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[ɛksˈa͡ɪtmənt], [ɛksˈa‍ɪtmənt], [ɛ_k_s_ˈaɪ_t_m_ə_n_t]

Synonyms for Excitement:

drama (noun)

Broadway, art, ballet, burlesque, characterization, choreography, comedy, drama, improvisation, improvisational drama, melodrama, mime, mystery, pageant, panorama, pantomime, presentation, production, rendering, scene, show, skit, spectacle, suspense, teleplay, theater, tragedy, variety, vaudeville.

emotion (noun)

anger, emotion, fear, feeling, hatred, mood, passion, sadness, sensation, sentiment, sympathy, temperment.

enthusiasm (noun)

ardency, ardor, eagerness, enthusiasm, fervency, fervor, fire, spirit, zeal.

excitement (noun)

agitation, animation, anxiety, arousal, attentiveness, disquietude, effervescence, electrification, energy, exhilaration, feverishness, furor, inflammation, stimulation, turbulence.

vigor (noun)

activity, agility, earnestness, exuberance, friskiness, gusto, industriousness, liveliness, lustiness, potency, power, puissance, relish, sprightliness, strength, verve, vigor, vim, zest.

Other synonyms and related words:

Bobbery, Desirousness, Nervosity, accelerate, acharnement, action, activate, actuate, adapt, ado, adventure, affray, aggravation, agitate, agony, alarm, alter, amusement, angry mood, anticipation, anxious, appreciation, apprehension, ardent, ardour, arouse, arousing, astir, avidity, awaken, bang, bedlam, bile, bite, blast, blood boiling, blush, bluster, boil, boiling, boiling over, boot, bother, brash, brawl, breaking out, breathless impatience, brightness, bring, brouhaha, buck fever, budge, buoyancy, burning, burst, bustle, buzz, calling forth, certain something, chafing, change, chaos, charge, cheer, cheerfulness, choler, churn, civil unrest, colour, colourfulness, commotion, confused, confusion, consternation, conturbation, convulsion, dander, dash, defy, delight, devotedness, devotion, discomfort, discomposure, dismay, disorder, disquiet, disruption, distress, disturbance, dither, donnybrook, dread, dynamism, eager, ebullience, ebullition, ecstasy, elation, electricity, embroilment, emotionalism, encourage, encouragement, energise, energize, enjoyment, enliven, enlivenment, enravishment, enthusiastic, enticement, entrancement, euphoria, exacerbation, exaltation, exasperation, excitability, excitation, excitation of feeling, excite, excited, excitedness, exciting, exhilarating, exhortation, exoticism, explosion, extravagance, fanaticism, fantasy, fascination, fast, febrile, feeling jittery, ferment, fermentation, fervidity, fervidness, fervour, fever, fever of excitement, fever pitch, feverish, fidgets, fidgety, fireworks, firing, fit, flame, flap, flurry, flush, flushed, fluster, flutter, flutteration, foment, fomentation, foofaraw, fracas, freneticness, frenzy, fresh, fret, fretful, fretfulness, fretting, fright, frisson, fume, furore, furore orfuror, fury, fuss, gaiety, galvanism, galvanization, get, ginger, glamour, glow, grate on, gust, happiness, harum-scarum, haste, hasten, heart, heartiness, heat, heaving, hectic, high, high pressure, hoo-ha, hoo-hah, hoop-la, hot, hubbub, hullabaloo, hurly-burly, hurry, hurry of spirits, hurry-skurry, hustle, hysteria, ignition, imagination, imaginativeness, impassionedness, impatience, impatientness, impetuosity, impetuousness, impression, impulse, in a blaze, in a ferment, in a fever, in a lather, in a pucker, in a quiver, in hysterics, incentive, incitation, incite, incitement, inducement, infection, influence, infuriation, innervation, inquietude, inspiration, inspire, instigation, insurrection, intensity, interest, intoxication, intrigue, invite, ire, irregular motion, irritate, irritation, jazz up, jitters, jittery, joy, joyfulness, joyousness, jubilation, jumpiness, jumpy, keenness, kerfuffle, kick, kindle, lather, lathering up, life, light-heartedness, love, lust, maelstrom, malaise, mania, manipulate, mental excitement, moil, motivation, move, movement, nerviness, nervous, nervousness, nervy, nibble, noise, nostalgia, not calm, offend, oomph, or melee, outbreak, outburst, over-stimulation, overexcited, overwrought, palpitation, pandemonium, panic, panting, paroxysm, passionateness, pell-mell, pep, pep rally, pep talk, pepper, peppery, persuasion, perturbation, pet, piquance, piquancy, pizazz, poignancy, pother, pressure, provocation, provocative, provoke, pucker, pulsation, punch, pungency, quicken, quickening, quiver, rabble-rousing, rage, rampage, rapture, recklessness, red hot, redness, restiveness, restless, restlessness, riot, roil, romance, rouse, rout, row, ruckus, ruddiness, ruffle, rumpus, rush, satisfaction, savor, seasoning, seethe, seethe with, seething, sexual desire, shake, sharpen, sharpness, shock, soul, sparkle, sparkling, speed, spice, spiciness, spiritedness, splash, state of excitement, steaming up, stew, stimulant, stimulating, stimulus, stink, stir, stirring, stirring-up, story, stress, subjugation, suffusion, suscitation, sweat, swirl, taking, tang, tantrums, taught, tempest, temptation, tense, tense readiness, tenseness, tension, terror, thrill, throb, throbbing, tiff, tingle, tingling, titillation, tizzy, to-do, towering passion, transport, tremor, trepidation, trepidity, triumph, trouble, troubled, tumult, tumultuation, turbidity, turmoil, turn, twitter, unease, uneasiness, uneasy, unpatientness, unquietness, unrest, upheaval, uplift, uproar, upset, upthrow, upthrust, vehemence, vehemency, vibrate, vibrations, vigour, violent agitation, vitality, vivaciousness, vivacity, wallop, warmth, warmth of feeling, whet, whiff, whipping up, whirl, with quivering lips, wittiness, wonder, working up, zealousness, zing, zip.

Rhymes for Excitement:

  1. indictment, incitement;

Quotes for Excitement:

  1. Love is the word used to label the sexual excitement of the young, the habituation of the middle -aged, and the mutual dependence of the old. John Ciardi.
  2. No one can deny the excitement of visiting another world. Barney Oliver.
  3. As Ralph's character begins to discover the political thriller aspect of the film, he falls deeper in love with his wife, so the two run together. That's the beauty of this film. It has fast pace and excitement but it also has heart and soul. Rachel Weisz.

Idioms of Excitement:

  1. burst with excitement
  2. ripple of excitement