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[fˈɒɹən], [fˈɒɹən], [f_ˈɒ_ɹ_ə_n]

Synonyms for Foreign:

extraneous (adjective)

alien, detached, disaffiliated, disconnected, disjoint, dissociated, eerie, estranged, exotic, external, extraneous, extraterrestrial, extrinsic, foreign-born, immaterial, impertinent, inadmissible, inapplicable, inappropriate, irrelevant, nonessential, other, outer, outlandish, outside, parenthetical, removed, segregated, separate, separated, strange, unaffiliated, unallied, unessential, unrelated.

unrelated (adjective)

disenfranchised, remote.

Other synonyms and related words:

Creole, Delphic, Inconsonant, Irrelative, Supervenient, Unapt, abroad, accent, accentuation, accidental, adopted, adrift, adscititious, adulterant, adulterating, advenderived from without, adventitious, adventive, alien, alienage, alienate, alienated, alienism, ambiguous, anchorman, anchorwoman, anomalous, antibody, antipodal, antipodes, apart, aphelion, arbitrary, art school, ascititious, away, baffling, barbarian, barbaric, barbarous, beside the mark, beside the point, beside the purpose, beside the question, beside the transaction, beyond seas, biosecurity, bizarre, blurred, boarding school, borrowed, broad accent, camp, candida, carrier, collegiate school, conflicting, confused, confusing, contagion, continental, contingent, continuation school, contradictory, contrary, contrasted, convent school, correspondent, cosmopolitan, creche, cross-contamination, cross-infection, cryptic, curious, dame's school, day school, defense, denominational school, derived, derived from without, different, discrete, disinvolved, disjunct, disrelated, dissimilar, distant, distasteful, distinct, domestic, doubtful, dubious, eccentric, ecumenic, edgy, emigrant, emphasis, enigmatic, equivocal, established, exceptional, excluded, exiled, expatriate, exterior, exteriority, exterrestrial, exterritorial, extragalactic, extralateral, extraliminal, extralocal, extramundane, extramural, extraneousness, extraordinary, extraorganismal, extrapolar, extraprovincial, extrasolar, extraterritorial, extratribal, extrinsical, extrinsicality, fantastic, far, far-fetched, far-off, far-out, faraway, fester, foreign body, foreign countries, foreign country, foreign element, foreign substance, foreigner, foreignness, fortuitous, freakish, from abroad, funny, fuzzy, gaijin, giant's stride, global, government school, grammar school, grant-in-aid school, greaser, grotesque, hazy, heterogeneous, high school, higher grade school, horizon, hostile, idiosyncratic, immigrant, impersonal, imported, in foreign lands, in foreign parts, inaccessible, inapposite, inapt, incidental, incommensurable, incomparable, incompatible, incomprehensible, incongruent, incongruous, inconsistent, indefinite, independent, indistinct, infant school, insular, intercontinental, interloper, international, introduced, intruder, intrusive, irrespective, isolated, journalist, kindergarten, kinky, local, middle class school, military school, misplaced, missionary school, modal, multinational, mysterious, mystifying, national, native, native accent, naturalized, naval academy, naval school, ne plus ultra, near, new, newcomer, news department, news team, newscaster, newsman, newswoman, non-native, nonnative, nonresident, nonsubjective, not comparable, not domestic, not essential, not native, not pertinent, not to the, novel, novus homo, nursery, objective, obnoxious, obscure, odd, oecumenic, offbeat, offshore, opposed, orthogonal, out, out of place, outdoor, outland, outlying, outpost, outsider, outskirt, outward, oversea, overseas, peculiar, peregrine, perplexing, picturesque, polak, preparatory school, primary school, pronunciation, pure accent, purpose, puzzling, quaint, reformatory, repellent, reporter, repugnant, school, school of art, segregate, singular, slant, special correspondent, sportscaster, state-aided school, stranger, stress, strong accent, superficial, supranational, surreal, technical school, tenderfoot, tramontane, transalpine, transatlantic, transnational, transoceanic, transpacific, ulterior, ultramontane, un-american, unaccustomed, unalike, unassimilable, unassociated, uncertain, uncharacteristic, uncharted, unclear, unconformable, unconnected, uncoordinated, uncoupled, uncouth, unearthly, unexplored, unfamiliar, unfitting, unheard-of, uninvolved, unique, universal, unknown, unlike, unlinked, unnaturalised, unnaturalized, unreal, unrelatable, unsuitable, unusual, vague, voluntary school, war correspondent, weatherman, weird, worldwide.

Rhymes for Foreign:

  1. warren, loren;
  2. ecuadoran;

Quotes for Foreign:

  1. Colonialism is known in its primitive form, that is to say, by the permanent settling of repressive foreign powers, with an army, services, policies. This phase has known cruel colonial occupations which have lasted 300 years in Indonesia. Ahmed Ben Bella.
  2. What affects men sharply about a foreign nation is not so much finding or not finding familiar things; it is rather not finding them in the familiar place. Gilbert K. Chesterton.
  3. Despite the previous efforts of Congresses, our addiction to foreign oil, as the President stated, is greater today than ever before. That dependency is a threat to our national security, and we must address that threat. Jim Costa.