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What is another word for fellowship?

449 synonyms found


[fˈɛlə͡ʊʃˌɪp], [fˈɛlə‍ʊʃˌɪp], [f_ˈɛ_l_əʊ_ʃ_ˌɪ_p]

Synonyms for Fellowship:

crew (noun) Other synonyms and related words:

Quotes for Fellowship:

  1. May joy and good fellowship reign, and in this manner, may the Olympic Torch pursue its way through ages, increasing friendly understanding among nations, for the good of a humanity always more enthusiastic, more courageous and more pure. Pierre de Coubertin.
  2. In contrast, Christianity, while acknowledging the presence of suffering, declares that life can be infinitely worth living and opens the way to eternal life in fellowship with God Who so loved the world that He gave Himself in Christ. Kenneth Scott Latourette.
  3. I can't talk fellowship to you who are gathered here. Too much blood has been spilled. I know from my experience it is up to the working people to save themselves. The only way they can save themselves is by a strong working -class movement. Rose Schneiderman.