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[fɹˈɛʃ], [fɹˈɛʃ], [f_ɹ_ˈɛ_ʃ]

Synonyms for Fresh:

new (adjective)

avant-garde, contemporary, current, late-breaking, latest, modern, new, novel, recent, topical, up-to-date, up-to-the-minute.

young (adjective)

adolescent, blooming, boyish, callow, child-like, childish, girlish, green, immature, inexperienced, junior, juvenile, pubescent, puerile, teenage, unripe, young, youthful.

Other synonyms and related words:

Aeolian, Coldish, Coolish, Pinching, Snippety, Span-new, abide, accented, accept, accessory, active, actual, added, additional, adolescent stream, adorn, affectionate, afresh, aggressive, aguish, airish, airy, alarm actuation, alarm transmission, alert, alert system, algid, alive, allow, alternative, alternative to frozen, amorous, ancillary, anew, angelic, animate, animated, another, arch, aroused, arrogant, arroyo, artless, as is, assuming, assumptive, astir, at an end, at first hand, audacious, audaciously, audio, authentic, auxiliary, baby, bad-mannered, barefaced, beautify, beck, becoming, beery, beginning, being, big-mouthed, biggety, biting, bitter, blank, blasty, bleached, bleak, blowy, bluff, blustering, blusterous, blustery, body of water, bold, bold-faced, boldfaced, boldly, bombed, boozy, bore, boreal, bouncing, bourn, boutonniere, bracing, braided stream, branch, brand-new, brash, brassy, brave, brazen, brazen-faced, brazenly, breezy, bright, bright-eyed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, brilliant, briny, brisk, brook, brooklet, brusque, budding, buoyant, burn, bushy-tailed, busily engaged, buttonhole, calefactive, calefactory, caller, calm, calorific, candid, cataract, cause, cavalier, channel, cheekily, cheeky, cheering, cherubic, chic, chill, chilled, chilling, chilly, chime, chipper, chirp, chutzpadik, clay-cold, clean, clean-living, cleaner, cleanly, clear, clever, coarse, cocksure, cold, collateral, colorful, colourful, comer, conclusive, confluence, consumable, contemporaneous, contemptuous, contributory, contumelious, cool, cooling, cordial, corned, corrivation, country-like, crapulous, creamy, creation, creative, creek, crick, crisp, crispy, crude, crunchy, crusty, crystal, currently, curt, cut, cutting, dainty, dandy, dapper, daringly, dashing, dazzling, dead drunk, decided, decorate, definite, deluge, derisive, designer, dewy, different, dirt-free, discourteous, disguised, disrespectful, drafty, draughty, drinkable, dulcet, dynamic, eagre, early, echo, eddy, edible, efficient, eidetic, elegant, elevated, else, embellish, embroider, ended, endure, enduring, energetic, energising, energizing, enlivening, enrich, euphonious, ever-new, evergreen, exclusive, exhilarating, existent, existing, experimental, extant, extra, extraneous, facy, fair, familiar, farther, fastidious, favonian, fearless, fire-new, firm, firsthand, flamboyant, flashy, flawy, fledgling, flip, flip through, flippant, flood, florid, flourishing, flow, flowery, flowing stream, flush, flushed, flustered, fluvial, fluviation, forceful, fortifying, forward, forwarder, fou, fragrant, fresh-cut, freshen, freshening, fresher, freshet, freshly, freshman, freshness, freshwater, frigid, frosh, frost-bound, frost-nipped, frostbitten, frosty, fuddled, full of beans, full of pep, full tide, further, gally, gelid, gill, gleaming, glistening, glorious, glowing, glut, good, grace, grassy, gratifying, gratuitous, green as grass, green coloured, green in remembrance, green state, groggy, groundbreaking, gruff, gurge, gusty, hale, half-grown, happening, hard, hardy, harmless, have, healthful, healthsome, healthy, hearty, heat, heavy, held, held in reserve, held out, high tide, hip, honeyed, hot, hot off the press, howling, hygre, icy, idle, ignorant, ill-mannered, imaginative, immaculate, immanent, immaterial, immediate, immodest, impassioned, impertinent, impertinently, impious, impish, impolite, impolitely, important, improper, impudent, impudently, in, in abeyance, in fair condition, in good condition, in hand, in health, in one's cups, inclement, incomplete, increased, indecorous, indelible, indraught, inebriate, inebriated, inebrious, infantile, ingenious, innocent, innovational, innovative, inshore, insipid, insolent, insolently, inspiriting, instant, insubordinate, insulting, intact, intense, intoxicated, inventive, invigorated, invigorating, inviolate, irreverent, jaunty, judicious, juicy, junior soph, just made, just out, keen, kept in remembrance, kinetic, kosher, lactating, last, last but one, last but two, lasting, late, late-model, lately, later, latter-day, latterly, lazy stream, leafy, libidinous, light, light in color, light in colour, like new, limpid, live, lively, living, lovey-dovey, low, lucid, lush, lushy, lustful, made cold, maiden, maidenly, malapert, maudlin, meandering stream, mellifluous, mellow, melodic, memorable, merry, mettled, mettlesome, midchannel, midstream, millstream, mindful, mint, mod, moderate, modernistic, modish, moist, moisten, morally pure, more, mossy, most recent, mouth-watering, moving road, muddled, muzzy, naive, nappy, natty, natural, naughty child, navigable, navigable river, neat, neoteric, nervy, nestling, new to, new-fashioned, new-made, newborn, newfangled, newfound, newly, newly made, nipping, nippy, niveous, nonpolluted, not difficult, not nice, not stale, novelty, now, obfuscated, odoriferous, odorous, of cleanly habits, of