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[fɹˈiːkɪʃ], [fɹˈiːkɪʃ], [f_ɹ_ˈiː_k_ɪ_ʃ]

Synonyms for Freakish:

deformed (adjective)

asymmetrical, awry, bent, cockeyed, contorted, corrupt, crooked, deformed, disfigured, distorted, flawed, irregular, lopsided, misshapen, perverse.

nonconforming (adjective)

aberrant, abnormal, anomalous, atypical, bizarre, crazy, crosspatch, curious, deranged, deviant, different, divergent, eccentric, erratic, exceptional, extraordinary, fey, funny, idiosyncratic, improper, incompatible, incongruous, inconsistent, misfit, mismatch, nonconforming, novel, odd, oddball, oddity, off, out of the ordinary, outlandish, peculiar, quirky, singular, strange, un-ordinary, uncommon, unconventional, uncustomary, unfamiliar, unique, untypical, unusual.

Other synonyms and related words:

Fantasied, GONZO, absurd, adrift, afloat, alien, alternating, amazing, amorphous, anomaly, arabesque, arbitrary, astonishing, astounding, awful, barbaric, barbarous, barmy, baroque, beast, beastly, behemoth, brutal, brute, brutish, camp, capricious, captious, change, changeable, changeful, character, colossus, comically, continue, contrary, crank, crankish, cranky, crotchety, curiously, daemon, daimon, demon, desultory, deviable, deviate, deviative, disgusting, distinct, distinguished, dizzy, dotty, dreadful, easily frightened, eccentrically, eerie, eldritch, esoteric, especially, exotic, extra ordinary, extraordinaire, extraordinarily, fanatic, fanciful, fantastic, fantastical, far-out, fickle, fiend, fiendish, fitful, flakey, flaky, flickering, flighty, flitting, fluctuating, foolish, foreign, freak, freaky, frightful, frivolous, full of whims, funnily, geek, ghoulish, giddy, gnarled, goblin, grisly, grotesque, grotesquely, gruesome, harebrained, heinous, hellish, hideous, horrendous, horrible, horrid, horrific, horrifying, humorsome, hysterical, idiocratic, impetuous, impulsive, inconstant, incredible, indecisive, individual, infirm, infrequent, inhuman, inquisitively, interrogatively, irresolute, irresponsible, kinky, kookie, kooky, leviathan, ludicrous, mad, maggoty, malformed, marvellous, mazy, merciless, mercurial, mind-blowing, mind-boggling, miraculous, misbegotten, monster, monstrosity, monstrous, moody, motiveless, nauseating, nauseous, nightmarish, nonconcentric, nonconformist, not concentric, notable, notional, nuts, nutty, oddly, off-the-wall, offbeat, ogre, one shot, one-off, other-worldly, out-of-the-way, outrageous, outre, outstanding, particular, peculiarly, personality, petulant, phenomenal, pixilated, preternatural, prodigious, prodigy, quaint, quaintly, queerly, rambling, rare, remarkable, remarkably, repellent, repulsive, restless, revolting, ridiculous, rococo, roving, rum, rummy, ruthless, savage, scatterbrained, screwball, screwy, shapeless, shifting, shifty, shuffling, singularly, skittish, sleeveless, spasmodic, special, spineless, spooky, staggering, strangely, stunning, sui generis, supernatural, surprising, surprisingly, temperamental, teratogenic, teratoid, ticklish, twisted, ugly, unaccountable, unbelievable, uncanny, uncertain, uncharacteristic, uncommonly, unconformable, uncontrolled, undependable, undisciplined, unearthly, unexampled, unexpected, unfixed, unforeseen, unheard-of, unknown, unnatural, unorthodox, unparalleled, unprecedented, unpredictable, unpredicted, unreasonable, unreliable, unrepresentative, unrestrained, unsettled, unstable, unstable as water, unstaid, unsteadfast, unsteady, untrustworthy, unusually, usual, vacillating, vagarious, vagrant, variable, vicissitudinary, vicissitudinous, volatile, wacky, wandering, wanton, wavering, wavery, wavy, way out, wayward, weird, weirdly, weirdo, whimsical, wild, wishy-washy, wonderful, wonderworking.

Quotes for Freakish:

  1. The biographies and autobiographies are on the whole more impressive than the fiction of the last two decades, but the freakish best sellers among them are least likely to withstand the test of time. Harold Acton.
  2. Which is- you know, like check it out, I'm pretty young, I'm only about 40 years old. I still have maybe another four decades of work left in me. And it's exceedingly likely that anything I write from this point forward is going to be judged by the world as the work that came after the freakish success of my last book, right? Elizabeth Gilbert.