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[hˈapən], [hˈapən], [h_ˈa_p_ə_n]

Synonyms for Happen:

happen (verb)

come to pass, ensue, occur, pass, take place, transpire.

occur (verb)

arise, befall, develop, eventuate, follow.

Other synonyms and related words:

Be, From, Genesis, Loosely transpire, Toward, Without, a certainty, about to be, accident, accidentally, according to circumstances, acquire, advance, adventure, advertise, afoot, against, alight, allow, and no mistake, annals, anticipated, appear, apropos, ardor, arrive, arrive at, as chance, as things, ascertain, aspiration, at a venture, at all events, at any rate, at hand, at haphazard, at random, attract, authorise, authorize, bankrupt, be actualized, be approved, be disclosed, be divulged, be found, be fulfilled, be included, be met with, be on foot, be past, be produced, be realized, be revealed, be sure, be unable to, be worth, bechance, become, become a fact, become a reality, become an actuality, become apparent, become fractured, become known, become manifest, become of, become real, become reality, begin, bestow, betide, better, blow over, breach, break, break away, break down, break off, break out, breathe, brewing, bright, bring out, brisk, bump, burst, bust, by accident, by chance, by the way, carry on, case, cast up, casually, cat jumps, catch, cave in, certainly, certes, chance, check, cheerful, cheery, chirpy, chronicle, circumstance, circumstantially, civilise, civilize, clear, close at hand, collapse, come, come about, come across, come after, come apart, come down, come forth, come into being, come into existence, come off, come on, come out, come round, come to light, come together, come true, come up, come upon, come what may, come what will, comeabout, comes, coming, commence, communicate, conditionally, conk, conk out, contemporize, continue, control, cook, corps perdu, coup sur, coute qu'il coute, coute que coute, crack, crop up, damp, dampen, decease, declare, demote, depending on circumstances, desire, destined, detect, determine, developed, development, devolve, devotion, die, disappear gradually, disclose, discontinue, discover, dislodge, displace, disregard, divulge, doubtless, down, draw, draw on, drop dead, during, eagerness, earnestness, educate, effect, elapse, eliminate, emerge, emergence, emit, en passant, encounter, end, end up, engage, enthusiasm, erupt, evanesce, event, eventually, evolve, exceed, excrete, exist, exit, expand, expected, expire, explicate, expose, extend, facetious, fade, fail, fall, fall apart, fall in, fall in with, fall out, fall sharply, falling, fallout, fare, feel, fell, festive, figure, find, find oneself, find out, finish, flagrante delicto, fleet, for certain, formulate, forthcoming, founder, fracture, frolicsome, function, future, futurity, gain, gamble, generate gradually, generation, germination, get, get around, get hold, get in, get out, give, give away, give off, give out, give up, give way, glad, glide by, go, go across, go against, go ahead, go along, go bad, go beyond, go off, go on, go past, go through, go unchallenged, go-by, going, going to happen, gone, grow, growth, guide, hand, hand over head, hap, haphazardly, haply, happen along, happen by chance, happen to, happening, happy, hazard, headforemost, history, hit, hold, hold on, horizon, if, if so, if so be, imminent, impart, impending, impinge, improbable, in case, in certain circumstances, in embryo, in prospect, in reserve, in store, in time, in truth, incidence, incident, incidentally, income, incredible, incur, instant, int he wind, intermit, interrupt, intervene, into, is to be, issue, jocund, jolly, joyful, just in case, keep, keep engaged, kick downstairs, knock, lapse, lead, legislate, let on, let out, light, lighthearted, lively, long run, look, luck, make grow, make it, make pass, manifest itself, march on, materialise, materialize, meet, meet by chance, meet with, merry, modernise, modernize, move on, near, news, no doubt, observe, obtain, occasion, occurrence, of, of course, offend, on the cards, onto, operate, operate on, originate, over hanging, overhaul, overstep, overtake, pan out, pass as, pass away, pass by, pass off, pass on, passion, perchance, perish, pernicious, pestilent, pestilential, place, play, plot, pop up, possibly, pregnant, prepare, preparing, present itself, prevent completion, prices of commodities, pro re nata, proceed, proceeds, producing, progress, prove, provided, provisionally, put across, put one over on, ran into, readiness, recover, recur, regain, relegate, result, result from, retrieve, return, reveal, rise, risk, ruin, ruin completely, rule, run, run a risk, run across, run into, seasonably, see, shake, show its face, show up, slide by, slip away, slip by, smoke, snap off, soften, spend, split, split up, spring, spring up, start, stir, stop, story, strike, stumble, stumble on, stumble upon, succeed, suggest itself, supervene, sure, surface, surpass, survene, take, take a chance, take chances, take effect, take its course, take on, taking place, terminate, tete baissee, that will, the, thing, tide, times go, top, transcend, transgress, transmit information, travel by, travel past, true, truly, tumble, turn, turn over, turn up, unborn, uncover, under certain conditions, undergo breaking, unfold, unless, unlikely, unto, upon, violate, wags, weaken, wear, wear out, what goes, whatever may happen, will not, willingness, without fail, witness, work out, would have it, would not.

Rhymes for Happen:

  1. tappan;
  2. misshapen;

Quotes for Happen:

  1. Of course, there are many, many musicians whose music gives me pleasure, but until I make contact with them, musically or personally, I never assume that anything wonderful will happen Hugh Hopper.
  2. Yes, it's a prequel. It tells the story about how the girls were born with superpowers, but they weren't necessarily heroes at the beginning of this movie, so the movie is about the events that happen in their life to make them decide to be heroes. Craig McCracken.
  3. It's the first time I have returned to my roots- like going back to be a trio. The fans really wanted me to go back on stage and do the Supremes music, so I went about trying to make it happen We'll go on tour in the summer. Diana Ross.

Idioms of Happen:

  1. happen to sm or sth;
  2. sit back and let sth happen
  3. accidents will happen