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feel for

48 synonyms found


[fˈiːl fɔː], [fˈiːl fɔː], [f_ˈiː_l f_ɔː]

Synonyms for Feel for:

pity (verb)

commiserate, condole, empathize, lament, pity, relent, show compassion, sympathize, take pity on.

Other synonyms and related words:

ache, be affected, be moved, be responsive, be sorry for, be touched, beat about, bleed, bleed for, come at, come to, commiserate with, compassionate, condole with, empathize with, feel, feel around, feel one's way, feel sorrow for, feel sorry for, fumble, grabble, grasp, grope, grope for, have compassion for, identify with, lament for, pick one's way, poke around, pry around, reach, react, respond, respond to, scrabble, sympathize with, understand, weep for.