late, offbeat, offensive, offshore, open, opening, original, originality, other, outrageous, outspoken, over, over-friendly, overbold, overcome, overconfident, overflow, overheated, overtaken, palatable, passionate, peaches-and-cream, peal, penultimate, peppy, perfect, perfumed, perky, permit, pert, pertly, piercing, pink, pitch, played out, plumb, plus, pneumatic, poignant, posy, potable, potulent, potvaliant, pour, powerful, precocious, premature, present, present time, present-age, present-day, presuming, presumptuous, presumptuously, pricking, primed, pristine, probe, providing coolness, puffy, pungent, pungent grief, puppyish, pure, pushy, put aside, put by, putting green, questionist, quick, quickening, race, racing stream, racy, raddled, radical, raffish, rakish, rancid, rapids, rare, rash, rattling, raw, recalled, receive, recently, recherche, recollected, red hot, redolent, reflux, refresh, refreshed, refreshful, refreshing, regaling, regurgitation, rehabilitated, reinvigorate, reinvigorated, rejuvenating, relaxed, relieved, remembered, remembering, reminiscential, renew, renewed, reserve, rested, restorative, restore, restored, retained, revitalizing, revive, revived, revolutionary, rich, ring, ripe, ritually pure, river, rivulet, robust, romantic, rosy, rosy-cheeked, rough, rousing, ruddy, rude, rudely, rudimentary, run, rundle, runlet, runnel, running, rural, safe, salubrious, salutary, sassy, saucily, saucy, saved, scatheless, scented, schoolboy, screwed, security alert, seldom, seminal, sempervirent, senior, senior soph, seraphic, set at rest, settled, severe, sewed up, shameless, sharp, shiny, shivering, showy, sike, slaking, smart, smart aleck, smart-alecky, smart-arsed, smart-arsed orsmart-ass, smart-ass, smashed, smut-free, smutless, snappy, snippy, snotty, sophister, sophomore, sound, spanking, spare, sparkling, spate, spick-and-span, spicy, spill stream, spirited, sporting, sportsmanlike, sporty, spotless, spray, sprightly, spring tide, spry, squally, squiffy, stagnant, stainless, stanch, stand, starved, state of the art, staunch, steady, stiff, stimulated, stimulating, stored, stormy, strange, stream, stream action, streamlet, striking, strong, stylish, subterranean river, succulent, suffer, sugared, supercool, supernumerary, supplemental, supplementary, surplus, suspended, swash, sweet, sweet-smelling, sweetened, swell, tactless, tahar, taintless, temperate, temulent, temulentive, tenderfooted, that be, that is, the latest, thirst-quenching, this season's, tidal, tidal bore, tide, tight, tipsy, to spare, today's, tolerate, tonal, tonic, top-heavy, torrent, transi de froid, trendy, tropical, tubbed, ulterior, ultramodern, unabashed, unaccustomed, unaccustomed to, unacquainted with, unadulterated, unalloyed, unapplied, unashamed, unbeaten, unbegun, unbesmirched, unblemished, unblotted, unbroken, unbruised, uncalled-for, uncivil, unclouded, uncommenced, unconsumed, uncontaminated, uncontaminating, unconventional, unconversant, unconversant with, uncooked, uncouth, uncultivated, uncured, undamaged, undecomposed, undefaced, undefiled, undeformed, undemolished, undercurrent, undergo, underived, undestroyed, undeveloped, undimmed, undiplomatic, unemployed, unexampled, unexercised, unexhausted, unexpended, unexperienced, unfaded, unfamiliar, unfamiliar with, unfermented, unfinished, unfledged, unforgotten, unformed, unhandled, unhandseled, unharmed, unheated, unhurt, unimpaired, uninfected, uninitiate, uninitiated, uninitiated in, uninjured, unique, unknown, unmaimed, unmangled, unmannerly, unmarked, unmarred, unmatured, unmixed, unmuddied, unobjectionable, unorthodox, unpolluted, unpracticed, unpracticed in, unprecedented, unprepared, unprocessed, unrecorded, unsalty, unscarred, unscathed, unscratched, unseasoned, unsettled, unshattered, unskilled, unskilled in, unsmirched, unsmudged, unsoiled, unsophisticated, unsoured, unspecified, unspent, unspoiled, unspoilt, unspotted, unstained, unsullied, untainted, untapped, untarnished, untested, untorn, untouched, untrained, untried, untrod, untrodden, unused, unused to, unusual, unutilized, unversed, unversed in, unwearied, unwithered, unworn, uppish, uppity, upstart, venturous, verdant, vernal, very active, very pleasant, very recently, vigorous, vigourous, virginal, vital, vitalizing, vivacious, vivid, vivifying, voguish, voice, vortex, wadi, waived, warm, warning sign, watercourse, waterflood, waterway, weak, weatherproof, well, well-preserved, well-scrubbed, well-washed, wet, what's happening, whirlpool, white, whitened, whittled, whole, wholesome, winding, windy, wise, wise guy, wise-ass, with evil intention, within one's memory, without enough salt, without worldly desires, yeasty, youngish, youth, zestful, zesty, zippy.

Rhymes for Fresh:

  1. thresh, mesh, flesh;
  2. refresh, enmesh, afresh;

Quotes for Fresh:

  1. I've appointed a task force to take a fresh look at the color -code system and whether we should retain it, change it or scrap it. Janet Napolitano.
  2. Continuity does not rule out fresh approaches to fresh situations. David Dean Rusk.
  3. About the twenty -third year of my age, I had many fresh and heavenly openings, in respect to the care and providence of the Almighty over his creatures in general, and over man as the most noble amongst those which are visible. John Woolman.

Idioms of Fresh:

  1. get fresh with sb;
  2. fresh from smw;
  3. fresh out of sth;