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[ɡˈɔːk], [ɡˈɔːk], [ɡ_ˈɔː_k]

Synonyms for Gawk:

wonder (verb)

astonish, astound, bewilder, engross, fascinate, gape, marvel, stare, wonder.

Other synonyms and related words:

Noddy, acute, agreeable, all right, alright, appear, attend, ball, be amazed, be astonished, be awed, be curious, be thunderstruck, beautiful, behold, blink, blockhead, blunderbuss, blunderer, blunderhead, booby, boor, boorish, bore, botcher, brave, bull calf, bumbler, bumpkin, bunch, bungler, burn with curiosity, chump, chunk, churl, churlish, clod, clod-hopper, clod-poll, clodhopper, clodknocker, clot, clot-pate, clot-poll, clown, clump, clumsy person, cluster, confront, contemplate, crane, crane the neck, dainty, deem, delicate, delightful, dig around for, dig up, doit, dolt, donkey, dub, duffer, dullard, dunce, dunderhead, dunderpate, elegant, enquire, enquirer, enquiry, examine, excellent, expect, explore, exquisite, eye, eyeball, fine, fool, fumbler, galoot, gaup, gawky, gawp, gaze, gaze open-mouthed, glare, gloat, glob, gob, goggle, goggles, goon, gowk, hayseed, heap, hick, hood, hoodlum, hulk, hunk, idiot, ignoramus, inquire, interrogate, klutz, knot, landlubber, landsman, lobster, looby, look, look intently, look stupidly, loon, lout, loutish, lubber, lug, lummox, lump, lunkhead, meatball, meathead, moron, nice, ninny, ninny-hammer, nose around, nose around for, nose out, numskull, oaf, observe, ogle, outface, ox, palooka, peer, pleasant, polite, pry, puffiness, punk, query, question, quiz, regard, rivet the eyes on, rubber, rubberneck, rube, sawney, schmuck, scrutinize, see, seek, seem, simpleton, slob, slouch, slubberer, stand aghast, stand on tiptoe, stare at, stare down, stare hard, stare openmouthed, stare unsubtly, stick, strong-armer, stumblebum, stunning, superior, swab, swelling, swinish, terrific, thick head, thickhead, thin, thug, toughie, uncouth, vulgar, want to know, watch, what rubberneckers do, yaw, yawn, yawp, yokel.

Rhymes for Gawk:

  1. salk, squawk, talk, walk, stalk, hawk, calk, balk;
  2. maroc;

Idioms of Gawk:

  1. gawk at sm or sth;