out, leaving out, less, let go, liberate from, lop, merely, minus, miss, more, moreover, move out, mutilate, neglect, nevertheless, nip, nonetheless, not counting, not for, not include, not including, object, objection, obliterate, obstacle, obstruction, off, omit, omitting, other than, out of, outside, outside of, overleap, overlook, pare, partible, pass by, pass over, pass up, peel, pick out, pluck, postpone, preclude, precluding, pretermit, prevent, prime, prohibit, protest, prune, pull, pull out, push aside, put aside, rebuff, recant, reciprocal, refuse, refuse to consider, reject, rejecting, release from, relieve from, remise, remit, remonstrate, remove, renounce, repel, repudiate, repulse, root out, rule out, save, save and except, save barring, save for, save that, save the necessity, saving, scout, segregation, separable, set up a squawk, severable, shave, shear, short of, shove away, shut, shut out, skip, solely, spare, spare from, spin, spurn, squawk, stamp out, still, stop using, strike, strike off, strip, strip off, suspend, taboo, take exception, take off, take out, than, that not, throw away, throw out, truncate, turf out, turn away, unconformably, unless, unless that, unpack, waive, were it not, wipe out, with a reservation, with the exception of, withdraw, yet.

Rhymes for Except:

  1. leapt, swept, sept, crept, kept, slept, wept;
  2. inept, adept, accept;
  3. intercept;

Quotes for Except:

  1. An age which is incapable of poetry is incapable of any kind of literature except the cleverness of a decadence. Raymond Chandler.
  2. The character is close to me, except that I haven't lived through those situations, so it's not completely me. Charlotte Gainsbourg.
  3. The last great delusion is soon to open before us. Antichrist is to perform his marvelous works in our sight So closely will the counterfeit resemble the true that it will be impossible to distinguish between them except by the Holy Scriptures. Ellen G. White.

Idioms of Except:

  1. There is a remedy for everything except death.;
  2. except that;
  3. everything but/ except the kitchen sink;